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This could affect pvp pretty badly. No one enjoys fighting when they’re at a disadvantage. What if leveling up unlocked stances that affected stats instead?

Attack Stance: +2 Basic Damage, -6 Max HP
Support Stance: Skills heal 2HP more, -3 Basic Damage
Guard Stance: +6 Max HP, receives 2HP less healing from all sources (minimum 1HP)

Any hero could use these without throwing the balancing off much. Technical ones might need to be restricted on certain characters:

Agility Stance: All >1 turn cooldowns -1 turn, -3 damage to all offensive skills
Dexterity Stance: Can Basic Attack twice while all skills are on cooldown, all cooldowns +1 turn
Deflection Stance: -1 damage from attacks over 7, +1 damage from attacks dealing under 7

The system would best work unlocking these 3 at a time, meaning heroes go up to level 3. With the amount of characters and rate of new ones, no one should have to grind to be competitive. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Should we continue our battle, or start a new one? If you do not want to, would anyone be up for a battle? Oh wait… wrong topic sorry.

Update 3

Free rewards and PVP changes.

Instead of choosing your skill. You use Discobot<and to choose.

Put the 3-4 skills. And ask it to role the amount of skills they have. If you get the skill 2 times the next skill will be chosen.

Once you get a skill, ask them to role 1-15 and that is how much damage it deals.

Everyone gets a diamond crate and a gold crate!

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I don’t like this. It takes away 90% of the strategy of the game. The only strategy you get is the heroes you use :cold_sweat:

I’d like to use mine

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I’d like to open my crates

I’d like to use mine as well

Same here as well

But please, make discobot optional and not mandatory.

I guess I’ll open my crates as well lol

@UnderTheSea, are you actually going to be continuing the game? Many people have asked to open the crates but there has been no response :man_shrugging:.

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She’s busy with some other stuff rn.

Oh, that’s fair enough.

The main thread will be revived soon! I’d just like to go over some things.
Update 3

  • Everyone’s inventory will be reset. Including; Diamonds, gold and Heroes. I have reset the DM. Though if you like the heroes you started with tell me what they were and I will add them back to the DM. If you don’t care, and will earn 3 gold crates and 1 diamond crate.
  • The new PVP is quite RNG. And I agree it is not as fun. So I have made it so we will go back to the normal original way, with some minor changes.
    ° A battle can only last 1 day or until the battle ends. Although if one player has attacked more the other gets one more attack. I will round the HP from their main HP and see who has lost the least. Keep in mind, heals will affect this. (No attacking then stopping. Both players must have at least 5 attacks.)
    ° Groups will not be reset.
    ° when fighting creeps it is the same as it was.
  • No one can open their crates till update 4 comes out. Later today or tomorrow

In this thread, please tell me If you’d like to reset your heroes, or tell me which ones you had.



Update 4

This update has some changes to gameplay, Characters and news for what’s coming next!

Jack Skellington

(Gold crate)

White: Master of fright!
Jack will scare a enemy for 2 turns.
(Cool down lasts 4 turns)
Green: Pumpkin king
Jack throws a Pumpkin at a enemy dealing 7 damage
(Cool down lasts 1 turn)
Blue: what have I done?
Once jack I K.Oed he will burn two enemies.
(Can only be used once)

Oogie Boogie

(Diamond crate)

White: Bug attack
Oogie boogie will send a bug to apply bugged.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Green: unthreaded
When oogie boogie gets K.Oed he will apply a 10 HP shield to a ally chosen.
Blue: Moon figure.
Oogie boogie will appear on the moon scaring a random enemy for 1 turn)
(Cool down lasts 2 turns)
Purple: Boo!
Oogie boogie cannot be scared.

Coming soon,

  • Group refresh
  • Group war refresh.
  • Friendships.

Feel free to give feedback.
I will add this to the main post soon. Please tell me if you’d like to keep or change your heroes


Update 5
New Heroes added,

  • Jack Skellington
  • Oogie boogie
  • Woody (made by Pawpsicle)


Each hero has a great potential! With levels you are able to increase base stats and some damage to help in battles!

How do I level them up?
By battling in PVP and story mode!

And Story mode!

Everyone gets 2 Diamond crates and 4 gold crates.
(Everyone’s inventory has been deleted.)


There’s a story mode now?

Read the main post

Oh wow cool!!

Me and Djaq started to make a Zurg a while ago, since it’s been ages I’m going to post it here. :upside_down:

Emperor Zurg
(Diamond crate)

White: Ion Cannon
Zurg shoots at an enemy with his ion cannon, dealing 5 damage 2 times. Zurg shoots an additional time for every defeated ally.
(Cooldown: 2 turns)
Green: Powerball
Zurg fires a ricochet ball that hits up to three enemies, dealing 4 damage to each.
(Cooldown: 1 turn)
Blue: Evil Genius
Zurg shoots an enemy’s weak point, dealing 5 damage and extending the length of a chosen active cooldown by 1 turn.
(Cooldown: 3 turns)
Purple: Galactic Conquest
Whenever Zurg KO’s an enemy, he’s shielded for 8 HP and the cooldown for “Ion Cannon” is reset to 0.
(No cooldown)
Max HP: 44
Basic Attack: 5


I decided to start making concepts for heroes vs creeps…I hope you all enjoy and if you don’t then that’s ok too

(Diamond crate)

White: Swinging party
Baloo puts on his disguise and dances, he heals for 10 amount for 2 turns and charms the target enemy for 1 turn
Green: prickly pears
When hit a second time, Baloo eats a fruit which heals him for 15 HP
Blue: fight like a bear
Baloo encourages a chosen ally to fight like a bear, increasing their max HP by 12 amount and inspiring them for 2 turns.
Purple: bare necessitates
Baloo is immune to being charmed for 4 turns. whenever he is charmed, he heals himself for 13 HP.

King louie
(Gold crate)

White: king of the swingers
King louie dances for a few seconds, increasing his max HP by 20 amount and increasing his crit chance by 15%
Green: powerful pound
Louie pounds the ground which sends a shockwave to damage a target foe for 6 amount and stuns them for 2 turns
Blue: have a banana
Louie gives a banana to the ally with the lowest HP, healing them for 8 amount and cleansing any random disable from the chosen ally


Update 6
This is the biggest update yet changing many things in the game, though most features are still locked off, I will give some looks into it.

Starting off with, two new heroes have been added Judy Hopps and Yax from zootopia are now available. Thanks to Pawpsicle for making the skill sets.

  • New type of hero crate! Legend
    Legend heroes have the purple skill, but also deal more damage or have more health. These heroes can only be unlocked from events! Though more types of crates will be shown soon…

  • Contests
    Coming in the next update, contests with be in a multiple player game, there will be a group of 4 person going against each other, who ever wins the most games, or wins by a tie breaker the top two will go into a tournament format.

  • Groups
    Groups have all been reset, due to many people leaving them. The groups will have their own chat and be able to plan for group wars, and contests. More info in groups will be out soon for when it releases.
    ° if you want to create a group, you can pre make it, give the name of the group and more can be customized later on.

Once more, everyone’s characters have been reset due to me unable to find the original dm. Since I understand how frustrating this is, everyone gets 3 gold crates and 1 diamond crate. Everyone will also get a legend crate once it’s done. Please use the original topic to ask for your crates to be opened.

If you have any feedback please share, and I promise I won’t leave this topic dead again.

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