Disney Heroes: Heroes VS Creeps

Hello! Welcome to “Disney Heroes: Heroes VS creeps.” In this topic each user will be given 1 hero. I will randomize who the person gets in a randomizer and the hero they get is who they are stuck with unless they trade. This game can be used if yo are waiting for patch notes, a update, or just wanting to have some fun.

Heroes skill sets

Each hero has a unique skill set, which helps fight against certain creeps. Each character will have their own abilities but some Mich be similar. The characters get 3 skills each. Some can be passive, and some rare characters have a 4th skill that can help.


White: wreck it
Ralph will punch the ground dealing 6 damage to enemies and disabling them.
(Read list of debuffs and buffs further down.)
(Blue skill makes it deal 8 damage)
(Cool down lasts 2 turns.)
Green: MVP
Ralph will put on a medal healing his and charming a enemy for 1 turn(Cool down lasts 3 turn)
(Heal is 11)
Blue: Extra fists
After Ralph K.O’s a enemy he deals 4 more damage for his white skill.
(No cool down.)

Max HP
Basic attack 4


White: Sticking situation
Vanellope throws a piece of candy at a enemy making them stick to the ground. Unable to use any skills that are not passive for 1 turn.
(Cool down 2 turns.
Green: Glitchy code
Vanellope glitches towards a enemy dealing 5 damage.
(Cool down lasts 1 turn)
Blue: Candy drive
Vanellope drives her sugar rush car into enemy’s dealing 4 damage to 2 enemies.
(Cool down lasts 2 turns.)

Max HP
32 HP
Basic attack: 3


White: Race to the face
Shank drives her car towards the enemies dealing 3 damage to 2 enemies.
(Cool down lasts 1 turn)
Green: Furious fists
Shank will punch 1 enemy dealing 7 damage
(Cool down lasts 2 turns)
Blue: Car amour
Shank will give herself 12 shield.

Max HP
Basic attack: 5


White: Sorcerer clean
Mickey turns into his sorcerer outfit and has his brooms attack the enemies dealing 4 damage.
(Cool down lasts 2 turns.

Green: Fantasmic show
Mickey puts on a show stunning 2 enemies.
(Cool down lasts 2 turns.

Blue: team cheer!
Mickey heals his team for 11 HP.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns.)
Max HP
Basic attack: 3

Winnie the pooh

White: Honey snack.
Winnie the pooh eats his hunny decreasing cool downs for everyone on his team by 1.
(Cool down lasts 4 turns)
Green: Sticky situation.
Pooh will throw some hunny at a enemy making them “Stick”
(Cool down lasts 2 turns.)
Blue: Silly old bear.
If pooh gets K.Oed he will revive himself and give himself a shield with 7 HP.
(Can only be used once.)

Max HP: 52
Basic attack: 4


White: On a scale?
Baymax will ask a ally if they are good. If they are lower then 50% of their max HP he will heal them 14 HP
(Only be used once)
Green: Fist bump
Baymax will give a enemy a fist bump dealing 5 damage.
(Cool down late 1 turn)
Blue: Safety
If a enemy deals 7 damage or more baymax will give a ally a shield that has 6 HP.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns.)

Max HP: 43
Basic damage: 3


White: Fire breath
Fred will jump into the air and breath fire burning a enemy for 2 turns. The damage will be 5 damage.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Green: school mascot
If Fred falls below his max HP he will put up a “Halp” sign which makes him get a shield with 7 HP
(Only used once.)
Blue: Just a suit
If Fred gets K.Oed he will come back and dodge any attacks on him for 3 turns.
(Can only be used 1 time.)

Max HP: 42
Basic damage: 6

Gogo tomago

White: Speed ride
Gogo will skate towards a enemy dealing 8 damage.
(Cool down lasts 2 turns.)
Green: To fast.
Gogo will dodge the next attack on her. After she dodges she will deal 4 damage back and 1 damage if the attack was 1-6 and 3 more if it was any more damage.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Blue: Women up.
Gogo is immune to any negative effects.

Max HP: 32
Basic damage: 5


White: Blade attack
Wasabi will slice at a enemy dealing 6 damage.
(Cool down lasts 2 turns)
Green: Everything in place
Any effects will be disabled on his team. And he can disable taunts.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Blue: Energy blades
“Blade attack” canbe doubled in damage by 3% dealing 9 damage.
(Must fight for 6 turns)

Max HP: 46
Basic damage: 4

Jack Skellington

White: Master of fright!
Jack will scare a enemy for 2 turns.
(Cool down lasts 4 turns)
Green: Pumpkin king
Jack throws a Pumpkin at a enemy dealing 7 damage
(Cool down lasts 1 turn)
Blue: what have I done?
Once jack I K.Oed he will burn two enemies.
(Can only be used once)

Max HP: 46
Basic damage: 4


White: Bullseye
Woody marks an enemy with a bullseye, removing Taunt. The enemy takes double damage from the next attack to hit them.
(Cooldown: 2 turns)
Green: Favorite Deputy
Woody deputizes an ally, Inspiring them for 1 turn and healing 4 HP. Inspired heroes can attack a second time if their attacks crit.
(Cooldown: 1 turn)
Blue: Lasso
Woody lassos an enemy and ties them up, dealing 6 damage and stunning them for 1 turn.
(Cooldown: 2 turns)
Max HP: 40
Basic Damage: 4


White: Essential Oil
Yax pours a bottle of fragrance over him and his allies, healing 5 HP + 1 for each unique buff on the team. This will also cleanse burn and sticky.
(Cooldown: 2 turns)
Green: Flower Power
Using the pleasant aroma of lavender and vanilla, Yax charms an enemy for 1 turn.
(Cooldown: 2 turns)
Blue: Chill Vibes
Yax’s basic attack can target himself or a charmed ally, reducing the length of a chosen effect by 1 turn and healing equal to the damage from his Basic Attack.
Max HP: 36
Basic Attack: 2


White: Tantrum
Donald rages through every enemy dealing 7 damage
(Cool down lasts 2 rounds)
Green: Boat wreck
Donald gets on a boat and crashed it dealing damage 8 to all enemies
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Donald gains a stack of rage. Donald then attacks a enemy dealing 4 damage
(Cool down lasts 1 turn)

Max HP: 23
Basic Damage: 5


White: Reflection
Mulan deflect the next attack on her, after she reflects she gains 10 shield
(Can only be used once!)
Green: Sword swing
Mulan attacks a enemy with her sword dealing 8 Damage
(Cool down lasts 2 turns)
Blue: Rocket blast
Mulan sends rockets at all the enemies dealing 4 damage.
(Cooldown lasts 3 turns.

Max HP: 30
Basic damege: 5

Li Shang

White: Discipline and strength
Li Shang swings his staff at a enemy dealing 6 damage andaslo attacks back after the next time someone attacks him. (This deals 4 Damage)
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Green: Raging fire
A rocket gets sent at all enemies dealing 4 Damage to each, and burning them (burn deals 2 damage) for 6 turns.
Blue: Hard training
Li Shang teaches his allies making all their attacks deal 7 extra Damage for 1 turn
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)

Max HP: 40
Basic Damage: 3



White: Plasma blast
Stitch will shoot his plasma guns at a enemy dealing 8 damage.
(Cool down lasts 2 turns.)
Green: Damaging saliva
Stitch will spit at a enemy skipping their turn. The spit will also deal 4 damage
Blue: Dance time
Stitch will taunt a enemy making it so other enemy’s can only attack him for 2 turns.
(No cool down)
Purple: Groovy
After stitch gets hit for the 2nd time he will heal himself 10 HP.
(Cool down lasts 4 turns.)
Max HP
Basic attack: 3


White: Storm rage on
Elsa freezes a enemy making it so the enemy cannot attack for 2 turns and the power the next hit they give is decreasing it by 10 damage.
(Cool down lasts 1 turn)
Green: Marshmallow attack
(Cool down last 3 turns.)
Elsa summons Marshmallow, he deals 9 damage to a enemy.

Blue: Spectacular ice
Elsa makes a ice statue of a enemy and then pushes it at them dealing 5 damage.
(Cool down lasts 2 turns)
Purple: Queen of ice
Every frozen enemy takes 2 extra damage each hit from any ally.

Max HP
Basic attack: 3

Nick wilde

White: Lemming Rush
Nick uses his popsicles to call in a horde of lemmings, dealing 1 damage to all enemies and gaining a Pawpsicle. Nick’s skills and basic attack deal 2 more damage for each Pawpsicle, and Nick can have a max of 3.
(Cooldown: 1 turn)
Green: Popsicle Fling
Nick throws his popsicles like darts, damaging an enemy for 8. If Nick has 3 Pawpsicles, this also freezes the enemy for 1 turn.
(Cooldown: 2 turns)
Blue: Smooth Fox
While Nick’s HP is below 50% (20), he dodges all attacks that would damage him for 15% (6) or more of his Max HP. This includes damage from crits and burns, but will not dodge curses or charms attached to the attack.
(Cooldown: 0 turns)
Purple: Backup Plan
When Nick dodges an attack with “Smooth Fox”, the enemy is frozen for 1 turn and Nick heals 9 HP.
Max HP: 40
Basic Attack: 4 (+Pawpsicle bonus)

Hiro Hamada

White: Time for a upgrade
Heals give 5 more HP and shield.
(Cool down lasts 4 turns)
Green: New tech,
Hiro will give the ally with the least HP “Devise” which gives them 7 HP and 2 HP over time.
(Can only be given 1 time.)
Blue: Magnetic hands.
Hiro will give a enemy "downgrade " for 2 turns to the enemy with lowest HP
(Cool down last 6 turns.
Purple: Team leader
Hiro will take 2 damage from any attack to allies.

Max HP: 51
Basic damage: 4

Honey lemon

White: Chemical reaction.
Honey lemon with throw a pink ball at a enemy that will stay near them during the battle. Over time each enemy will take 2 damage.
(Can only be used once.)
Green: Gummy Bunny
Honey Lennon will turn into her jelly like substance and stay in it, when he is in it o debuffs can be caused and she come out with a shield that has 4 HP.
(Cool down lasts 7 turns)
Blue: Freeze ball.
Honey lemon will throw a ice ball that freezes a enemy for 2 turns.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
“Chemical reaction” will deal 2 more damage overtime.
(Must fight for 7 turns. And can be used once)

Max HP: 37
Basic damage: 2

Oogie boogie

White: Bug attack
Oogie boogie will send a bug to apply bugged.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Green: unthreaded
When oogie boogie gets K.Oed he will apply a 10 HP shield to a ally chosen.
Blue: Moon figure.
Oogie boogie will appear on the moon scaring a random enemy for 1 turn)
(Cool down lasts 2 turns)
Purple: Boo!
Oogie boogie cannot be scared.

Max HP: 49
Basic damage: 3

Judy Hopps

White: Deputize
Judy Inspires herself and her allies for 2 turns, and heals 8 HP. Inspired heroes can attack a second time if their attacks crit.
(Cooldown: 3 turns)
Green: Bunny Hop
Judy kickboxes an enemy, stunning them for 1 turn and dealing 7 damage.
(Cooldown: 2 turns)
Blue: Testify
Judy presents evidence for her allies, cleansing them of all negative effects. A target enemy takes 4 damage per effect cleansed.
Purple: Deputy Junior
While Judy is alive, allies with an Inspired buff take 1 less damage from all attacks.
Max HP: 32
Basic Attack: 3

Scrooge McDuck

White: Money!
Scrooge McDuck throws money in the air healing himself 6 health and dealing 6 damage to a enemy chosen.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Green: Cain stomp
Scrooge McDuck jumps on his Cain dealing damage to 3 enemies chosen and deals 5 damage.
(Cool down lasts 2 turns)
Blue: Adventurer
Scrooge McDuck runs into the enemies dealing 12 damage to a enemy and deals an extra 2 damage after every time they attack.
(Cool down lasts 3 turns)
Purple: Richest duck in the world
Scrooge cannot be cursed, downgraded or have stick. Everytime he gets healed he gains 2 shield.

Max HP: 28
Basic Damage: 6



White Skill: Laser Light Show
Powerline unleashes a light show, dealing 4 damage to all enemies. This deals 2 more damage with each subsequent use.
(Cool Down: 2 turns)

Green Skill: Stand Out
Powerline uses his electric ball that he enters his concert with, giving himself a shield that has 10 HP. When the shield is destroyed, it shatters and deals 5 damage to all enemies and blinds 2 random enemies for 2 turns. Blinded enemies have a chance to fail at using a skill or basic attack.
(Cool Down: 3 turns)

Blue Skill: Eye-To-Eye
Powerline uses his sweet dance moves to charm an enemy for 1 turn.
(Cool Down 4 turns)

Purple Skill: Smooth Moves
Each time a blinded enemy misses an attack or skill, Powerline heals 5 HP.

Max HP: 35
Basic Damage: 4m


Daily Reward
Coming soon!

Creeps skill sets

Mama bot

The mama bot will summon 3 extra creeps. The creeps she summons are random.
(Read other skill sets to see what they do
Mama bot will gain 13 shield.

Max HP
50 HP

Immune to stuns


The skeleton throws a bone at a enemy dealing 4 damage

The Skelton takes off a bone and uses it to deal damage to 1 enemy dealing 5 damage and gaining 7 shield

Max HP


Coldsnapper hits a enemy doing 6 damage
Coldsnapper will taunt making enemies unable to hit others for 2 turns.
Once Goldsnapper is K.Oed he will freeze the enemy who K.Oed him for 1 turn
Max HP

Purple ghoul

The ghoul uses his claw to hit a enemy dealing 4 damage.

The ghoul will be immune to damage for 1 turn.
Max HP

Cool downs.

Some attacks are more powerful then others. So giving cool downs to heroes make it fair. Each cook down has different time. Some do not have cool downs. Creeps attacks do not have cool downs.

Gold crates & Diamond crates.

Having 1 hero only is no fun. Use gold crates to get decent characters. Get diamond crates for strong character that have a 4th skill sometimes.
(If you get a upgrade you also get a new hero

Gold crate cost. 7,500 gold.
Diamond crates cost. 2,250diamonds.

Unlocking gold and diamonds

Unlock gold by defeating creeps. Each creep battle you beat you get 1,000 gold. Or from winning in PvP’s or contests.

Unlucky diamonds by competing in contests.


Once you get 3 characters of any kind. You can compete in PvP’s using 3 of you characters and 4 at max. Winning in a PvP you get 2,000 gold and bragging rights.


Coming soon!

Coming soon!


If you have a character you don’t like you can offer a trade. If a person accepts the trade with another character you can take that character and whoever had the characters are switched. No take backs. If the player will give it back that is fine. Trade at your own will


Groups are a way to play with all of your friends in a group, a group can consist of 5 members including the leader. Groups can stratigise together, and easier trading. To make a group, comment these things.

Group name:
Group character: (can be changed)
Group motto: (optional)

Group war.

Coming soon!

Coming Soon!


Damages a enemy over time.
Enemy is unable to attack for X turns.
Enemy usable to attack but deals half of the damage to themselves.
Enemy attacks their own team.
Enemies cannot attack or dodge attacks.
Heals allies over time.
Targets a enemy making it so Allies must attack them. Damage on that enemy is increased by 1 damage from any attack.
(Enemies cannot be charmed to attack them)
The status bugged takes 5 HP From a enemy with the most HP and will get rid of any shield on that hero.
Damage has a chance to 1 out of 10% double
When marked with Bullseye, if a hero taunted it removes the taunt. The next time a ally attacks him it deals double the damage.


Each stack of rage makes all attacks not including basics deal 3 extra damage, caps at 5.

Group contest

Work in progress




Work in progress



1st: 15k gold 10k diamonds
2nd: 10k gold 7k diamonds
3rd: 5k gold 5k diamonds
4-100: 5k gold

Story mode!

Work in progress


Under Mama Bot, it is spelled Mama Not. I see a lot of spelling errors, so I would definitely check things over before it is released to all the forums, if you plan to do so.

Sounds interesting. I have a few questions, though.

  • Will gold crates have other drops like diamonds or some kind of consumable? The contests give out quite a few of them.
  • I assume the crate system will use Discobot’s roll function and a drop table. What happens if someone rolls a duplicate hero?
  • This seems like it would require a lot of writing, would you like help with anything? :slight_smile:

I do have one question. Will everyone start with a gold hero and a certain number of resources?

Yes, I will fix it before I post.

Gold crates are heroes for now. But soon it will have to do with upgrades.

No, I am using a different website. And I just get rid of the character if the user already has it.

Actually, it really does not.

This is a example of how it would work.

user 1 uses Stitch’s white skill on mama bot.
mama bot takes 6 damage. Her max HP is now at 71
mama bot uses her green skill.

So it will be repetitive but it is fine. But if I need help I will ask. Thanks.


How are you going to keep track of who has which hero? Certainly when trading starts

I have a PM ready, so whoever plays I have info on how much gold they have, diamonds, heroes and upgrades.

This will be public once I get all the heroes for the first update done.

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@Champion_David unlocked Shank

@Imagineer_V unlocked Mickey

@LilRubyKinz unlocked Mickey!

@PawpsicleSticks unlocked Vanellope!

@AbuBakr-Umar unlocked Ralph!

@Black_Widow unlocked shank!

@IGNASIO unlocked Ralph!


Yes! Mickey! My favorite Disney character!!

Wait do I just PM you with my gold and diamonds and all that?

This post is now public! Make a post and you will get a hero!

Soon I will make another topic about updates, and I will take requests.

Nope, I have the pm already. At the moment yoiu have 0 gold an diamonds. Of you would like to buy something once you get the money just reply and I will give you your reward

@Filadae_Djaq unlocked Ralph!

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Can I play?


Sounds interesting!

@Slinky-Dog unlocked Vanellope

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This…sounds…really awesome

@TherMasterStitch unlocked Mickey!

@C-train unlocked Shank!

Sounds complicated.


What is complicated? :upside_down_face: if you have any questions feel free to ask them.

Idk, I think I will figure it out as it goes along.

Mickey does not have a Max HP

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