Disney Heroes Rarities Portrayed by Other Video Games

Hey guys! Recently I came across a comment made by @Kira in another thread; in this comment they compared each of the rarities in Disney Heroes to RPG monsters. Here’s the part of the comment in question:

This seemed like a really cool way to look at the rarities, and I started thinking about how it’d turn out if I did the same thing with other games…and so this idea was born!

To make your own version of Disney Heroes Rarities Portrayed by Other Video Games, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Start by identifying which game (or game series) you’ll be using
  2. For each of the seven rarities, name an enemy that you think fits that rarity (you can also include a little description for each enemy type if you want - this is highly recommended if you’re using a game that isn’t all that well-known)

And that’s all there is to it - simple and fun! I’ll start, using Epic Battle Fantasy as my game of choice (for those who’ve never heard of it, Epic Battle Fantasy is a series of turn-based RPGs that were originally created as free browser games, but have been remastered and rereleased on Steam in more recent years).

Disney Heroes Rarities Portrayed by Epic Battle Fantasy

  • White: Slimes (these need no introduction; by tradition, Slimes are one of the weakest enemy types in the series)

  • Green: Cats (small anthropomorphic cats that aren’t much stronger than Slimes, but can use a variety of weapons to attack your party with)

  • Blue: Sprites (magical creatures that attack with elemental spells and can inflict mildly annoying status effects)

  • Purple: Golems (hulking stone monsters that use hard-hitting physical attacks and take a while to kill)

  • Orange: Defenders (big tank robots that are heavily armored and can bombard your party with attacks from their machine guns, artillery cannons, and other weaponry)

  • Red: Monoliths (huge stone slabs that have a ton of health and can use really potent magic attacks)

  • Yellow: Dragons and Hydras (the two strongest enemy types in the series to date - both Dragons and Hydras are insanely powerful beasts that toe the line between high-tier enemies and minibosses; the only difference between the two is that Dragons are single units, while Hydras have multiple heads which can buff each other and each have their own separate health bar)

And here’s a template - just copy and paste, then fill in the blanks!

Disney Heroes Rarities Portrayed by (Name of game or series)

  • White: (Enemy name)

  • Green: (Enemy name)

  • Blue: (Enemy name)

  • Purple: (Enemy name)

  • Orange: (Enemy name)

  • Red: (Enemy name)

  • Yellow: (Enemy name)


All right, I’ll bite. I’ll portray them using Plants Vs Zombies.

  • White: Basic Zombie (Pretty much dies from any plant.)

  • Green: Pole Vaulting zombies (Fast movement and takes almost twice as much damage.)

  • Blue: Cone head Zombie (Twice as strong as the Basic Zombie.)

  • Purple: Bucket head Zombie (Almost thrice as strong as a cone head zombie.)

  • Orange: Football zombie (Charges the row and has a very durable head covering.)

  • Red: Gargantuan zombie (The strongest regular zombie in game.)

  • Yellow: Dr. Zomboss (The big boss of the series.)


Forums: Disney Heroes Forums Mode

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  • Blue: Spammer Level 1 (Spammer Level 0 which evolved to Level 1, is still weak but be careful, many of these can leave you Off Topic)

  • Purple: Creation of a lot of Topics (These can be any type of repeated topic or concepts with little development, becoming a very annoying spam.)

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frustrate more like it along with a slew of other things

woah… I have not heard of these yet

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What’s the update?

Welcome to the forum Aiden_LXXI and hope you will like it here :-).

The update posts are here, so I recommend you look there for information on the updates:


It’s probably about this I assume. Polaris explained in another topic that it is to make the accounts that moved to S14 in the merge become visible again.

The other updates are for tomorrow

And yeah, notice this post a bit earlier Joey_Cannoli and yeah, cool that you decided to use my idea in terms of making the Color ranks represent another type of enemy in another game/franchise :-).
I might have preferred if you gave me a heads-up first, but I would have said “sure” either way so no worries ;-).

I will say that this format can also work for good characters technically as well, so don’t necessarily have to be enemies/monsters, it can be ranking humans and allies as well.

And yeah, definitely cool that you make a post out of it and will post my own addition likely later :-).

Lucas1999@ Might be yeah, just wanted to catch all scenarios in terms of what they meant you could say :-).

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The Zelda series are one of my favorite series so I thought I go with it :-).

The Legend of Zelda Franchise:

  • White: Normal Keese(Bat creatures)
  • Green: Chu-Chu(More dangerous slime)
  • Blue: Deku Baba(Dangerous plants).
  • Purple: Bokoblin(Basically Goblins)
  • Orange: Moblin(Basically Orcs)
  • Red: Lynel(Centaur Lion mix)
  • Yellow: Ganondorf) (Main villain usually in the Zelda franchise)

May make something based on good characters/allies later or other series, but right now not sure if I have any specific ideas. Would work well for Fire Emblem, but I am not into that series so can’t really reference it that well.


Ok here is one. I chose to combine heroes/villains.

Star Wars:

  • White - Jawa (scrap scavengers who are not very powerful or smart, but they can be)
  • Green - Padawan (those learning to become Jedi and learning the ways of the force)
  • Blue - Bounty Hunter (self explanatory, but dangerous hunters)
  • Purple - Mandalorian (fierce warriors with super strong armor)
  • Red - Jedi Master (powerful users of the Force)
  • Yellow - Sith Lord (evil powerful users of the Force)

I figured someone would do Marvel at some point so I should go outside the box and do DC. Here’s one of the best teams ever, Justice League.

The Justice League From DC

  • White - Batman (Important for their skills but has no powers and is thus weak)

  • Green - Green Lantern (Has powers and can be clutch but is hard to use so is still weak)

  • Blue - Hawkgirl (Can avoid damage and can be tricky but is still semi easy to defeat)

  • Purple - Flash (Can be really annoying and can screw you up unless you put them in check early)

  • Orange - Martian Manhunter (Can get out of almost any situation and can be very strong but has one big weakness)

  • Red - Wonder Woman (Can be lethal and can absolutely obliterate you especially when the bracelets come off)

  • Yellow - Superman (The heaviest hitter of the group and could destroy you in seconds)


many games actually use a very similar rarity system for items in the game :face_with_monocle: up until Orange at least, it’s quite common. An example might be Borderlands:

White - Common, the most basic, limited weapons / equipment
Green - Uncommon - slightly better stuff
Blue - Rare - you’ll most likely want to keep these for a while
Purple - Epic - great!
Orange - Legendary - mostly unique or exclusive stuff that’s either OP or has some fun quirk

BL2 then goes on to Magenta, Pink, Cyan and Rainbow too :laughing:

Fortnite also follows the same system for loot drops - White / Green / Blue / Purple / Orange.

As does Darksiders.

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