Disney Mirrorverse

Wait, how come Mickey isn’t playable?

Hes like the mentor aka the guy that guide you in the tutorial.

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Yes, that.

Well, what does he look like?

Like the sorcerer one, but looks gold

Pic, please

There you go

The rest of the cast.

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I like the designs on the characters, but I hate when they change they’re personality like we use to know them

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Ahhh forgot for a moment @Chief_Lionheart_XLI meet @Musketeer he’s more in deep about the game. (Have it and manage a… Forum or something?)

Maybe he can help you more that I.

What? What does that mean?

@Musketeer already plays the game so he knows more about the in-depth content of the game for experience.

Very well. He may made a topic about this

Or keep that here. For keep things in one place.

I could go with that. I feel like that this game is like I don’t know… strange

I see it like the revival of the old version of Disney Sorcerer’s Arena because the combat is what used to be in that game before the re-work in January of this year.

Why was Sorcerer Arena reworked?

The reason are currently unknown but it’s probably they didn’t want to look identical to this game, stand alone be unique. Or something like that.



Maybe they might do the same thing

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