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Hello, everyone! Xvarr here. Today, I am starting a weekly news roundup consisting of the latest Disney news. Every week, I will take time to list every new piece of Disney-related news, and make it easy-to-read and entertaining for any reader. :upside_down_face: Soon, I will place the first DNR segment down in the comment section. Have a great day, and stay safe!


7/4/22: Hello, everyone! Xvarr here with the first-ever Disney News Roundup! Bookmark the page if you want to be notified for every new DNR-related post, and let’s get into it!

First, for today, is the newly-released name and date for the Splash Mountain retheme. For those who don’t know, Splash Mountain is being rethemed to a Princess and The Frog ride. It now has a name - Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, and is set to arrive in late 2024.

Next up, for any of you annual passholders, you can receive a Orange Bird magnet on your next trip to Disney Springs this summer. Not gonna lie, it’s pretty darn cute. :pleading_face: :tangerine:

Also, Halloween Night is sold out for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Crazy how many people would enjoy going to this that it already got sold out, three months early, too. Just goes to show how Disney knows how to get people in the parks during holiday seasons.

Speaking of Halloween, Hocus Pocus 2 has now been revealed to release on September 30th, just in time for the Halloween spirit to kick in. It was revealed in the Coming Soon section of Disney+.

Now for the last piece of news this week, new Tiki Room-themed merch has been released. You can get a new Disney a key, a Mickey pin ears, and matching plushie, along with a pretty enchanting backpack. Sweeeeeeet!

Alright, that rounds up the Disney News Roundup for this week. Have a magical day, and stay safe! :sparkles::sparkles::tada:

Also, a bonus for today’s DNR: A riddle. Answer correctly in a PM to me to get a sneak peek at my next concept!

I have a head, and a tail… but no legs. What am I?


This name annoys me. 1. It gets rid of one of the Disney mountains, there now only being 3 (Matterhorn, big thunder, and space). 2. It’s a mouthful. I’ll probably just still call it splash mountain for simplicity’s sake. And 3. Disney is on a trend of doing characters name, place or movie name, adventure as names of rides (remey’s ratatouille adventure being the main example). That’s like calling them buzz lightyear’s planet Z adventure, Roger Rabbit’s toon town adventure, pinnochio’s pleasure island adventure, or Br’er Rabbit’s Chickapin’ hill adventure. It’s just such a long name and ruins a group of some of the best Disney rides ever.

I also don’t like when Disney does this.

I’d prefer they kept mountain but added a PatF word instead of splash. Bayou Mountain and Voodoo Mountain come to mind.


YESSSSSS :scream:

now I want Voodoo Mountain to be the name.
Though, the plot of the ride is something about Louis losing his trumpet irrc, so unless Voodoo is involved it wouldn’t make sense.
I’ve got a good idea for an attraction retheme that solves a few problems if anyone is interested in hearing about that.

Me me me me!

Not sure if there is an explanation as to why this is stupid but there probably is
Since we no longer have the Stitch encounter attraction, there is sort of a Stitch void. Why not retheme Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin/Astro Blasters to be a Lilo and Stitch attraction where you are helping to capture the other experiments in the show? At least in Florida this makes sense as now there are two Toy Story shooter rides. Would also teach people about the other experiments which would probably mean more merch Disney can sell.

Ahh, that makes a lot of sense!

I saw someone who had a great idea for the new Splash name:
Princess and the Log


I love that. Haha, that’s great.

I’ve got one that works with the given plot of a concert taking place after PatF: Jazz Mountain

That’s be pretty cool. :upside_down_face:

I feel like Frog mountain would be an interesting name. Also I hope they keep some america sings animatronics and maybe some Br’er fox, bear and rabbit’s with the fur recolored and different clothes but I feel like that’s a stretch

That would be pretty cool, though. I’d love to host a Animatronic-themed concept contest. That’d be pretty cool, huh?

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Though those animatronics are certainly showing their wear. Makes it feel cheaper

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Mhm. Sadly… :pensive:

What if the Imagination pavilion was redone to house an attraction similar to the Puss in Boots one and renamed to Imagination Mountain. With Dreamfinder and Figment. Just a different ride system though.

I dunno if people would like that too much.

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