Disney+ Original Series Discussions!

I thought it would be cool to make a thread to talk about the current/most popular Disney+ show. Obviously, this can change as new things come out.

Please do not spoil anything for others. Just in case please use these:


Just an example.

This is just so that people who have not seen the most recent episode do not have anything ruined for them. This is especially helpful if people have different schedules and time zones. I hope this makes sense. Let me know if there are questions.

The unsaid spoiler rule is now in affect on this thread. Please put all spoilers in hide details with a warning until the Monday after the episode airs.

And with that let’s have some fun!


I am not sure how to start, so someone else can jump in.

I think after Friday we’ll all have a bit more to say but in the meantime:


The reverse snap at the start of episode 4 was so good. The chaos that instantly ensued made Hulk’s snap seem just as consequential as Thanos’ initial snap.

And that dead Vision scene was just pure FREAKY!!!


For sure! I heard stuff was leaked online for the next 2 episodes, so be careful if you do not want things spoiled for yourself. It is apparently so major that Disney is taking legal action. Do your best to avoid spoilers. I heard some accounts on Instagram were not giving any warning of the leaks and just posting about them.


This may not be a spoiler but the beekeeper just sent shivers down my spine. Since he wasn’t in episode 3 and is presumably wandering around westview (which with the first to letters is w v, Wanda and vision, and the t in west and v in view is tv, just wanted to share that) the beekeeper May be a threat in the future with Agnes theorized to be Agatha harkness (which if you take the ag and the nes Is Agnes :smirk:). I think near the end of the season the beekeeper will turn into swarm, a spider man villain whose backstory is that he is the soul of a nazi scientist swarming his corpse with mass amounts of bees… dark but they allow this guy on Disney junior (I found this out after I searched how to make a lego of him). I really want this to be true and happen because swarm is so underrated an episode or two in the mcu won’t hurt anyone (except for sword, westview and the main protagonists…)

Counting down the days till we get more answers!! Who else?



So about the people who were trapped inside Wanda’s “dimension” thing, why were they there? I know they were agents of S.W.O.R.D. and all that, but why did Wanda choose to trap them?


The people trapped inside are actual residents of Westview apart from the Beekeeper and Monica (who’s now back in the real world). Agnes is also potentially another non-resident as she was the only one without an ID card.

Slinky has the correct info and theory.


And the person from the second episode with the blood, but maybe that’s because she didn’t appear until the second episode


That’s exactly why. It’s probably safe to assume that once they saw her they were able to find her ID card.


increase in hype for the next episode

Sorry I am bored

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If anyone is interested in theories surrounding WandaVision as well as small details from each episode I recommend checking out this channel:

There is also a Film Theory video I will share that covered WandaVision in the latest video.

Film Theory Video

It actually has like no real spoilers despite the title and dives deep into one of the theories that people have been thinking since Ep4.

New episode released today

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Donut spoil it yettttttttt…

Yeah duh… it’s Friday. :neutral_face:

I was saying that for anyone who didn’t know :no_mouth:…

Watched Episode 5… Still love this show so much but:


I don’t like how Pietro looks…

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