Disney/Pixar Short Concept Contest!

Can we count the old Disney cartoons from the 1930s - 1950s?

Are they a short/short film/film made up of shorts? Then yes it counts.

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Oh thanks I get it…

I know who I’m going to make.

Me too. (10 Characters)

I think I know, also do we have to post it in here or it’s own topic

Own topic. I guess. And send a link here

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Yep! Send the link here. I know, I did not exactly explain how you submit in the best way.

Do we start submitting tomorrow?

No, the 1st of August I think


Yes you can submit at the earliest August 1st

Am I allowed to create the topic before the contest or no?

I am so glad you guys are so eager to submit, but no.

Dang it!!! Saturday can’t come any sooner. :frowning:

I’m so ready for this contest!

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I literally already finished mine and am waiting to post it, don’t take the idea people

They can’t take the idea if they don’t know what it is, and I only have an outline of what I’m doing.

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Can we submit an old concept if we tweak it and redo some parts to it?

Nope! New concepts only! Sorry if this is a disappointment.

By this do you mean that dino toy story and Frozen Fever, or can they be films like characters from Frozen, and Toy Story?

Good question! Things like Frozen Fever, Toy Story That Time Forgot and others.

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