Disney/Pixar Short Concept Contest!

If they could, I hope everyone’s concept wins

After the first week if there are no submissions in over 72 hours maybe end it then?

That is a great idea!

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Yeah, my second and third choices were Presto! and Lorenzo.

My second choice was geri, Third was geri, in fact all but one was geri, the one that wasn’t geri was the fifth and it was big bird from for the birds


My concept!

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Maybe only cut it a week?

That is probably better. I should still give those who need more time enough to submit.

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Havent had time to work on my submission yet… :sweat_smile: But I’ll start as soon as possible

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How will the voting work?

I will create a new thread for voting where I will remind everyone about the voting guidelines. I will then put in the links to everyone’s submissions for easy access. The polls will follow that. I hope that answers your question!

Hope it’s good

Okay, first off, I don’t like the constant requesgs for originality. It makes me feel like doing any regular character, like Luxo Jr, for example, is not going to be winner. Character is important, but it is difficult to find a character that fits a skillset perfectly, which is what I need to do. On top of that, now I have to 'think outside the box ’ for a concept that is a minority of Disney, with only five minutes to spend studying the character, some of which is dedicated to OTHER characters within the short.

And secondly, can you announce this like a year in advance next time? Cuz I always seem to release a concept anf then soon after a contest springs up.

( I am kidding about the year part but a week isn’t much notice for me…)


How long does it take you to make a concept?

So you think that we should just copy other concepts?

Umm… why?

That’s why you make the skill set to the character not vice versa.

Yes in terms of not just going with the titular character.

Well if you can’t be creative enough to assume skills then you don’t have to participate.


Wait I was supposed to study geri for 5 minutes, well, good thing I already studied the short


Typing everything out in my proper format can take around an hour. Actually making the concept can take much longer.

No, the OP is stressing using characters that no one else is using, so not inky does the concept have to be origonal, so does the character.

Actually, to ensure I am not copying someone else concept I haven’t read any of the other entrees yet.

Because luxo jr is not outside the box enough.

Maybe you do your concepts like that, but I find that matching a skilest to a character winds up with a much more unique skillset, with a character that matches perfectly. all of my most recent concepts have been done like this: The Mayor of Halloween Town, the hydra, Kerchak, Rabbit, Dr. Facilier, among others.

Exactly. The OP is discpuraging us from using the main character of the short, who has the most screentime within. Just imagine being told not to make a Judy concept becausr she is the main character of Zootopia, and instead you have to make one that has very little screentime, hmm how about the mousefather’s daughter?

I like a little generalization, like specifying it needs to come from full length Disney kovies where there are plenty of side characters with a lot of screentime, but working with shorts, and not being permitted to use the main characters makes a skillset much more difficult, and I feel like it all but plugs the creative juices.


If you based your character of a short that only is five minutes long, you cab watch it as many times as you want, but that id all the info you get for a skillset.

I have no intention of continuing this argument, I was merely claryifying what I said. Therefor do not be looking for any responses to any replies regarding this, I was merely pointing out how small a range this contest covers.

Nonetheless, I an hoping to participate, and I have an idea that I might be able to pull together.

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Luxo isn’t outside the box?

Look at this!

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Yoo-Hoo! Here is my entry! :upside_down_face:


He’s not really from a short, isn’t he?

Actually he’s from two!

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