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Yes we all know Disney Movies are great… But let’s give some thought to the Disney Shows.

I am happy to see charactors like Stitch and Kim Possible in the game, as each had both show(s) and movie(s) made…

Charactors like DarkWing Duck and Megavolt feel like proof that a show (with no movie) can still be in the game.

Well then, Phineas and Ferb have two shows and two movies already 🤷 so why not add Perry the Platypus or Dr Doofenshmirtz to the game?

Not to mention all the shows that never got a movie, but still held great charactors.

I can’t help but think that Gravity Falls would be a brilliant one to add, Bill Cypher could be the secret ultimate final bad guy of the game. Hahahah.

Star Vs The Forces Of Evil also had an assortment of brilliant charactors that would fit right at home in this game. Get some Ludo up in here.

Lastly I think of the newest shows, like Amphibia. It’s currently running, only on it’s second season (book) and seems to be going strong. I would be happy enough to see Ann or Hop Pop join this game soon and draw hype for Amphibia before it approaches its final chapters.

So my question to the audience is…
What do you think of that?
Are there any obscure Disney shows that you think would blend perfectly into this game?
What are some other charactors that you would love to see come in from the shows?

For example, I think Dr. Bushroot from Darkwing Duck would be a perfect charactor for this game. Tell me what you think :sunglasses:


Well, according to the devs, licensing is an issue if they want to add someone from like Gravity Falls because they’re recent TV show franchises probably.

But Gargoyles, Darkwing, and Ducktales (plus Angel) came probably because they’re from old shows and PB has the license to add them as characters. And Kim Possible, it took a while to get her design and such to be approved by Disney in order to make her in the game.

So… Disney TV show franchises are a bit unlikely then Disney movie franchises.


This is a fair point.
However this thread is more about dreaming of fun than the reality of legal logistics.

Although if we are going to talk legal then I believe the creator/team behind Amphibia is the same as the one for Gravity Falls. So if they could get good with those guys they could acquire licencing for both at the same time and boom, permission to add them to the game.

Also to your point of DarkWing Duck being old and easy to licence, well that just means they could add Dr. Bushroot if enough of his loyal plants message the Devs about him :sweat_smile: right? Haha.

Anyway, back to the audience input:

What random Disney charactors/shows would you all want to see included?

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I expect to See Brandy And Mr Whiskers

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Phineas and Ferb is such a well known Disney show that I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see characters from that show appear in this game sometime. (Idk if Gravity Falls was as popular because I never watched that show myself, so I can’t speak on that.)

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I believe Phineas and Ferb was popluar in mass due to the large target audience. I believe Gravity Falls was more like a cult hit, with a loyal fanbase still loving it to this day :thinking:

And speaking of random Disney shows that people maybe forgot about, anyone remember American Dragon: Jake Long? Surprised he is not in the game yet.

He had a crossover episode with Lilo and Stitch :thinking: then again, so did Kim Possible, Recess and The Proud Family :sweat_smile: lol, they all visited/appeared in Stitchs show

I didn’t actually grow up watching any of these series, but that episode was in randomly on Disney Channel one day and that was the only reason I knew that that show even exists.

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I would like to see Amphibia or The Owl House, but I think that when both series are over (I mean, with an ending and with their characters at their peak of skills) their inclusion are posible

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Hahahaha that’s the only way I know about American Dragon too :rofl: the crossover episode. Hahaha

@Gobernador_Flynn_X I haven’t seen owl house yet, no spoilers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hahaha

Owl house just finished their first season (and they don’t need to do them from season two or the season finale) and ambhibia is on hiatus until 2021, it’ll be three years until either of the shows finish 🤷

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Yeah I agree we do not need to wait for the shows to conclude to try add the charactors to the game :thinking:

Like let’s be serious, the current design of Ann and Hop Pop are just how they officially look.

For example if the show Amphibia ends with Ann going home, getting a second shoe (or new shoes) and removing all the leaves from her hair… Then that’s just how she looked right at the end.

People will remember what Ann looked like on the journey more than her right at the end 🤷 her messy hair, dirty clothes and one shoe look is basically iconic to her character at this point, so she can just look like that in this game :rofl: hahaha

They should keep Dipper and Mabel as sperated characters if they bother adding characters from Gravity Falls.

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@Allie_Gator Ok but what would be the benifits to having them separate? I mean from my memory of gravity falls, both can punch and kick, Dipper can read a book and Mabel can use a grappling hook. That’s about it. I feel like since they are twins it makes sense to have them combined as a team for a playable character in this game 🤷 I feel that Gravity Falls had other much better charactors to add to this game. Like Grunkle Stan, Soos and Old Man Mcgucket :sweat_smile: hahahah

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They have different purposes and would represent themselves better. Mabel would be more of a support and Dipper would be more of a control.

Mabel? Support? PFFFT


What is everybody’s feelings on movies that were made into TV shows (Aladdin, Tangled, Buzz Lightyear, etc.)? Seems pretty possible to me.

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@Merry_Toon I actually haven’t seen any of those shows. The only show I have seen that was movie first was Lilo and Stitch :thinking:

But I have been watching the newer cartoons, saw the Owl House now and certainly think that there is some good characters that could fit in this game…
And the new Ducktales episode had me literally buzzing with excitement :grin: lol

Disney did a terrible job on season 2 of Big Hero 6 :sweat:

Bradford rolls his eyes at the pun

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Boo! Bad vulture pun :smirk:

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