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But seriously now, think about it for a second. They already have the licencing for the movies. Do they not? So, it should be an easy process to slip them in. Yes?

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@Mister_Toon do they have licencing for ALL disney movies though? Because if they do then yeah, there is no excuse not to dip into the “Phineas and Ferb” world to pull out a scientist and a platypus for us to play with :sweat_smile:

Weeelllll. That’s to be determined.

Meh… I watched the first few episodes of the Tangled and BH6 shows but they’re clearly aimed at a much younger audience.


But about the older ones? You know, from the Toon Disney era. Cause, they can pull alot of fan favorites from their shows including:


:black_small_square:Abis Mal

The Little Mermaid

:black_small_square: Evil Manta

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (it was even referenced in a friendship campaign once)

:black_small_square:Mira Nova
:black_small_square:Warp Darkmatter

And those are just a few off the top of my head.

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I never watched them. I grew up with Cartoon Network…good times.

@Mister_Toon those are brilliant :heart_eyes: great list :sunglasses:

@Slinky-Dog Hey now, I grew up on cartoon network too :thinking: in my young years it was that and Marvel Movies.

I was a loyal Marvel fangirl, and then Disney obtained Marvel…
so I had to go review some Disney stuff to see what was going on there. Ever since I am a Disney fangirl :sweat_smile:

Now I have watched years and years of Disney content and upon review I have concluded that Donald Duck is the greatest character ever, of all time :rofl: hahahah

P.S was just thinking about other old obscure charactors to add to this game… :smirk:
They should add Phantom Blot!


I would say the same about season 3 (the new format hasnt helped)

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But still, they bring out some contender


:black_small_square:Lance Armstrong
:black_small_square:Zhan Tiri

Big Hero 6

:black_small_square:High Voltage
:black_small_square:Baron Von Steamer
:black_small_square:Mr. Sparkles
:black_small_square:Noodle Burger Boy

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@Allie_Gator which world? Earth or Disney? Either way I can’t give you “all” :thinking: at best we could aim for 50 percent.

Also if we do that and we become super villains inspired by Disney, then do you think we could become characters in this game? :sweat_smile: Haha

Edit: upon reflection I think the easiest way would be to prove alternative realities exist, find the one with Bill Cypher in it, open a portal to let him into our reality. Then we can sit back and let him destroy all the world’s 🤷 problem solved. :sunglasses:

Ok for all you people who said they can’t add Gravity Falls to the game…
Well look right there, Waddles is in the game!

So if can add Waddles (even as a reference) then that means they could add more gravity falls stuff if they wanted to, right?

Sadly a badge isn’t sufficient proof :sob:

@Filadae_Djaq B-but it’s in the game? All the nonsense about difficulty in obtaining rights, well they must have the rights if it’s in the game already… Right?

Nope… there are some badges coming from movies/series that will never come to the game, such as badges from Puppy Dog Pals or Narnia :man_shrugging:

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What badge is from that series? :open_mouth: Just interested

Hissy Fit, Bingo is his Name-O, and Rolly-Poly

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Okay. Thanks!

I still see a future where more can be added to this game

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Game needs more random aliens.
Add “Lloyd in space” to the game :rofl:

I believe that bushroot should be added ik the perfect sets and moves and skills for him

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