Disney's oldest villain



2 star, frontline damage

“Just wait! No one—and i do mean no one—messes with the mighty Pete!”

Pete uses his brute strength to clobber his foes


Entrance: pete stomps into the battlefield

Victory: he puts his hands on his stomach and laughs

Defeat: his face turns red and steam comes out of his ears

Basic attack: punches the nearest enemy, dealing x damage


White: heavy hitter

Pete rolls up his sleeve and then uppercuts the closest enemy, dealing x damage to that enemy and stunning the enemy for 4 seconds.

Green: put em up

Pete punches the enemy with a hard right hand, dealing x damage and stunning that enemy for 2 seconds.

Blue: fighting mad

When pete is under 40% of his health, pete gets angry and rapidly punches the enemy who last attacked him, dealing x damage per hit.

Purple: cheat and lie

“Put em up” now deals x more damage to enemies with shields

Red: big bad bootleg

Pete now gains 40% more attack power when he successfully defeats an enemy with “fighting mad”

The stun from “Heavy hitter” now prevents enemies from receiving buffs until the stun time is up.



Dancing with the enemy
immunity to stuns

Pete is immune to stuns whenever he has a buff

Pete/Captain hook

Steamboat pirates
“heavy hitter” breaks shields

“Heavy hitter” now breaks shields when they are under x health.

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