Do heroes attack faster when promoted?

I’m currently stuck on chapter 29, Street B8, as Tia Dalma keeps wasting my whole team with her wave attack. I’ve had to deal with her doing this before, but in this particular campaign level, she does it in the first five seconds of the fight; which she’s never done to me before.

In one attempt, I tried bringing my level 175 Red+0 Genie and he did use his makeover magic on her, but she was still able to cast her wave spell right before being transformed. If I were to promote him further, like up to Red+8, will he be able to beat her to the punch? I’m really getting tired of not being able to beat this chapter, all because of her.

To put it frankly: no

Attack speed does not change if you promote heroes, only skills that grant attack speed boost
And to be honest, I do not recommend improving the Genie, he is not the best hero in the meta lately.
Here is a Tier List of the characters Made by Musketeer
And here is another Tier List made by Bendyb3n

And to be able to help you even better, publish the heroes you have to know what you are attacking with (preferably screenshots)

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Well, that sucks. I’ve personally found him to be quite handy at times, and his benefit from Elsa’s friendship seemed pretty beneficial too.

At any rate, I was FINALLY able to beat the level, using a team that consisted of Darkwing Duck, Mulan (even though I currently only have her at level 100 Orange+0), Rapunzel, Slinky Dog, and Robin Hood. I did lose Mulan and Robin to Sally’s gas in the third wave, but it wasn’t one of the numbered levels, so I’ll never have to go through it again. Good long overdue riddance!

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I use Timon & Pumbaa + Genie to speed up my own Disgust and Tia Dalma, and it wipes the floor with enemy Disgust teams.

Yeah, timon & pumba + genie, or kristoff and genie boosts your team. It’s a great attacker.

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