Don't expect these to stop anytime soon (1.11 and beyond Predictions)

I want to point out that I always get patch notes release dates correct, I nailed that it would not just be Joy and Sadness and maybe Bing Bong for Inside Out, and I get the exact what update has a Level Cap increase and what one does not every time. I do not always get it wrong. But I will be trying harder to explain myself from now on.

Now your regularly Scheduled hated prediction:

Patch Notes Release: July 5th
Update Release: July 8th-10th

Patch Notes Release: July 19th
Update Release: July 22nd-July 24th
?Bing Bong?
Other: Level 126 - 130
Orange +8 (One New Color Badge on each hero)
Anger, Bo Peep in shops or Guild/VIP crate
Rafiki was Found in the files by a member of the Facebook Group but they could be lying. If they are not it only makes sense for Rafiki to be released close to the live action movie’s release. And I do not think Bing Bong will happen due to the fact that he is dead. But Scar, Mal, Gaston, and Ursula also died sooooo…
It’s possible.

The Future
The same guy who claimed to have found Rafiki also said he found Peter Pan. But he will probably release in August or September if at all.

Additionally I’ve been pondering Villains for this October. While I would love to see Oogie Boogie nothing points toward him (Yet).

But Flocked Coat is the name of Bo Peep’s Second Disk. Cruella? Trying to make a coat out of a three headed six legged sheep sounds like her. That could be totally wrong.

And speaking of second disks once I heard about Peter Pan it gave me hope about an old theory. That theory being that Slow Treads was about swimming. I thought for a little while that Gaston’s Second Disk could come from Captain Hook. Peter being found in the files makes me think they might release Peter in August or September and then release Captain Hook in October. (Though it being about swimming might mean Ariel. The Little Mermaid is Having it’s 30th soon).

Additionally Kim should release in August as well.

Would love to hear what all of you think!


Can you show us the sources?


What evidence do you have that you can say that you nailed the fact that Joy and Sadness are coming? We have no official confirmation, right? Have i missed something like I did for the Toy Story email thing? You really need to specify how you know these things. You did an ok job with saying that somebody in a Facebook group found Rafiki and Peter Pan, but you said they could have been lying, so it really doesn’t really work out. As @Filadae_Djaq said, show us the sources!


I would like to see oogie boogie in the game


Well for one I didn’t say that I said:

But you did miss something.
Happiness (Joy) is on the status effect screen in the game. But no confirmation of Sadness yet.

Well I can you show you his post but if you wanted more than that…
Sorry I no longer have his past data mining posts. But he has done it before.

Any more questions?


Joy was actually confirmed. Look:




…so basically…rafiki and peter pan are coming later on…meanwhile joy is getting ready to be released and kim possible is still being tested???



So you lied. You said not just Joy and Sadness, but also maybe Bing Bong. No confirmation of sadness means no confirmation that you got it right. You did get Joy right, as I now know thanks to @Filadae_Djaq, but you can’t use that to prove that you’re occasionally right when nobody here knows if you’re really right, including yourself.

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Yes, the datamine source from Facebook you have shown to us, I will take that lightly as salt.

However, there was this:

And when Rafiki’s name came up on that datamine source, I thought of that friendship with Merlin.

But like I said, I’m still taking that datamine source lightly as salt.


Everyone stop hating @Wave9Nut he’s always amazing at predicting things. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.


I said no such thing:

I was told many times that Inside Out would just be Joy, Sadness and Maybe Bing Bong but I insisted they would also do the other emotions especially Anger. That is what I have been saying. Please get a better grasp of how sentences work.

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Thanks. It’s nice to see positive feedback.

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I honestly can’t (and won’t) blame you.

Oooo! I didn’t think of that!

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@Wave9Nut found out when someone said that Peter Pan and Rafiki are coming to the game but it might not be true.

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Rafiki is reaiable in late july or early august as for peter pen i dont know but perblue seems to us during the summer the focus on pixar charthers movies so if he is right i think either peter pen wont come or in sepetmber and captin hook maybe in october for halooween look in 1.10.2 patch notes in case you dont understand from where i coming and what i am meaning

I’m not hating, I’m criticizing.(though many people here don’t know the difference)

Ok, sure, I’m going to pretend that I didn’t die of frustration after reading this. @Wave9Nut You can’t act like I’m stupid now, because you knew that I did not understand what you were saying, and yet did not tell me what you had meant. How about, please get a better grasp of how to make sentences? If somebody cannot understand what you are saying because it’s a run-on sentence that isn’t structured very well, there’s a huge chance that them not understanding is even the tiniest bit your fault! The point is, check over your work. If there is something that could possibly cause confusion, change it, don’t act like it’s the reader’s fault for not understanding. And @Cricket101, remember that this is the Internet. People will say what people want to say. The best thing you can do in this situation is to just simply support the people you want to support without getting in the way of the criticism, or else you might get a world of hate yourself. You’re honestly lucky it was just me that you got in the way of, because while I always make paragraphs for this stuff, I don’t resort to name calling or insults. Notice that Wave9Nut did resort to that by telling me to get a grasp of how sentences work. Notice that I have continued to use formal ways to criticize them, and decide for yourself who to support.

TheSpaghettiKing, out
(I’m taking a page from @Queen_Kate here)


I don’t know why so much discussion around ‘controversy’ and ‘lying’ happens on these posts.

It’s literally just a guess. People are allowed to guess. :man_shrugging:


Is it difficult to count 2 weeks or something? They patch every 2 weeks, in vicinity of the 1st and 15th, because payday.