Dopey (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Hero Concept)



Dopey joins the battle, utilizing his goofy nature for his teammates.
Trial Team: Blue
Role: Midline Support
Stars: :star::star::star:
Quote: “Aaaaaah!”

Entrance: Dopey skips into the battlefield, and pulls out a brush and dustpan.
Victory: Dopey prances in a circle with joy.
KO: Dopey removes his hat and frowns.

Basic Attack: Dopey collects crystals, granting himself X HP. This skill cannot be performed until he begins taking damage.

White Skill - Oh-Da-La-Do-De - Normal Damage
Dopey sprints offscreen, and skips past enemies while dressed as a taller person, dealing X damage to and stealing X HP from all enemies.

Green Skill - Sparkling Eyes
Dopey puts crystals over his eyes, studying the strongest enemy for 5 seconds. Until that enemy reaches 0HP, each time they attempt to deal damage to Dopey, he instead gains X HP with each hit.

Blue Skill - Pickaxe Shock
Dopey swings his pickaxe down to the floor, creating a loud clang that silences enemies for 4 seconds. While the pickaxe is lodged in the floor, Dopey jumps off the handle and tackles the closest enemy to steal X HP.

Purple Skill - Tricks Up the Sleeve
Dopey gives all allies X HP and X energy each time he collects crystals. If Dopey reaches 0HP before performing his “Oh-Da-La-Do-De” skill, he regenerates his HP by 50% and targets the last enemy that attacked him.

Red Skill - Dig Dig Dig
Each time Dopey grants allies HP or silences enemies, his attack speed increases by 40%. His max HP and armor is also increased.

Dopey + Goofy
Campaign: Great Minds - Neither Goofy nor Dopey are the brightest bulbs in the chandelier, but when they find several patrol teams failing to hold their own, they work together to think of a way to put the creep swarm to an end.
Disk: Idea Professional
Disk Memory: Dopey gives X shield to the weakest ally at the beginning of each wave.
Disk Power: Z White Skill power

Dopey + Joy
Campaign: Party Time - Joy and Dopey love parties, so they decide to host one of their own. As they search for equipment and send out invitations, the creeps sneak their way into the party.
Disk: Fun and Games
Disk Memory: Dopey increases allies’ attack speed by 60% each time enemies dodge their attacks.
Disk Power: Z energy, Z reality

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Is this going to be the new hero?

Nope. This is just a concept for what it might look like if Dopey was in the game.

Sorry. :confused:

I’m surprised we haven’t gotten any of the Dwarves yet. I imagine Dopey and Grumpy will be the first ones.

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Yes they are the classic

Ok it would be cool to have him

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