"Dragon Training" Fred/Mushu Friendship Campaign

Hi! welcome to my first friendship campaign! (I received some help from @Commander-Rex pointing out errors, or things that could be improved, special thanks to him) Enjoy!
Also, this is one of my first times in story telling so, I´m not an expert at this stuff. So, if you see any error, typo or anything, tell me! and also tell me what do you think about the story. Please.

Fred and Mushu are now friends!

Allies: Mulan, Sulley and Animal

Campaign name: Dragon training


Fred: Hi… Lizard? Who or what are you?

Mushu: Lizard? Lizard! I´m the guardian of the lost souls, the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructable Mushu! I am a real dragon, not this attempt of yours of being one.

Fred: Ah, okay. And why are you here? I´m here because I heard that here, some wizard could make an invisible sandwich.

Mushu: Your ancestors sent me to help you because they heard what I did with Mulan. Now I see why…

Fred: Mushu.

Mushu: Yes?

Fred: So, since I have this suit, I feel like a real dragon, but now that I see you…I wanna be like you!

Mushu: That is the smartest thing you have said today.

Chapter 1: New teachers

Mushu: Okay, so for being a real Dragon you need some virtues. I have tons of them but I think you could learn some.

Fred: Okay, when do I start? Will I get wings at some point?

Mushu: You start right now! and a dragon doesn´t need wings. I am a perfect dragon, and you see me with wings? No.

1-1: Mushu presents Mulan, Sulley and Animal to Fred. Fred gets shocked when he sees Sulley.

1-2: Mushu explains to Fred that they will be his new teachers to learn the virtues to be a dragon

1-3: Fred gets confused and says that they aren´t dragons

1-4: Mulan shows her sword, Sulley roars and Animal eats one of the cymbals in his drums

1-5: Fred says hi to all of them, but animal bites his hand

Fred: Hey, Mushu. Where did you found one of these? is there an action figure of him?

Animal: ANIMAL!!

Mushu: I found him in a theater with his friends, he said that it would be a pleasure to help someone be like him, or at least that is what I understood when he said, “Animal”

Chapter 2: Attitude

2-1: Mushu starts talking with Fred about the attitude of a dragon, then mushu tells him to look at him and starts walks confidently.

2-2: Fred tries to imitate mushu but he stumbles with a rock and accidentally spits fire in the tail of Mushu, then he gets angry.

2-3: Mushu then burns Fred´s suit, but fortunately Fred was wearing other clothes, those were his superheroes underpants and his shirt that has used 3 days

2-4: Mushu wonders what smells so bad, then Fred tells him about his term of “recycling”. Mushu gets disgusted and orders him to take a bath

2-5: Mushu, tired of Fred. Just tells him to act like him, since he is a “perfect dragon”

Fred: Oh. Uh…sorry for that.
My superpowers can sometimes be way too powerful. But I guess you understand, right?

Mushu: Yeah, I understand! I sometimes amaze myself even more with all my awesomeness. I think you see why.

Fred: I vow to be like you one day, master.

Chapter 3: Bravery and strength

3-1: Mushu says that bravery is also something important for a dragon, without it you do not deserve to be one.

3-2: Mushu says that his next lesson will be about that, and that his teacher will be Mulan in this case. Then mulan says that Merida will help her later.

3-3: The first task is to fight againist Mulan (she won´t hurt him), Fred seems very confident because he remembers all the techniques of battling in the comics he read.

3-4: Mushu gives a stick to both of them. After 1 minute, Fred gives up saying that he can´t without his suit. Without it, he is just the school mascot

3-5: Mulan says that he just need to be more confident but also other stuff

Mulan: Alright look. If you are nothing without the suit, then you shouldn´t have it.

Fred: Aw man. I’m sorry. Okay, I´ll be brave and confident like my friends. And like some comic book heroes I read about too.

Mulan: Excellent. I just want to make you the best version that you can be, man.

Chapter 4: Lowering the level

4-1: Merida says that she can take it from here. Then she calls her little brothers.

4-2: Between the 3 brothers get to hold a big sword and they say that if they can fight with it. Merida explains to them that he is not a warrior at all, so no

4-3: The triplets and Fred start some kind of fighting. Harris and Hubert start biting Fred´s feet and bothering him, while Hamish hides in a bush waiting for the perfect moment…

4-4: Hamish throws some meat at Fred and he gets confused. Then he sees that the triplets brought the dogs with them. He eats some meat fastly and the rest throws it at Harris and Hubert who are some meters away from him for avoiding the dogs. They didn´t thought that Fred would do that…

4-5: Harris and Hubert start running into a lake and say that Fred won.

Merida: Excellent, Fred! You were brave and you didn´t panic under pressure.

Fred: Ah, thanks Merida. I hope I pronounced that right. Anyways, I was screaming inside thinking about what if the dogs catched me.

Merida: Oh, don´t worry, lad. My dad trained those dogs.

Mushu: Haha, alright, Fred. I think you can pass to the next lesson now.

Chapter 5: Kindness or Karens?

5-1: Mushu presents Sulley to Fred, he says that Sulley will teach him about being kind while being a scary guy

5-2: Mushu and Sulley discuss for a bit and decide that Fred is good in the kindness aspect

5-3: Sulley teaches Fred some types of roars to scare his enemies. Fred´s voice isn´t helping much…

5-4: Sulley says to Fred to make his voice deeper. This helps a bit, but it seems like scaring isn´t Fred´s fort.

5-5: Before passing to other scarier tactics, Sulley decides to leave Boo in a safe place where she isn´t scared. Sulley demands to talk to the manager if there is a place to leave Boo safe.

Mushu: Well, I created this whole thing so…yeah. I guess I’m the manager…

Sulley: Well uh, in that case, where can I leave Boo?

Mushu: Yeah, we don´t have a place for that…

Sulley: Well, can you at least watch over? Or care for her while I’m with Fred?!

Mushu: Yeah, sure. I´m great with the kids.

Sulley: Ah, thanks.

Chapter 6: Distracting the enemy

6-1: Sulley says to Fred to just make the frightening faces, do not roar. Fred accepts knowing that this is the way.

6-2: Sulley calls Mike to show Fred some books with how to make the frightening faces. After some hours of looking only at the pictures, Fred tries to make the faces.

6-3: Mike looks at him, then he starts talking with Sulley and Mushu. They get to the conclusion that human faces aren´t scary and realize why the masks exist.

6-4: Mike tells him that instead of being scary, he can distract his enemies in other ways. By telling hilarious jokes!

6-5: Mushu says that he is a great comedist, then he tells some bad jokes but he doesn´t realize that they are awful.

Mushu: Why did Cinderella get kicked off the football team? Because she kept running from the ball! You gotta admit, it’s pretty great.

Mike (whispering to Fred): Hey pal, here’s a book with good jokes. Whatever you do, don’t take advice from Mushu. Just…read this.

Fred: Thanks, man.

Mushu: Okay, I see. I know, you are speechless at how good I am. What a great crowd. Anyways, Fred let´s go to the final lesson… with Animal.

Chapter 7: Unpredictable

7-1: After Mushu tells Animal to not bite Fred, he says that Animal will teach him a lesson that he probably wasn´t expecting.

7-2: Mushu wants Fred to be like an Animal, and who is better to teach that than Animal himself!

7-3: Mushu explains to Fred that an animal makes what he wants and doesn´t take orders from anyone!

7-4: Fred and Animal go into a room alone. After 10 minutes, Fred comes out and seems very confident of himself

7-5: Mushu starts asking him some questions about what he would do in certain situations. After the 10th question, Mushu says he is ready.

Fred: Have you seen Mushu, Animal? he hasn´t he said I was done with the questions…

Mushu: On your left.

Fred: Oh, there you are.

Mushu: Dang it. I thought I was gonna scare you. Well, anyway. Now will go with your teachers, practice a bit more and you are done!

Chapter 8: Real dragon

8-1: Fred goes with Merida and Mulan and he starts beating easily a bunch of scarecrows with an arc and then he has to climb a post with “discipline and strength”. After 2 hours he does it and Merida and Mulan give the medal of bravery and strength to Fred.

8-2: Fred starts walking to where Sulley and Mike are but Mike rolls to where Fred is. Mike tells him to make him laugh. Fred reads the book and finally finds a joke that Mike would find very funny. And the joke indeed made Mike laugh. He gives Fred the funny medal.

8-3: Fred goes with Animal and they just start playing the drums loudly. Then he gives Fred the medal of ANIMAL.

8-4: Mushu now gives the Dragon medal to Fred. He feels so honored that he would make a super jump but his suit is still burned. Fred has one final question to Mushu.

8-5: Fred asks Mushu if he knows anything about Kaijus. Mushu says no. Then Fred starts asking other questions about japanese stuff in his comics.

Mushu: I don´t know anything about it.

Fred: Ah, okay, man. I guess se you later. Thanks for the lessons. Now I feel like a real dragon and I´ll be even better when I´m fighting with my friends.

Mushu: Glad I helped to make someone a real dragon. I´ll be on my podium if you need me…

(whispering) Please don´t need me…

Friendship campaign completed

So, what do you think?

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Did you liked the story? You didn´t like it? You liked something specifically? You didn´t like something specifically? Let me know!

I also added some references in the story, did you found them all? :eyes: open this to know!


Jungle Book - I wanna be like you - YouTube

Chapter 3:

Chapter 5: Well, Karens.

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

Chapter 8:
Couldn´t find an image, but this is from DT
Scrooge: I´ll be in my office if you need me…
(Whispering) Please don´t need me…

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

This week I´ll be hosting the first friendship campaign contest! It´ll be basically like a concept contest but with friendship campaigns. The judges´ identity will remain secret until the results are shown. I hope you have fun!



I love this OMG. I’m going to need to find a different campaign choice for my own Fred concept now.

Oh boy, I’m going to need to get to work on my entry…


You can copy my other friendship, Jim.

This is great, eventhough you said this is one of your first time this is just great, i like the story and i love how the dialogues are in-character, you should make more of these if you want to of course

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I imagine Fred asking to Mushu if he has played Genshin impact

And about the story… Dejame decirlo en un acento que entiendas…
MUY buena y comica, muy buen trabajo Rino


Ngl, adding Animal at the start was almost just a joke, but then he actually became useful


I must say this. I wrote all the original dialogues but @Commander-Rex cool-ished them (made them more in-character).
(Only the dialogues, the paragraphs between them were not changed)


Not going to lie didnt excpted fror refernce from marvel and star wars only time there was refetnce i remember from marvel was syndrome kind of used spiderman s qoute

I had to add references. And I´m happy that they fitted in the story.

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References often make a great story because they add character to stories that may not previously have it. Also, it connects the reader moee with things they are familiar with. Familiarity is always a great thing. Especially in stories.

Anyways, I know I’m late but once again, thanks for crediting me for help, and this is amazing. Looking forward to the contest and future campaigns you may do, if you want. :grin:


That frienfship is a good idea

If mushu discovered fred is a super hero i dont think fred should or even becoming a dragon and fred would be probaly tell him on chinase things

Did you read the prologue?

Just wanted to y´all know that I´m now working on the Barley/Faciler friendship camapign! :grin: (I know that he is in the game already but I thought it would be fun) (Allies: Yzma, Madam Mim and Genie)


Update: Changed a bit the formatting, hopefully this way looks better

This was so hilarious! The reference game is on point and fits so well with Mushu’s humor! Chapter 5 in particular had me dying! I never thought in a million years Mushu would ever be a Karen, but then I remember Manticore’s campaign and the opening dialogue, and it all makes sense now! Amazing campaign!!


I actually wanted Sulley to be the Karen :sweat_smile:
Yeah the Manticore/Mushu campaign inspired me

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