Fred concept

Hi! This is other of my concepts, hope you enjoy it and at the end please post all feedback

Stars: :star2: :star2:
Quote: Can you feel it? You guys, do you feel this? Our origin story begins. We’re gonna be superheroes!
Position: mid
Role: damage
Trial: red
Entrance: Walks into his position
Victory: He makes a super jump

Defeat: Fred accidentally burns his comics and feels sad
Basic attack: spits a fire ball

:white_circle: White skill: I breath fire

Fred makes a circle of fire around the most back enemy dealing X damge over time and stunning him for 5 seconds

:green_circle: Green skill: Best costume

When Fred enters in the battle he makes a scary but cool pose scaring all the enemies for 10 seconds, the sacre can fail if the enemies are above X level

:large_blue_circle: Blue skill: Bump your fist
Fred bump his fist with the nearest enemy to him dealing X damage and the enemy get knokback and stunned for 5 seconds, the stun has a chance to fail if the enemy is above X level

:purple_circle: Purple skill: Major science enthusiast

Each basic attack of Fred deals X damge over time and each time he uses I breath fire he makes an extra circle in another enemy and deals more damage

:red_circle: Red skill: School mascot

If a enemy uses his white skill while is in the circle of I breath fire, the armor, reality and basic damage of the enemy get reduced by 50% for 10 seconds
+X evasion
+Y basic damage
+Z damage of Bump your fist

Fred/Jim hawkins
Campaign: Surf table race
Disk: “Nerds”
Allies: Barbossa, Megavolt and Betty
Buff: Each time Fred makes an extra circle with Major science enthusiast he gains X skill power and 15% attack speed
+X skill ower and +5% per star

Campaign: Dragon training
Disk: Fake dragon
Allies: Mulan, Sulley and Animal
Buff: when he enters in the battle he also deals 15% damage of his max HP to the enemies
+5% per star
Fred/Mushu Friendship Campaign

Funfact: My dog is also called Fred :upside_down_face: :dog:


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I really like this concept.

almost all 4 stars, almost perfect :smiley:


1 question, you think the red skill name should be like is now or you prefer “school mascot”, I can´t decide :upside_down_face:, also if I change it the skill icon will change too

I think School Mascot would be better, the current name is a bit long

Lol I just noticed the red skill icon, Fred looks scary.

yes, a bit
and I decided that i will change it

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You don’t have to change it

I know but I want :upside_down_face:

Oh ok you do you then :grin:

The new red skill badge does look better tbh

I like this concept big heros 6 are from my favorite disney movies

Update: Added the friendship campaign with Mushu. I forgot to add that :sweat_smile:

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