Drop the hammer (Unlikely remake-cept)

Amy rose

Stars: :star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Control
Trial team: Blue

“Have no fear, Amy rose is here!”

One look at the size of this kind-hearted hedgehogs piko piko hammer will be enough to put the fear into the enemy team…it’s best to stay out of amy’s way unless you want to be in the swinging path


Entrance: Amy runs into the battlefield

Victory: Amy puts up two peace signs while smiling

Defeat: Amy gets knocked down as he gets mad at the enemy team

Basic attack: Amy hits the nearest enemy with a jab and a straight punch with boxing gloves, dealing X damage


White: Hammer attack

Amy pulls out her piko piko hammer and smashes the nearest enemy with the hammer, dealing X damage to the enemy and stunning the enemy for 5 seconds.

This move deals an extra X damage per each charm on the enemy team.

Stun has a chance to fail against enemies above LV Z

Green: Tarot draw

Amy pulls out a tarot card and foresees the future of a chosen enemy, making all attacks from that enemy miss it’s target for 10 seconds and also cursing the target enemy for 7 seconds.

Blue: Girl’s upper

Amy uppercuts the nearest enemy, dealing X damage, stunning the enemy for 6 seconds and knocking the enemy back.

Purple: Go-getter

“Hammer attack” and “Girl’s upper” now has a 45% chance to charm the target enemy instead of stunning the enemy.

Red: Never fear

Each attack dealt by a charmed foe now heals Amy and her team by X amount.

“Tarot draw” now slows the enemy’s attack speed by 30% per each missed attack by the target enemy.
+X damage to “Girl’s upper”
+X skill power
+X basic damage


Amy rose/Minnie mouse
Girl’s night out
Double healing

The healing done by the effects of “Never fear” is now doubled by X amount.

Amy rose/Barley lightfoot
Card wars
More damage towards cursed enemies

Allies now deal X more damage towards cursed enemies.

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