Ducktales flintheart glomgold concept

“Employees are the greatest treasure of all”

Bio flintheart glomgold rival to Scrooge mcduck has his sharkas and his cruel ness to back him up
Vip crate exclusive
Stars 3
Role midline tank
Trial team red

Entrance flintheart glomgold enters his battle field with his cane

Victory flintheart glomgold gold pulls out the money pin he stole from Scrooge like Scrooge mcducks victory

Defeat glomgold takes off his fake beard and stomps it

Basic attack see white skill

White skill attack my sharkas passive instead of a basic attack glomgold gains 200 energy and gains 60% armor when he takes damage he takes 11% damage dealt to all frontline heroes also flintheart glomgold can store 1500 energy and only uses 750 energy for his white skill. He heals x hp per second per level on skills active glomgold calls his sharks in parkas to bite all enemies dealing x normal damage to all enemies freezing them for 11 seconds

The freeze has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Green skill the jewel of Atlantis

Glomgold pulls out the red gem gaining a shield that has x hp + the energy he has x 78 + the amount of damage he took x 15. the shield lasts for 15 seconds

Blue skill cane slash of caneness glomgold slashes with his canes dealing x normal damage gaining 50 energy per times he was damaged

The energy gain has a chance to fail if the enemy that last activated it’s white skill is above level x

Purple skill treasure is the greatest once per wave when flintheart glomgold he regains x hp + all of the shield hp combined as maximum hp increase

Red skill richer than the richies

Attack my sharkas now only uses 500 energy

Flintheart glomgold can revive 3 times per wave and also uses his blue skill as a basic attack instead every 5 seconds

Glomgold also gains basic damage when he arrives equal to 35% of the hp he revived with

When glomgold is stunned glomgold gains a shield with x hp that lasts for 11 seconds

Friendship with magica de spell

Flintheart glomgold and magica de spell have a plan to rob Scrooge mcduck

Disk is called the perfect scheme

When flintheart glomgold uses attack my sharkas 3 times glomgold regains x hp

Friendship with megavolt

Flintheart glomgold plants to be richer than Scrooge mcduck by getting megavolt to make the bank machines to spit out all of dem moneys

Disk is called banked rich

Glomgold is immune to all disables

Nancy green is canceled

Classification the ultimate tank revives time per wave the more shields the more hp and damage knock back every attack

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I really suggest looking at other concepts or guides so you could improve your format and other things…

Other then that the actual concept is ok. :man_shrugging:t4:


Thank you for the compliment anything about the skills pls

Why I am creative I read guides

reading guides makes you creative

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