Mickey Mouse and the roadster racers cuckoo loca concept


“Hope you carry golf clubs better than you carry a jingle”

Bio cuckoo loca is small but a short temper and her charisma is very feisty

Role frontline support

Stars 1

Trial team yellow

Entrance cuckoo loca exits her cuckoo clock making a cuckoo bird impression

Victory cuckoo loca does a loopty loop

Defeat cuckoo loca falls on her butt

Basic attack cuckoo loca pecks an enemy

White skill molly the mallet passive cuckoo loca’s allies heal x hp when cuckoo loca deals damage with her basic attack and white skill active cuckoo loca pulls out molly the mallet and smashes it to the closest enemy dealing x normal damage and stunning them for 11 seconds

The stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Green skill van supplies cuckoo loca calls the happy helpers van which stays in the battlefield the van’s hp = 150% of cuckoo loca and all damage heroes armor

While the van is on the battlefield all allies have a shield with 200% of their max hp and 15% attack speed and all enemies have x reduced armor

The armor reduction has a chance to fail against enemies above level x

Blue skill have some tea

Cuckoo loca gives very Chinese tea to the nearest ally healing them for x hp For 12 seconds also if the happy helpers van is on the battlefield cuckoo loca throws some hot tea at an enemy dealing x fantastic damage

Purple skill cuckoo

When cuckoo loca reaches 0 hp she revives with her cuckoo clock with x hp and gains 250% attack speed for 6 seconds

Red skill a clock bird bow

Cuckoo loca’s allies heal by 80% of cuckoo loca’s armor per second whenever an ally crits cuckoo loca gains 500 energy and molly the mallet now deals true damage equal to 6% of the amount of hp healed on all allies.

The happy helpers van now has 4 effects to allies with a different role

Damage that ally gains x basic damage and is energized while the van is still on the battlefield

Tank that ally gains armor equal to 83% of all tank allies reality

Support that ally gains 50% movement speed and x crit damage normal crit and fantastic crit

Control that ally puts a random debuff on attacking enemies

Friendship with Minnie Mouse

Cuckoo loca and Minnie are so delighted to see each other so they have a walk in the park and then hug a shark

Disk is called helping is ea-sea

While the happy helpers van is active cuckoo loca and her allies have x armor equal to 150% of their basic damage

Friendship with Ducktales flintheart glomgold concept

Glomgold mistakes cuckoo loca for an antique so he decides to sell it as overpriced but cuckoo loca escapes

Disk is called antique macaw
Have some tea now snares enemies for x seconds

Here is some upcoming concepts

Adorable snowman support

Pete tank

Fru fru support

Lightning McQueen and mater damage

Classification massive healer

Alright, I find their concepts to be annoyingly spammy as well, but to say that we want them to straight-up leave the forums is just unnecessarily harsh.


Well, what else can I say? We told them over and over but they don’t want to listen. They’re acting like… like Gaston.

If they’re not going to take the time or the effort to improve on their concepts or their attitude, than there’s no point in them staying here when they’re just going to keep doing it.

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Just. Ignore. Them.

Put them on ‘Ignore’ if necessary as well.


I can’t handle them too! Just try to ignore them


Sure, they may be annoying, spammy, and they may not listen, but does that automatically give you the right to start berating this person (who for all we know could just be a kid) and tell them to leave? In what world would that happen? I’m going to say something, and it’s something you may not want to hear. YOU are no better than this person. You are making this situation even worse. Take the advice, ignore this person, and leave them alone, bullying someone off a forum and from them making concepts should not be condoned.


“Dude, take a chill pill, those grow on trees here”

In all seriousness though…that big rant you just did was sorta overkill and you should never that again for reasons that were explained previously.

Now…I understand that you were mad and that this guy needs to slow down the concepts and listen to advice but you bullying this person sets a negative example, a negative example that dampers every one’s good mood.

And as for the person who won’t listen…listen now, people are trying to help you but you refuse to listen to anyone because you think your as creative as leonardo de vinci but if you listen to what we are trying to tell you then…my friend…you can grow, learn and change for the better.

So in conclusion, @Mister_Toon please don’t bully others ever…that’s a bad thing and @Geniedingwall try to listen to people who are trying to help you.

Thank you and God bless


I’m sorry but I’m only trying to help. Look, I got rid of the leave part okay. But, what do you want me to do? Let him go scott-free so he can continue to put themselves on a pedestal while treating everyone else like dirt?

I don’t mean to be a bully but sometimes you gotta add a little bite to your bark or you won’t get your point across.

Right. Telling someone to leave apparently is someone “tRyIng To HeLp”.

All of you just need to stop with this dude… let him spam or whatever and let people rant, just don’t respond to either!! :confused:


Soooooooooo what about the concept itself not about spamming

The concept is not the best, the formatting is awful, and it’s nearly impossible to tell when a skill ends and a new one starts. With some formatting your concepts could be better.

And you are obviously a young kid, especially if you making a concept on a Roadster Racers concept. The forums is intended for 13+ people won’t continue giving actual feedback till you start listening to people’s advice.


But I am thirteen sorry about the personal information

Yeah, we´ve heard that one before. Sorry but no one´s buying it.

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