Dug (Likely Concept)

This is my Likely Submission for @Imagineer_V 's Hollywood Studios Concept Contest!


Dug is an excited, talking dog that likes it when squirrels are dead and hates the cone of shame.

Trial Team: Blue
Stars: :star:
Position: Frontline
Role: Tank
Quote: “My name is Dug, I have just met you and I love you!”


Entrance: Dug runs onto the battlefield.

Victory: Dug barks happily, his tongue sticking out.

Defeat: the Cone of Shame appears on his neck.

Basic attack: Dug pounces on the nearest enemy.


White Skill: Master

Passive: The player chooses an ally at the start of battle. That ally takes X less damage from all sources. While on auto, the ally with the least max HP is chosen.

Active: Dug jumps in front of the chosen ally, and absorbs all damage taken from them for 7 seconds. Dug takes 50% less damage during this skill. He then grants X reality to that ally. After, he returns back to his position.

Green Skill: Cone of Shame

Dug slips the Cone of Shame on the enemy with the most skill power. That enemy is silenced for 10 seconds and has X less skill power for the rest of the wave.

Blue Skill: Squirrel!
Every 14 seconds, Dug will look to the left, and enemies will gain “Distracted” for 7 seconds. Enemies with “Distracted” cannot use skills, and have their basic damage reduced by X.

Purple Skill: I Want The Ball
Once per battle, once Dug reaches 0 HP, he will run off-screen, and come back with a ball. He revives 80% of his max HP. He then plops the ball down next to a random ally, healing them for X HP.

Red Skill: The Odd One Out
If Dug is the only tank on the team, then his basic attacks deal X more damage.

Dug receives X reality and X armor every time he uses Master.

+X Reality
+X Skill Power
+X Reality granted in Master


Dug/Slinky Dog
Dog’s Loyalty
Allies: Woody, Li Shang, and Stitch

Disk Power

  • +X Skill Power


  • Dug grants 30% (+10% per star) more Reality in Master

Chasing Merlin’s Squirrels
Allies: Madam Mim, Dash, Disgust

Disk Power

  • +X Skill Power


  • Enemies with Distracted have a 60% chance to lose 20 energy (+15 per star) once they receive the debuff.

I love this!

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