Hollywood Studios Concept Contest!

Hollywood Studios Concept Contest!

Hello! I am Imagineer_V and welcome to the Hollywood Studios Concept Contest. Please read the guidelines and rules below.

Basic Information

In this concept contest you will create a concept of a character from an iconic or blockbuster film or critically acclaimed TV series. Below is a link to a list of some films and shows you may want to consider in the Resources section. This includes likely and unlikely concepts. There will be two separate contests. One for unlikely concepts, the other for likely concepts. You can submit one in each category. If you have any questions if a character would count, please do not hesitate to PM me.

Submissions will not be accepted before January 17th.

Submissions are due on Sunday February 28th by 11:59 PM YOUR TIME ZONE.

That is a month to get submissions in. I think that should be plenty of time, but some people may want to make 2 concepts, so I might extend that deadline.

Once all submissions are in, they will be put into a bracket. The forums will decide a winner in each category. The winners of each category will win the ultimate bragging rights as well as a Concept Request Coupon they can use any time they wish to request a concept from me.


  • Your entry cannot be an already existing character in the game.
  • Your entry cannot be a previously made concept or refreshed/remastered version of a concept.
  • You only get one submission per category (one unlikely and one likely) so make sure you are submitting your best.
  • You cannot ask for help from me in making the concept to keep things fair. I am overseeing the contest and will be making sure that all rules are followed.
  • Please be kind to each other and do your best to not be biased when voting. This goes for people who only want to vote as well.
  • Once you submit your submission for the contest on this thread, you cannot make any major changes to the concept.
  • You cannot under any circumstances vote for your own concept. Anyone who does this will be disqualified from the contest.
  • Please follow the guidelines for submitting - see below.

Submission Guidelines

  • When you submit the concept, put a link that leads to the topic containing the concept in this thread. Here is a example submission:

Here is my contest submission! [insert link]

Your Concept Submission must have the following:

  • Name of the Character
  • Image of the Character
  • Source of the Character
  • Description/Bio, Quote, Stars, Role, Position, and Trial Team
  • Animations (Basic Attack, Entrance, Victory, and Defeat in no particular order)
  • All Skills: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Red
  • 2 Friendship disks with already existing characters

If a concept is missing any of these items, the submission will not count until all items are present.

Helpful Resources

A List of ‘Blockbuster’ Films: Filmsite
Concept Making Guide made by me. It is all the help you are getting from me :slight_smile:

Voting Guidelines

After the submission are closed, all concepts will be put through a bracket style elimination. Voting will occur in a separate topic. The order of the bracket will be chosen by Discobot. You will vote for your favorite and the one for the most votes moves on to the next round. PLEASE NOTE: YOU CAN NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF. If you do, your vote will not count and you will be disqualified. This will continue until we have a winner in each category.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask me or send me a PM. Now let the contest BEGIN! GOOD LUCK and most importantly HAVE FUN. :smile:


Post Your Chosen Character Here (Likely)

Click the pencil to edit, list your character and username below.

Sam Eagle - Grim_grinning_Ghost
Bootstrap Bill - Gonzo_da-great
Forky - LetsGetDangerousBro
Captain Salazar - Disney-Fan
Mater - Mister Toon
Shere Khan - Dr-Doofenshmirtz
William Turner - JokersWild
Snow White - TheFairestOfThemAll
Carl Fredrickson - C-train
Doc Hudson - Slinky-Dog
Mr Potato Head - Rinoxeronte
Voyd (Incredibles 2) - Tragic Magic
Crush (Finding Nemo) - Scarlet_Captain
Officer Bronco (Onward) - Defender Momo
Bellwether (Zootopia) - MissingLure
Buck “Ace” Cluck (Chicken Little) - Bruiser
Kuzco (The Emperor’s New Groove) - Xavier The Great
Dug - Giosphere
Flower (Bambi) - The-Pumpkin-King
22 (Soul) - Irrer Minnie
Fillmore (Cars) Jackson_Storm2.0
Mabel Pines and Waddles (Gravity falls) - Uncle_Blobfish
Lightning McQueen (Cars) - Myeong
Gale (Frozen 2) - Lucky_Oswald
Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) - GamerByrd
Dumbo & Timothy (Dumbo) - Filadae_Djaq

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Post Your Chosen Character Here (Unlikely)

Click the pencil to edit, list your character and username below.

Wonder Woman - MissingLure
Emmett Brown- LetsGetDangerousBro (This may change)
Legolas Greenleaf - Irrer Minnie
Ethan Hunt - Disney-Fan
Thanos - Dr-Doofenshmirtz
The Joker - JokersWild
Wicked Witch Of The West - TheFairestOfThemAll
Wallace and Gromit - C-train
Barbara Minerva (Cheetah) - Slinky-Dog
Granny - Rinoxeronte
Harry Potter - Tragic-Magic
Star-Lord (Guardians Of The Galaxy) - Scarlet_Captain
Gru - Giosphere
Chief Wiggum (The Simpsons) - Xavier The great
IG-11 (Star Wars: The Mandalorian) - Bruiser
Scarlet Overkill (Minions) - The-Pumpkin-King
R2D2 (Star Wars) - MJ Cat
Thor (Thor 2011) - Jackson_Storm2.0
Dwight Schrute (the office) - grim_grinning_ghost
Peni Parker (Spiderman - Into the Spiderverse) - Lucky-Oswald

Just because there is some confusion I will say this:

I encourage everyone to enter a concept in both categories. You are allowed to submit one in each!

So, we can also do characters from marvel?

If our character is from a series, but only one of the movies was a blockbuster hit, does the skill set only revolve around the one movie or can it reference other movies in the series?


Yes! In the unlikely category.

It can reference other movies. As long as it was in a blockbuster hit, it counts. The skillset does not need to apply to just that movie.


@Lilpotato6930 Hawk Moth is not exactly from a blockbuster movie or show, so please choose something else.

There I’ve already fixed perfect for this

Any disney charther is allowed to post?

Only characters from blockbuster movies. If you check the list posted by imagineer v you will, see which ones qualify

That is just a list, but there are more than that you can do. One likely concept and one unlikely are allowed.

Darn it. It’s too late. I cant make a good concept in a single day XD

I wish the mandalorian was a critically acclaimed tv show, because I’ve already been working on one from that show

You have one month to make the concept and you can look up to other shows or movies

The Mandalorian would count. It has won a lot of stuff and things. It is critically acclaimed. Again, not everything on that link I posted of a list counts. Like someone else said you have a ton of time. Read the details!

We could potentially start submitting concepts today right.

Sorry. I have not been able to be active today. Submissions are now open!

Update. I changed my likely to Shere Khan, sorry for my indecisiveness

I also want to change one of my submissions…

Changing it is totally fine! I look forward to seeing all your concepts and creativity!

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