Duke of bootlegs (likely concept)

Duke Weaselton


1 star, backline control

“HEY! If it isn’t flopsy the copsy!”


Entrance: Duke runs in with a duffle bag in his hands before dropping the bag and looking behind him to check for cops

Victory: Duke points and laughs at the enemy team

Defeat: Duke tries to throw a giant doughnut but it falls on him and traps him in the hole of the doughnut

Basic attack: throws a pirated DVD at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: have a doughnut (:doughnut:—fantasic damage)

Duke Weaselton tries to throws a giant doughnut at the enemy team but the doughnut is too heavy so he rolls it instead. the doughnut deals X damage to each enemy it passes through, knocking them back and stunning them for 10 seconds.

Stun may fail against enemies that are above LV Z

Green: all your favorites

Duke shows off one of his pirated dvds to the closest enemy, charming them for 10 seconds, when the charm ends, Duke also steals 45% energy and 45% crit chance from that enemy for himself.

Energy and crit chance stealing may be less effective against enemies above LV Z

Blue: catch me if ya can

Duke taunts the enemy team while pointing at them, increasing duke’s attack speed by 100% for 15 seconds and increasing the blue skill cooldown of all enemies by 100%.

Cooldown increase has a chance to fail against enemies above LV Z

Purple: Comin’ through

Duke gains 60% attack speed whenever he steals more than 35% energy.

Red: Bootleg king

“All your favorites” now steals 35% more crit chance from an enemy if he has more than 40% energy.

“Have a doughnut” now resets the cooldown of all skills on each enemy when Duke has gained more than 55% energy.

Crit chance gained is less effective if duke weaselton steals from an enemy above LV Z
+X skill power
+X attack power
+X armor


Duke Weaselton/Elsa
Someone familar??
higher crit chance when faster

Duke’s crit chance is now increased by 45% when his attack speed is increased by any source.

Duke Weaselton/Mr. Big and Koslov
longer buffs when critting

The duration of each buff on Duke is extended by 3 seconds for each time that Duke crits against an enemy.

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Funny, I just started drafting my concept for him lol.

And why not make one of his friendships be with a Frozen character?

or a Moana character, Wreck it Ralph ect.

Legend has it, this is the most paused movie scene ever

Frozen because Duke Weaselton is a parody of Duke of Weselton

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I… I forgot about that

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