Dukes fantastic damage issue?

I’ve been using duke since release in server 21. He is my top toon with mods doubling his purple skill (fantastic damage). He was one of my go to heist toons because I could fight with him alone if I needed to. At some point I started getting stuck on thugs. Which I shrugged off but now that I’ve been stuck on his goofy memory for a month, I have to wonder if there is something wrong. The first fight of episode 3 involves only duke and goofy and has a thug in it. The only fantastic damage with this team comes from dukes purple skill. Has anyone had issues here? Is my duke broken? Am I missing something?


Same issue with me in gizmo-duke Ep7 Part 1…Duke cant kill the brute even by purple skill mods his prpl skill is+60.
Still he cant kill the brute …Brute is r1 perhaps…And My duke is r7 300k
@Polaris Please look into the issue

You’ll need Duke to face the other direction

But how i do that

I’m facing the same issue and stuck on the same mission. I would always time put with the brute still at full health…

Doesnt work…I made duke face opp dirn,still not working :frowning:

Gizmo buffs skill power to heroes behind him. Make sure to time gizmo’s active with duke’s one when he is driving through the screen behind gizmo and his skill power will be enough to slay the brute

But Duke kill brutes easily in breaker quests…

I had this issue on S21 until we got Piggy. Looks like it’s a spacing issue. If the brute gets too far forward, he’ll be outside the area where duke’s purple skill will trigger.

Piggy has a knock back that fixes it.

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