Dumb starfish(unlikely concept)



2 star, frontline tank

“The inner machinations of my mind are a enigma”


Entrance:his rock appears and rises up then patrick jumps out as the rock disappears

Victory:he cheers but then falls asleep

Defeat:he frowns as his head slouches down

Basic attack:he bashes enemies with his belly, dealing x damage


White:stand and sleep

Patrick goes to sleep until his energy runs out.

While patrick is asleep, he will heal himself for x amount and enemies will not be able to pass him or disable him.

Green:midnight meal

Patrick eats a krabby patty which heals him for x amount.

A krabby patty meter will appear above patrick which shows how many krabby patties he has left.

He starts out with 10 krabby patties each battle.


At the start of every battle, patrick runs in and then dives in front of the enemies lines which summons a huge wave of water which deals x damage and stuns the enemies for 4 seconds

Purple:delicious lunch

“Midnight meal” now cleanses patrick of any debuffs and disables he gets effected by.


When Patrick’s health is full, “stand and sleep” now increases Patrick’s armor and reality by x amount until his energy runs out.


Carnival of hook’s
more powerful cannonball wave

“Cannonball!!” Now deals 2x more damage per star

Coral concert
sleepy shield

“Stand and sleep” now gives a Patrick a shield for x amount.

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