Economy changes with 1.7


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Hi from one of those who quit, was seeing if they reverted. Guess not, back to kh3!


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I don’t necessarily think so, but like I have mentioned before we might get our answer in the update that announce February Sign-In Hero.
I can sort of defeat PerBlue until then in case wondering why I say this as much as I do, but if they don’t address it at all in the February Sign-In Hero update, then I can’t really defend them anymore or try to help them out here.

What I do after that I am unsure of, like since I do like unlocking and experiencing the stories and such, but might move on if I find another new and interesting game but we will see I suppose.

Hope it will go good in the end though, that the skill cost and exp cost are brought back to what it was before :-). Really want Disney Heroes to live if possible.


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Oh sorry, didn’t knew it wasn’t allowed to mention another game and thank for the suggestion ;^^. Deleted the comment and such.

Anyway, hope the situation in terms of the skill cost and exp cost get solved in the end :-).


I’d like to take my Team Level back to 84, please and thank you. It’s impossible to level my characters to a point where they’re even USABLE.

Also…a City Watch contest where you can only score using the specified heroes? Whatever happened to focusing on a few? Hm? HM?


That’s the same thing I was jus talking about to my guild.

They say we’re supposed to focus only on a few heroes, that we aren’t supposed to level up all our heroes because that’s not what the game is about. Then they start a contest where they gather heroes from update patch 1.6.4 (Olaf), 0.3 (Rex), 0.1 (Nick), 1.3.1 (Miguel), 1.3 (Hiro) and 1.4 (Scar) and they are the only ones that you can use to score.

I mean, we had tons of contests like this one before, with heroes from many different update patches and that was never the problem. Maybe that was the push we needed to upgrade them and make them usable once again.

The problem I see here is using the argument that they did and right after that start a contest mixing several heroes that are far away from being the good ones. I haven’t seen someone using Nick or Hiro in ages, because they are not worth the effort we’d have to max them.

Anyways, their excuse to raise the skill prices is still inedible to me.


Nick is the king of city watch.

Aside from that, I agree


@Polaris 1 you get a little gold for war IF you chose it in the crates and no gold at all for Heist

2 while yes having 5 good hero’s is the way it’s designed but Friend campaigns uses 5 hero’s that you have to use even if they aren’t good and Coliseum uses 15 ! You can’t win a fight with 5 good ones and 10 bad ones and contest ! Like the one coming up need more than five trials is another 15 Heist and war off duty hero’s surge all your hero’s

3 video adds and deals
That’s a way to get gold for you guys adds hardly give us anything but you guys get money off of them. And the deals get us can good amount of gold but we have to pay you guys with money with is fine but not you’ve taken the worth of it bc the 2M you get is now equal to a few thousand

Ways to fix it give something to buy with the coins. Change gold crates make them better make it so we can buy raid tickets in a shop.

Like if you agree

If you hide this message I’ll take it as you guys ( perblue) don’t care about the people and it’s all about the money


Are we ever going to get a response from pb here? Your economic changes are making the game less enjoyable to play. It has become slow moving and dull. You tell us we aren’t supposed to focus on all characters but the entire system was designed to have a large amount of characters leveled in order to progress. Then you bring a lineup for the contest of random characters that are largely not used. This screams of just a money grab to me. I am close to rating the game poorly due to the lack of response from the company to their players.


Gold has always been a limited resource, I hope this change doesnt last. Also disc power is even more limited and needs a change bad. For a game that is constantly losing top players, limiting resources may cause more issues.


You made a contest with a crashing problem with surge… hayssssssssssssssss damnnnnnn :frowning: @Polaris

It cost me a 14,500 x 4 behind…
Really really bad…
It is once a day only, how can we got 1mil points???
You guys really dont care…


If that’s the case, then how are we supposed to participate in the current “city watch contest” (Rex, Scar, Olaf, Nick, Miguel, and Hiro) almost everyone of those either I don’t have or very low level. Being said, I need to level them up and skill them up! How when I don’t have any gold/XP drinks? This just don’t make any sense.

Plus, right after the 1.7 update you started selling gold and XP drinks in bundles… what does that say about you?


Because they picked those heroes specifically because they are probably some of the lower leveled ones on everyone’s roster. Either because they are useless or you haven’t had the gold or xp to level them because they are new. They want you to use all your resources to power them up, then you would have to buy their bundles. It really is shady. Still not buying anything until they change things. I know they don’t care, that is pretty obvious by now, but just letting them know.


In the Latest Contest, where you have to use Rex, Scar, Olaf, Nick, Miguel, and Hiro - half of them (Rex, Nick, Miguel) are at Purple or Higher ; 1/3 of them (Scar and Hiro) are at Blue ; only one of six, (Olaf) is at White.

I don’t want to spend any more Gold, Stamina, Badges, or Bits for the Heroes…


-You don’t need every hero upgraded
------Give contests with random heroes
-------No gold to spend to upgrade heroes

Amazing PB, you just prove we need all heroes upgraded but you make it much harder.


Judging by the trend, PB is simply gonna say the you don’t have to participate in every contest and throw “Fortify the network” in our faces as an example of how not every contest is meant to be completed.


Just to clarify, we aren’t going to undo this change. As I said at the top, we sometimes have to make changes that are good for the long-term health of the game, but are not popular with the community. We’ve heard your feedback, and it’s generated some interesting conversations here in the office. We will be considering different options when we make changes in the future. So, while your feedback won’t change this, it will have a positive impact on the future of the game.

I’m going to lock this thread now, not because we don’t appreciate your feedback, but because the conversation has run it’s course.

Thank you for being valued members of the game!