Economy changes with 1.7


@Polaris Necesitamos más oro entiéndelo !!!


Clear and simple!

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Everybody is leaving the game, the people who Stay won’t spend a dime anymore, great analyst over there at pb


Even though DHBM is kind of being destroyed right now, I’ll actually stay. I want to see what’ll they do after this Update.


I think we all should wait a bit with leaving and see on if they reverse the skill cost and exp cost increase in the update that prepare for the February sign-in hero, or at least address it even if they don’t have time to reverse it before the update from a programming standpoint.


So, the whole point of this is too penalise players who do spend money? Another example is I spent a lot of money to specifically max out Quorra and Tia as they were so good. You then went and capped their stats. And I no longer have what I paid for. You should have created a counter instead of just reducing the ability of heroes we have paid for. Now we are all legally entitled to full refunds from banks as we do not have what we paid for. You (Perblue) broke the sales contract.


I cant agree more with you. My baymax quorra tia and maleficent are all full maxed (6 star hero with 5 star disk) and all got nerfed. My shank is 6 star and her disks got nerfed too so on this one at least i stopped in time and change disk before upgrading it to the max…


Problem is you shouldn’t have too. It’s awful. Rank 1 on one server and rank 3 on another.

It’s a joke. Don’t nerf heroes you e sold us chips for. You’re removing what we have paid for.


Totally agree with you.
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First week with these changes, costs are ridiculous and I still waiting to cancel this.


I will miss you so much I will not spend anymore money…


Nice words bud! I couldn’t agree more! And let’s not only focus on game mechanics. Disney is a beloved franchise by many and not all players are hardcore meta players. With the constant release of new heroes that may have a special spot on the heart of some players so will come their wish to improve them so they can use not caring if they’re good or bad in the meta. The more heroes they release so goes the general cost of everything and gold is not as easy to get by as they are saying. Also badges are also getting ludicrous and I’ve heard some new ones are not even that good compared to the effort spent to craft it. So my message to PerBlue: it’s totally fine give advantage to the whales that gives you money to keep going but it’s not fair to ruin the experience those who do not have as this gold and xp cripple are hitting only the casual players


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Ouch ;^^.

Guess you should just try and wait it out a few days if you can and not gather team exp.

Wish you luck :-).


I think PB is trying to imitate the system of looney toons in terms whales and f2p player…
The gap between f2p and whales is unbelievable… and DHBM will be on that situation sooner or later… only whales can get 7stars on there toons or maybe 8stars… who knows… cause idt that this game will die, there are some people in ourguild still buying deals everyday…

Ive been playing LT for a few days, well, i can say that DHBM is much better in grinding than LT… and someday… LTWM and DHBM will be on the same level in grinding and p2w…


I actually don’t care too much about the increase cos it doesn’t really affect my gameplay as an f2p player. However, it’s the reason given by PerBlue to justify the increase that is getting to me.

Since i’m one of those that tries to hoard what ever resources i can, i believe that there are many others as well. Hene, i belive that PerBlue’s data is accurate in saying there are many hoarders.

What PerBlue failed to do is to consider the reason behind the hoarding. I can’t say the same for the rest of the hoarders. But the only reason i hoard is so i’m able to get my new heroes up to speed with the rest of my team the moment i unlock them.

So no matter how much i hoard, i’ll use up almost all my resources the moment i unlock any hero.

Anyways, besides gold and xp drinks, i’m also hoarding diamond/shop tokens/hero chips/stamina drink/double drops/mission speed ups/stamina recharges/raid tickets etc. Basically every resources that i was able to get my hands on, i’ll save it. As an f2p player, these are extremely valuable. This is to aid me in contests and events. That being the case, is PerBlue gonna simply increase the cost of everything, and in doing so, render everything i’ve been saving up since day 1 of the game useless??


Current deal with bunch of gold n xp lol


I am being offered even more gold than that. Good to know that it’s such a valuable resource.


Gold and xp drinks shouldn’t be hoarded or players shouldn’t be able to have too much. But let’s sell them bundles every 2 days with plenty of gold in it…

Everybody can see why they did this now. They want people to buy more gold. But most of the people that need gold is the ones who didnt level their skills up before the update or didnt have the resources who it.

If they were smart enough. They would of raised gold after lv 100. To make sure all the players are equal.

After that patch. Not all the players had the same gaming experience. The ones that hoarded gold had the time to spend their gold to make all their characters at lvl 100 skills. And the ones that didnt have a chance to hoard gold… well now they are at disadvantage. Which gives them the chance to report this to apple. Because Disney heroes is promoting unfair play. This gives you the chance to get your money back!


Honestly a little disappointed with the lack of response after the weekend. I assumed our voices were loud enough to warrant at least a… “Quit if you want, it’s not changing” or “We heard you, we’re considering it.”