Economy changes with 1.7


Hey everyone. As always, thank you for your feedback on the latest update. We wanted to provide some additional context on two changes that went out with 1.7:

Skill/hero level upgrade cost increases

Our goal is to keep gold as a meaningful resource in the game, both in the early team levels as well as the late team levels. What we’ve seen is that gold earned has increased steadily while the ways to use it have remained the same. This is because a number of key modes feature gold as a reward (and those rewards can scale as you progress), and also because we’ve added new ways to earn gold in recent updates (video ads, 2x Port rewards, diamond crate upgrades, War, Heist). While no one of these sources of gold is massive, together they add up.

The skill cost change is one we would have liked to have made sooner, but we wanted to collect enough information so as not to overcorrect or undercorrect (and then have to do it again). Also keep in mind that the game is designed more for choosing which heroes to focus on and less for maxing out every hero.

That said, we hear that some people are having a harder time with gold then others, so we will continue to keep an eye on these changes. This includes the changes to hero XP costs. We’ve heard less feedback on these than with gold, but the overall situation (more XP coming in than going out on average) we see there is similar.

Video ad crate daily cap

This change should have been in the patch notes. Our apologies for missing it. When we added the new video ad systems to the game, the goal was to allow free-to-play players and lower spenders ways to get a taste of VIP features and earn some extra goodies.

What we didn’t intend is to reward heavy raiding players with large numbers of ad crates. This favors big stamina spenders at the expense of the audience video ads were originally intended for. Instituting a cap on ad crates found per day levels the playing field back out.

Thanks again for being a vocal and active community. We know not everyone will agree with all changes we make to the game, but we are really working toward the long-term health of Disney Heroes. As we’ve mentioned in recent patch notes, now that we’ve “finished” the Invasion feature (still only on Server 1 for the time being), we’re focusing our next update on quality of life improvement to a number of features and modes, many of which come directly from your feedback. So stay tuned for more info!

You're boycotting for no reason, let me find you another one

And what is that cap on ad crates per day?


The daily cap is 3 video crates.


More gold!!!


I guess you guys want people to quit.

It is absolutely unacceptable to say you want people to pick certain heroes to level, and then in the other hand nerf more popular heroes, basically telling people they chose wrong.

This is a disaster and I hope you’re happy with the mass quitting/boycotting this is causing


I believe it’s called “bait and switch”


I think it goes against the principle of the game: the flexibility of the Hero Rosters. You just don’t focus on one Set of Heroes because if you just focus on five, you’ll have a hard time recovering…


Then why are all Heroes used in Friendship Campaigns? So many of the Friendship Campaigns are very difficult unless you have all of the Heroes maxed out…


If you are working on quality of life enhancements next please work on the badges. With each increase in color level the badges are much harder to complete. Each new level requires new badges from new campaign levels that cost more stamina. Some are made from multiple lower level badges meaning you’re not simply crafting 6 badges per level, but 8, 10, or more.

I’m ranked in the top 100 for total power on server 2, but I’ve got more heroes at Purple 4 (10) than I do at Orange 2 (6). I’ve got equal numbers at Orange 0 and Orange 1. I get that you want players to pick & choose which heroes to focus on, and I have, but it’s very tough to build them up and not leave the rest left useless.


Why do you guys keep making new heroes more poweful then if we can’t be allowed to max them too? If we are going to be forced to work on only a few heroes you should not release new heroes that are stronger and more useful, and you should not be allowed to nerf existing heroes.


With all due respect @Polaris I have to disagree with this point. For 2 main reasons:

  1. Friendship Campaigns: A multitude of disks obtained from friendship campaigns require that players have a wide variety of characters raised even if they are what the community would consider “low-tier”. E.g. Finnick, Felix, Genie, Stitch, Yax, etc. As these characters either give the disk or are participatants in said campaigns.

  2. Off Duty: In Heist there are anywhere from 5 to the max that I have seen being 13. So to get a full 5 man heist If the off duty are especially brutal that means players could end up going through 38 characters of the current 49 hero roster. This is also compounded with GW off duty where if 5 common heroes are off the table, which tends to be the case more often than not, Then you have to have at least 20 viable heroes which is now ever harder to get/maintain thanks to these changes.

I also have to question why there are constant deals for different heroes or sets if you don’t have an expectation or know that players like getting all the heroes. You constantly sell hero chips and other resources all the while switching heroes around for better ease of access. It’s kinda hurtful for the following things to happen and then have you try to turn it around on us with saying “people have more gold than they know what to do with”. That may be true for the absolute top .1% but it’s definitely not the case for the other 99.9%

Gold has been the biggest bottleneck of this game since day 1 and it continues to be. That’s why we ask for more sources for it all the time, but then to have this sudden and out of the blue increase thrust upon us feels more or less like a slap to the face.

My one and only question on this is the following: would there be anyway for you to reverse this change?

EDIT: “You” being PerBlue.


An addition? With this economy change… I’m discouraged to maximize all my Heroes, let alone the newest ones. This change forces me to keep my newly unlocked Heroes on White.


At the very least, reduce xp potion cost. I’ve never had enough of them.


I’m sorry but I was expecting much more when you finally came out with a response addressing all of our complaints and questions. That was basically the same thing said in the patch update notes. I think all of us still question your “data”. We haven’t seen it or experienced it and it seems like a vast sample of players have responded.
Who really wants to play this game and keep up just a few heroes? That doesn’t sound fun at all. It also won’t get you anywhere in game. You need way more than a Coliseum team for Heists, Guild Wars and Friend Campaigns. Plus now you have made it even harder to keep a Coliseum team up.
I’m very disappointed and will continue to not spend a dime. I hate it for every player that believed that you would do the right thing, every player that has spent time and money building teams and every player that will probably lose friends/guild mates because of the greed. But hey you can still buy gold in one of our numerous bundles if you are short on gold. No thank you!


Completely agree, bad decision as only the top 1% may be in this bracket, reverse this update or risk more departures from what was a decent game.


Say good bye to another long time player/spender.


Can you send a screenshot?


I couldn’t even stand to read the entire explanation. I expected more, Polaris. I really did. We’re supposed to wait this out? We’re supposed to be okay with guild members and friends quitting? When will the greed end? All this thread is doing is stirring the pot even more.

How can y’all even let us continue to believe y’all are going to fix this? I’m dumbfounded that we’ve waited days for this explanation. I want to see the data. I want a proper, thought-out and non-moneyfunded reasoning.

Y’all have allowed us more gold and XP due to bundles and double ports. So how is it our fault that some players have held onto resources? It’s what y’all wanted, is it not? So how long has “fixing the economy” been in the works? I’m so beyond not spending anymore. This is ridiculous and unforgivable.

It sounds childish to be complaining on forums on a Disney game, but it’s pathetic for there to even be the need to do so. And knowing that no matter what I (or HUNDREDS others) say, nothing will be done? It isn’t fair. Well played, guys. Y’all have ruined this game.


Lets make another Poll.

  • Has too much gold
  • Needs more Gold

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I understand the desire to keep resource scarcity. Part of the issue is how it was how the readjustment was handled. It would be more acceptable if future levels or features had higher cost scaling. As is, you’ve made it so that players hitting higher levels now have to pay more to advance. Whereas players that already were at higher levels got to pay reduced prices. This creates a definite feeling of unfairness.