Eda (the Owl House Hero Concept)


Eda Clawthorne is resident to the Owl House and a fugitive witch whose magic could wipe out creeps with ease.
Trial Team: Red
Role: Midline Control
Stars: :star::star:
Quote: “I respect your cunning, but I also hate you for it.”

Entrance: Eda enters the battlefield on her Owl Staff.
Victory: Eda generates an orb of magic in her hand, and cracks a smile.
KO: Eda’s curse claims her, transforming her into a Curse Beast.

Basic Attack: Eda hits enemies with her Owl Staff.

White Skill - Fire Snap - Normal Damage
Eda snaps her fingers, setting the three strongest enemies on fire for 6 seconds, and dealing X damage.

Green Skill - Spell Circle
Eda draws a spell circle using the end of her Owl Staff. The circle creates a pillar of ice that leans and falls onto enemies, dealing X damage and freezing them for 3 seconds.

Blue Skill - Mind Walking
Eda charms the strongest enemy for 5 seconds by linking their mind with the weakest ally. With the ally in control, all of their Skill power is given to the charmed enemy until the 5 seconds end.

Purple Skill - the Old-Fashioned Way
If Eda reaches 0HP, she will regenerate her HP completely, increase her Skill power to X, and increase her attack speed by 65% for 5 seconds.

Red Skill - Suffer the Curse
Each time enemies deal damage to Eda, they are cursed, taking X damage every one second for 3 seconds. Her armor and max HP are both increased to X.

Eda + Madam Mim
Campaign: Right the Wrongs - Eda sees Madam Mim wreaking havoc in the Park. Having witnessed a demonstration of Eda’s power, an overpowered Mim stands down and agrees to refrain from being destructive, but we all know that promise won’t last long.
Disk: Justice Spell
Disk Memory: Eda’s “Spell Circle” skill’s freeze time is extended to 6 seconds.
Disk Power: Z HP gain, Z armor
Allies: Frozone, Quackerjack, Vinny Santorini

Eda + Eglantine Price
Campaign: Common Interests - Eda sneaks a peek at the magic classes held at the City University, and wants in on the fun. Upon speaking with and being taught the rules by Eglantine, she gets closer and closer to achieving her newfound dream.
Disk: Collegian of Witchcraft
Disk Memory: Allies gain X energy each time enemies take damage from Eda’s “Fire Snap” skill.
Disk Power: Z reality
Allies: Jessie, Finnick, Baloo

As obvious as it may appear to fans of the Owl House television series, I have never watched the show, but still managed to assemble a concept out of several Google searches and end up with this. What are your thoughts?

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