Effective Evasion: I Hope You Like Charts

Effective Evasion: Listening to the Game

Don’t flail against the world, use it. Flexibility is the operative principle in the art of war.

How do you know when a hero’s time has come and gone? How do you know when a hero has lost favor with the developers? The beauty of this game lies in the complex movement of a hero’s relative power. Sensing and reacting to the shifting meta is key to victory.

Each new hero release shifts the balance of power in the game. Each rank increase allows the developers to balance heroes by choosing badges to fill the hero’s rank. Each badge will change each hero’s relative statistics. Few changed statistics are impactful as changes to evasion.

Why is Evasion so important?

If we do not wish to fight, we can prevent the enemy from engaging us even though the lines of our encampment be merely traced out on the ground. All we need do is to throw something odd and unaccountable in his way.

When a single attack can wipe a team, the only defense is prevention. Disables and debuffs are the natural defense against any attack. Tenacity limits the impact of debuffs, and evasion avoids them entirely.

Tenacity reduces the length of stuns and disables a hero receives. 
Each point of Tenacity above the enemy skill level reduces the 
length of a stun or disable by 1 percent up to a max of 90 percent reduction.
Evasion gives heroes a chance to avoid enemy disables. Each point of Evasion above
the enemy skill level increases your chances of avoiding a disable by 1 percent up
to 90 percent. If a disable is avoided, any other effects on the skill
still resolve.

If a Dash or Shego is dangerous, a Dash or Shego that you cannot stun, freeze, or silence is unstoppable.

How do you stop the unstoppable?

You don’t. The game does. Evasion and Tenacity are both level based. This means that if a hero’s evasion stat doesn’t increase with the level cap, their ability to avoid disables is eroded. Consider this theoretical example.

evasion - enemy level = % chance to avoid disables
  • Enemy Skill Level / Server Level Cap - 280
  • Hero Evasion - 284
  • Effective Evasion / Chance to Avoid Disables - 4%

Imagine that your hero does not get a badge that increases their evasion stat in the next rank increase.

  • Enemy Skill Level / Server Level Cap - 285
  • Hero Evasion - 284
  • Effective Evasion / Chance to Avoid Disables - 0%

The sting of inflation has cost your hero any chance of avoiding disables. By tracking the effective evasion of a hero we can see how the ability of any given hero has changed over their history. This leads to some interesting insights. Each of the following charts starts at Orange 8 and flows through Yellow 10 calculating effective evasion of a hero at a rank with badges equipped, but not enhanced based on the maximum server level at that time. I may update as I have time.

List of Heroes with ANY Effective Evasion

This list is from Yellow 9 + Equipped Badges / Yellow 10 without Badges. I still haven’t figured out how to shoehorn tables in here so the list is [hero name] - [evasion]

  1. Vanellope - 391
  2. Captain Amelia - 388
  3. Russell & Kevin - 387
  4. Helga Sinclair - 382
  5. Yzma - 379
  6. Belle - 376
  7. Emperor Zurg - 376
  8. Rex - 372
  9. Nick Wilde - 371
  10. Frozone - 369
  11. Hank & Dory - 368
  12. Yax - 368
  13. The Rocketeer - 366
  14. Honey Lemon - 365
  15. Ron Stoppable - 364
  16. Flynn Rider - 362
  17. Stitch - 357
  18. Jack-Jack - 356
  19. Pleakley - 355
  20. Vinny Santorini - 354
  21. Calhoun - 352
  22. Zeus - 348
  23. Shego - 348
  24. The Evil Queen - 347
  25. Mike Wazowski - 346
  26. Quorra - 344
  27. Kim Possible - 341
  28. Gaston - 341
  29. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker - 339
  30. Ursula - 334
  31. Cheshire Cat - 332
  32. Dash - 328
  33. Mr. Big & Koslov - 328
  34. Judy Hopps - 328
  35. Syndrome - 327
  36. Jessie - 325
  37. Kermit - 325
  38. Disgust - 317
  39. Simba & Nala - 301
  40. Powerline - 301
  41. Peter Pan - 300
  42. Ducky & Bunny - 300
  43. King Louie - 299
  44. Magica De Spell - 296
  45. Lock, Shock, & Barrel - 295
  46. Pocahontas - 295
  47. Bo Peep - 295
  48. Captain Hook - 289
  49. Finnick - 286
  50. Rafiki - 284
  51. Mulan - 281

A Hero Scorned or How You Cancelled Mulan


Mulan peaked at 84% effective evasion at Red 8 and then received no evasion increases until a minor bump at Yellow 4. If you ever wondered if the developers listen when you complain that a hero is oppressive or overpowered, this chart is your answer.

Cheshire - A more gentle taming


Cheshire’s dominance was tempered with a much more gradual curve.

Koslov & Dash - Evasion Twins

dialogue_koslov Dash

I’m not sure why these two are on the same evasion maintenance schedule, but they are! It looks like they are targeting a 50-60% effective evasion stat.

Randall - Lost and Forgotten

Alas, Randall’s time was prior to the birth of evasion.

Shego - On the Way Up!

I’m not sure that Shego needed a buff, but they have been maintaining her.

Kermit - They killed Kermie!

If you feel like your little green frog is a little less effective you are right.

Yzma & Vanellope - Evasion Champs

It looks like around Yellow the developers decided that Yzma and Vanellope should have max evasion stats. I’m not sure this has translated into real-world use, but it does buff some older heroes.

Helga - Evade or Die

Helga seems to be built in Beast’s image. Key to that is being able to avoid disables. I feel like this could lead to Helga eventually being in the more mainstream meta.

Evil Queen and Kim Possible - Battle Badge Buddies

Evil Queen and Kim Possible are an interesting use case. The enhancement on both of their Battle Badges adds 40 evasion. 40 evasion is a significant increase. It means that heroes that have middling evasion hit max evasion when they hit Yellow and get their Battle badge enhanced. You can especially see the spike when Kim hits Yellow.

Rex - A Maverick

I love Rex. Rex is such an interesting hero design. His Red Skill is probably the best in the game especially in combination with his enhanced Battle Badge. Someone at PerBlue loves him. Beyond that though he breaks the mold for Tanks. GENERALLY evasion stats are for “small” heroes and tenacity is for “big” heroes. NO TANK HERO HAS SIGNIFICANT EVASION EXCEPT REX. It is crazy and it is beautiful. :heart_eyes:

Belle - Consistently Evasive

Belle suffered a bit in late Red, but she’s always been pretty evasive. It hasn’t translated to real world effectiveness sadly.

Nick - Skill Power and Evasion

Nick is primarily useful because of his Purple Skill, but he has gotten more evasive lately.

Russell & Kevin


So it seems that Russell & Kevin have basically been at maximum evasion (90%) for their entire released life. It makes sense as to why whenever I see a decent lineup with R&K I think “Uh-oh”. There was a particularly nasty lineup a couple wars back that was like R&K, Fairy Godmother, Jim, Carl and maybe Zeus. It was pretty brutal.

Captain Amelia - Late Bloomer


This is an interesting one. I’m throwing Kim in here too. They are the only heroes with significant evasion that I’ve charted so far that waited until at least Red 4 to pick up ANY evasion stat. Captain Amelia also has dodge which might explain why there was a shift in hero design. Obviously they are both damage heroes who are normal damage specialists. If this was a MOBA they’d be ADC. Potentially PerBlue was afraid of them being overpowered and resisted giving them high evasion. However, both of them suffered “failure to launch” and later evasion was added. Really interesting hero design, and hopefully the reworks don’t end up being too little, too late. I’ve seen Captain Amelia in one decent war lineup lately, but Kim has mostly been relegated to study lineups.



Zurg is an interesting hero. He will always remind me of Filadae’s death lineup. It was an entirely Red Skill based lineup that remains one of the cleverest war defenses I’ve ever seen. Baymax, Li Shang, Zurg, Nick, Tron. He kept a couple of them Red even into the days of Yellow and that lineup tripped up a TON of people. It’s a fascinating combination of skill power scaling and energy gain. Filadae has since been poached by one of the top tier guilds, but I’ve been building around that lineup and trying to get other heroes to work ever since. It looks like he’s received pretty consistent evasion updates.


Not only evasion, but tenacity and any other secondary stat have that issue…

As she has 0 working fantastic crit and reality negation.

Thank you :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately you may not see it anymore since I basically quit the game around a month ago

The guild will kick me out in some time. They’re just keeping me for defense.


Well, Joy and Timon stop Shego easily.

Honey Lemon, LSB, and Mary can reduce tenacity and evasion. So much, it won’t work.

The problem is still here, leaving tons of heroes with low or even not working stats… and it’s been a frequent thing with newer heroes too.

At Level 285 Yellow 10, Shego will do 53,046,869 damage six (or eight with Red Skill) times to each hero with her white skill. That’s assuming no mods and not factoring in the additional damage to Plasma Beam that her Red Skill adds. That’s also not considering that it’s likely that the attack with be Shego + 4 heroes supporting Shego.

Joy’s Max HP has always been her weakness. At Level 285 Yellow 10 she has a Max HP of 43,775,674. Even modded, that base number never climbs enough. Her teammates may survive a bit, but your defense is broken for a second attack against you.

Dropping her crit with Timon & Pumba is necessary, but if Plasma Beam goes off, and you don’t have some damage mitigation above and beyond shields and reality she’ll chew you up.

I run everyone with everything maxed incl red skills. I’ve run hundreds of spars including maxed and modded T&P and Joy lineups, and there are few lineups that can survive unscathed, and none of them don’t use some form of disable.

I think we’ll have to agree to disagree that Shego is easily stopped by throwing T&P and Joy in. Admittedly I’m also always thinking in context of war defenses, and I want all three of my lineups to withstand multiple attacks by Shego or whoever the team wipe of the day hero is.


That’s too bad! You were awesome when we had you, but I understand! If you ever come back, look us up! Your defensive wins were the highlights of war. It always made me laugh seeing you just wipe team after team of maxed toons with your seemingly underpowered squad.


I’ll get around to dropping evasion, but ultimately there are very limited number of heroes who can do this (also Ham). You have 50-ish heroes with evasion and only 4-ish who can drop evasion. That means you force your opponent into using someone they otherwise wouldn’t have, or don’t have worked up. It also means that you can anticipate what they are going to attack with and plan for it.

yes, but still possible to keep her alive.

Joy grants over 150M reality to all allies, then Timon makes it impossible to crit, and boom, everyone’s damage is a joke.
Zeus drains energy so it’s nearly impossible to use a white skill.

With 170 heroes nobody is unbeatable, just a lack of… imagination and synergy.

Didn’t had issues with her.

most of them are below ‘‘coin-flip’’, it’s low.

it’s called synergy, the whole thing this game is around.

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Love this article! I analyzed Mulan and Max’s stats a few months ago and stopped powering them up, because of their low evasion/tenacity.

Today, I made a table with new heroes and low stats (evasion/tenacity). The past 8 heroes have 0 tenacity/evasion. It’s really odd.


It’s a shame that good players are leaving. I’ve always felt a lot of respect for that team, and for you as a player. The craftsmanship of the team was amazing and refreshing… And a pain in the *** in war… Lol.


Thank you for this complete analysis of the game. This is the kind of content I’d like to see in the forums. Not that seasonal top-tier bs. Keep the good work.

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You’re missing the part where Dash does normal damage (therefore reality is useless) and Shego applies shattered (making HP, reality and armor useless)

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Really good tread! Well done :+1:t2:


Well done! Thanks for posting.

This is amazing work and so well explained!
Thank you so much for this service!!!

I wish PB would take time to demonstrate these changes and provide an in depth explanation of these more obscure stats that … evade… most novice players.

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Great work mate. I really liked the charts.
By the way, another super efficient way to deal with high evasion is Eeyore (max red skill) + Hamm (max Scrooge disc). Eeyore saps everyone at the start of the battle and Hamm’s disc lowers the evasion and tenacity of every sapped opponent by 100. It’s a total evasion killer.

Honey + Yax is much cheaper for that.


True, but the other one is more consistent.

No… really not.


You think i have no clue what I’m talking about, right? Okay :grin:

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