Stats like Evasion/Tenacity in New Heroes

New heroes don’t have key stats.
Kenny_XIV wrote an excellent post on Evasion. I crunched some numbers recently to check the key stats on recent heroes . I want to also note that I don’t mind new heroes being flawed or not-overpowered, but I think it’s interesting to see how LOW their key stats really are. My feedback is to give them at least something… having 0 evasion or tenacity is tough. Damage-wise, some of them are ok, but they still lack.

I compared all new heroes since Ron, who has amazing evasion, NC, AN, and CD - everything he needs. After Zeus, no one has any key stats (anything under 280 is 0). Green means that it’s a high stat.

Heroes like Bolt only have one good stat (normal crit), but Bolt’s kit has attack speed, range, and true damage. So Bolt’s weakness is crowd control or reflected damage. The other new heroes don’t have anything in their kit to help them survive or succeed.


We all know about this… it also affects on ranks on pretty much all heroes after Y5… but PB just doesn’t care… it was reported but all Loutre said that it’s on purpose :roll_eyes:

Now Gizmoduck or all-normal damage heroes got reality negation and fantastic crit for no reason… Bolt also has fantastic crit… Sarah and Mary doesn’t even have a single working stat which is just a joke… but PB will do nothing at the end :slight_smile:

btw… nice table. but the title of this thread should be changed…


I remember having to completely abandon Sisu’s friendship campaign before it even got started because she encountered an enemy who permafroze her and the only way to avoid the freeze was evasion:

Tell me about it. Anna has a good skillset but she has zero tenacity or evasion, making her vulnerable to disable/debuff. And guess what is in store for her in friend campaign? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

She can’t even finish her Manticore disc on her own. I haven’t even had struggled that much with Mary LSB disc :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: (Mary and LSB both at R0, has fewer power-ups)

Such horrible design :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

And 1 more thing, why Anna disc with her husband is sooo horrible beyond repair like that???

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This is very very annoying.

I just want PB to introduce some good badges, like a 350 evasion badge or 350 tenacity badge, and place them on heroes that need those stats (Anna for tenacity for example).

Or for Fiendship Campains specifically, give powerups a bonus effect of +Evasion&Tenacity:

So if that system were to exist, every powerup would grant +1 to Evasion&Tenacity, giving me 24 to those stats at my current level.

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