Email Confirmation Issue

Hello everyone! We’ve been looking into the email confirmation issue that has been reported and found the problem! The email system we use to send the newsletters appears to have stopped collecting emails on 8/24, but we will have a fix in the 4.3 update!

If you were one of the people that were not able to confirm your email please try again after the 4.3 update is live and it should work! We will also be sending a message ingame to these individuals after the update to remind you. You’ll receive your confirmation rewards after!

We’re so sorry for this issue and we’re excited to get it back working soon!


Is there a new email code today or no

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Oh thank God, that exclamation mark has been driving me insane


What about having been confirmed with the e-mail but i don’t get the medal in game?

same with the shop & the black & mega market glitch where the game keeps snapping very annoying. Others may have this issue but yeah the dot id annoying for surev

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