Enhancements function feels less important

After some years of playing, I found out that I use the enhancement function less. Probably because they do not have significant improvements to characters’ badges.
After just receiving that removes SD cards in calendars, I think this function is less important.
I suggest that each enhancement level add more bonuses for characters and invent a red/yellow rank of SD cards, so it will be more convenient and useful to enhance a badge.

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Completely no.
They are giving HUGE bonuses to heroes.

The problem is, as myself now use it very little, the process of enhancing badges after cap rise takes ages, there should be a button to enhance all badges for a hero (or multiple heroes) at once.


It means that it automatically deduct those stack of purple SD cards, it will be convenient for some players.
However higher rank SD card should be released so players can save some badges to promote heroes.

A single click of a button to enhance all badges is enough, new SD cards are pointless in that case.

Just allow White and Green badges to be used and open a lot of Gold Crates :laughing:

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