Enough About Kim Possible

Every time there is a new update with a new heroes it always the same thing, “Where is Kim Possible?”, “Give us Kim Possible.” “This is not Kimtacular” “When is Kim Possible coming?” Kim Possible! Kim Possible! KIM POSSIBLE!!! It seems like some of you are not happy until Kim Possible is in the game.

I understand that she is a popular character but this is getting out of hand. I just don’t want anyone to get disappointed when she is not cool as anticipated. Besides, there are plenty of popular and interesting character that aren’t in the game to be excited about. So, be patient, and we’ll get her when we get her. Okay?


We’ve asked for her for the past 14 months. We’re impatient


So? We can wait a little longer. Remember, all good things come to those who wait.

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That’s what we did and it hasn’t happened


Yeah… and why people needs to listen to YOU?
People just asking for thing which should come over a year ago, if nobody would keep asking for her PB could just scrap her because they could just thought she isn’t popular and wanted so their efford isn’t worth it. Unlikely with others, she was confirmed, yet still waiting(x100).

And if asking for character is bad, let’s just flag every single post in wish list and every concept. How people dare to want something?! Yes? :upside_down_face:
Oh, and posts to improve game into more F2P too.


During wait. Find somethings good life before kim coming.

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Says the one waiting impatiently for Onward characters…


I’m not trying to discourage the fact that people ask for new heroes.

All i’m saying is that it gotten down to the point where people are just solely Kim above all others. Now don’t get me wrong, i want Kim as much as the next guy, but i also want other heroes as well.

Because Kim has been confirmed for over 14 MONTHS. When will you understand that?


I agree that people shouldn’t complain about Kim to the exclusion of talking about what actually happened in the update, but it has been 14 months (Almost 15 actually) since she was confirmed, it is completely justifiable to complain.


I’m not talking about that anymore. Unless if it announced

It’s not
10 c

What’s that?

It’s not announced

I understand that. But it is better to wait than pace the floor and waiting for one specific character to come when there are so many other characters to be excited about.

So many as in two other than Kim

Can’t say in public, sent you a pm


What wrong about that I mean it is true that I see a lot of people asking for Kim Possible to be in the game. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Kim Possible is a Disney Character And I know that she will do great things in the game World. Maybe not Today. But in the future she will.

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In my defense, Kim has been datamined. Her skillsets (2nd one got leaked a few months ago, disappeared soon after). Unlike the ones we personally want. They haven’t been leaked at all.

Ex. I want Bill Cipher, but he hasn’t been datamined or leaked. So I can wait. But Kim has been in the files and she has yet to come.

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The problem is not people asking for Kim. The problem stems from the fact that it’s gotten to the point of either complaining or not wanting any other characters until she comes.

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