Ernesto De La Cruz 🎤 - Disney Doge Concept!

Original Concept Here! :arrow_down:

Ernesto De La Cruz :microphone:

Stars: :star::star::star:
Role: Tank :shield:
Position: Mid-line

”One can not deny who one is meant to be”

Entrance: Walks In holding a rose then throwing it aside and grabbing his guitar
Victory: Ernesto Strums his guitar wildly with a smile on his face
Defeat: Ernesto falls to his knees dropping his guitar and frowning
Basic Attack: Ernesto shoves his guitar hitting the nearest enemy


White: Remember me
Passive: Throughout the battle Ernesto passively gains X reality every 3 seconds

Active: When Ernesto is above 50% of his Max HP Ernesto plays a fun and lively tune giving allies 200 energy and increasing their attack speed and reality by 50% for 7 seconds, if Ernesto is below 50% of his Max HP he plays Remember Me slowing all enemy’s attack speed by 50% and increasing allies basic damage by X for 7 seconds.

Green: Reassurance
When Ernesto goes below 25% of his Max HP and there’s atleast 1 other Ally still in battle Ernesto becomes invincible and gains 15 evasion for 5 seconds.

Blue: In The Spotlight
Ernesto De La Cruz gains X increased Max HP each time an ally is defeated,
When Ernesto is the last one on his team he takes 50% less damage from all attacks and passively gains basic damage up to a max of X.

Purple: Betrayal
Everytime a ally is defeated Ernesto gains X skill power and has a 50% chance to add all their stats to Ernestos own stats for 5 seconds.

Red: Saved By The Bell
When Ernesto reaches 10% of his Max HP he gains X Armor.
When Ernesto is defeated all enemies are silenced and lose 12 of their evasion for 10 seconds

Additional Stats:
+29393 Armor
+3456 Basic Damage
+1243 Reality


E.S=Each Star

Ernesto De La Cruz/Hades

Land Of The Underworld Longer Invincibility, Passive healing
Reassurance now gives 6 seconds of invincibility up to a max of 8 seconds
Ernesto now passively heals for x health (+100 more healing E.S) after activating Remember Me for 7 seconds

Ernesto De La Cruz/Scar

Circle Of Life increased basic damage, shield after defeating an enemy
Ernesto gains an extra X basic damage (+100 BD E.S).
Ernesto now as well gains a 7 second shield that protects from X damage (+200 E.S) after defeating an enemy.

And that was my concept for Ernesto really hope you enjoyed!
Again feedback is greatly, greatly appreciated! :grin::+1:
Also I hope y’all stay safe from the recent pandemic that you may know as the coronavirus, make sure to wash your hands make sure to stay Atleast 3 feet away from people you don’t know or people who are expressing symptoms if you know them or not, so remember to stay safe and have a great Day! :+1::grin::+1:

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It’s been a long time of making a concept

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Yea I know, this is my first concept in 5 month :sweat_smile:

Great job on that, amigo

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