Estuans interius, Ira vehementi (FFVII Series #2)


“I’ve thought of a wonderful present for you. Shall I give you despair?”

Beware. The infamous One-Winged Angel Sephiroth will use his powers to most indefinitely bring despair on the battlefield.

:star: :star: :star:
Midline, Damage, Blue Team

Entrance: Descends into battle
Victory: Silently chuckles to himself
Defeat: Shields himself with his one wing and teleports off
Attack: Slashes enemies with his comically large sword

[Fantastic Damage]

Sephiroth will begin to charge a fireball attack to throw at the enemies. The player has the option to store the charge to become Megaflare or Gigaflare. If Sephiroth stores the attack, he will gain 300 energy instead.

Flare: The fireball will travel to the farthest target and then explode, dealing X damage and blinding the enemy for 5 seconds.

Megaflare: The fireball will travel to the middle of the enemy lines and then explode, dealing 2X damage and blinding any enemies for 10 seconds.

Gigaflare: The fireball will only travel to the frontlines, dealing 3X damage and blinding enemies for 15 seconds. When Sephiroth releases Gigaflare, it will automatically be released and the charge returns to Flare.

Shadow Flare
[TRUE Damage]

Sephiroth will snap his fingers and shoots a thin beam of light at the closest enemy, which will cause up to 5 shadow balls to surround the enemy. After 5 seconds, each ball will flash and strike the target, dealing X damage per shadow ball. This attack will bypass all Berserk, Invincibility, Shield, and Reflect buffs on the enemy.

The amount of shadow balls applied by this skill is random.

[TRUE Damage]

Sephiroth forms a honeycomb pattern shield in front of him that has X HP and lasts for 6 seconds. When the shield is destroyed, it bursts into a cloud of damaging sparkles that deals X damage to the enemy and applies Shatter to them for 6 seconds. If the shield expires, it deals damage equal to the remaining HP of the shield to the closest enemy and applies Shatter to them for 6 seconds.

Applying Shatter has a chance to fail against enemies above level Z.

Winged Form

When Sephiroth reaches 50% of his Max HP, he sprouts his black wing, and his attack speed increases by 100%, he gains Z skill power, and his basic attacks deal Y bonus Fantastic Damage for the rest of the wave.

Chosen By The Planet

Each time Sephiroth performs one of his skills or basic attacks, his basic damage increases by Z, up to a max of Z. This buff is carried from wave to wave. Every 3 times he gains Basic Damage this way, he gains 3 stacks of Hardy.

When enemies are damaged by “Shadow Flare”, they are given a random debuff for 4 seconds per shadow ball, up to a max of 20 seconds. These debuffs will ignore all Tenacity, Evasion, and Hardy on the enemy.

Debuffs ignoring Hardy, Tenacity, and Evasion has a chance to fail against enemies above level Z.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Bonus Fantastic Damage while in Winged Form
+Z Armor
+Z Max HP

Friendship Disks:

All Deals Are Off
Weakness Immunity
+Z Basic Damage
• Sephiroth gains Z skill power whenever he blocks a debuff.
• Enemies with Shatter lose Z reality.
• Sephiroth blocks all Weakness stacks, and has a 15%/30%/45%/60%/75% chance of blocking Fatigue, Pierce, and Shatter against him.

Despair-Raising Tale
Debuff Support role Enemies
+Z HP to the shield from “Scintilla”
+Z Skill Power per Support role enemy
• Support role enemies lose Z basic damage and Z skill power.
• Support role enemies damaged by “Gigaflare” lose 70/140/210/280/350 energy and have their attack speed reduced by 9%/18%/27%/36%/45% for 8 seconds.

Requirement to Charge: 5 skills are performed per wave
Stat Buff: +Z Reality
Lineup Based Buff: +Z Basic Damage per Blue team ally
Effect Buff: Energized Buff for 10 seconds, granting 75 energy per basic attack

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