The Witch of The Eternal Night

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Dark Enchantress Cookie

“You will not stop me! Never!”

Created with concentrated dark magic and poisonous scarlet pomegranate syrup, the all powerful Dark Enchantress secrecies of the witches to create chaos on the battlefield. Those who are brave tremble before her.

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Midline, Control, Red

Entrance: Enters from a portal
Victory: Raises her staff
Defeat: Clenches her staff in anger
Attack: Creates a dark magic circle underneath an enemy

Wrath Of The Cake Witch
(Fantastic Damage)

Dark Enchantress summons the Cake Witch to strike the enemies with its spear, dealing X damage to each enemy and cursing them for 10 seconds. Enemies that lost 10% of their Max HP will be dealt another 10% HP as True Damage. Enemies that lost more than 30% of their Max HP will lose all of their buffs, and have their Hardy stacks converted to Fatigue. Up to 5 Fatigue Stacks can be applied this way.

This is what the Cake Witch looks like:

Mass Destruction
(Fantastic Damage)

Dark Enchantress creates multiple dark circles that summons Cake Arms to attack the frontmost enemies, dealing X damage and healing Dark Enchantress for the same amount. The damaged enemy will also be stunned for 9 seconds and have their tenacity and evasion reduced by 50%.

Like this:


Eternal Fate
(TRUE Damage)

Dark Enchantress sends the enemy with the least HP into the shadows, dealing X damage and sending them out of the battlefield for 8 seconds. Afterward, they walk back onto the battlefield.

If they are under 35% of Max HP, they are Instantly KO’d and Dark Enchantress steals all of their remaining energy.

Chaos Incarnate

Cursed enemies lose Z reality whenever they’re cursed for the rest of the wave, stacking each time.

Truest Form

Dark Enchantress now saps any enemies damaged by “Mass Destruction” for 12 seconds. Cursed and Sapped enemies receive 50% more damage by Dark Enchantress and 200% more damage if they are both Cursed and Sapped.

Enemies also lose Z skill power per stack of Fatigue that they have, and Dark Enchantress gets the same amount.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Fantastic Prowess

Friendship Disks

Dark Enchantress-Jafar
My Fair Sultan
Charm Cursed Enemies
+Z Reality
+Z Skill Power per Cursed Enemy
• Every 3rd Cursed Enemy will be charmed for 3/6/9/12/15 seconds. This ignores all evasion, tenacity, and Hardy Stacks.

Dark Enchantress-Sephiroth
Darkness Is Coming
Stronger Curses
• “Mass Destruction” deals Z more damage to Cursed Eenmeis
• Cursed Enemies lose Z basic damage
• Cursed enemies have their Normal and Fantastic Crit reduced by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%

Requirement to Charge: 5 enemies are cursed
Stat Buff: +Z Skill Power
Lineup Based Buff: +Z Armor per Control role ally
Effect Buff: +75% Attack Speed for the rest of the wave

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