EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS- 50,000 STAMINA PACKS to upgrade 1 character to Y20

We’ve reached insanity levels in the game. Just in stamina alone it costs 2.75 million to get a new character to from white to yellow 20. Something impossible to do even if you play every day and collect everything possible in game. Even if you log in every few hours and playing the maximum stamina you can collect daily is about 12,000. In a month, this is about 360K stamina. If you play every event, every time, you can collect an additional 1-3K stamina packs a month (150,000 stamina a month at maximum collecting). For a total of 510K a month so 5 1/2 months of playing full tilt maximum to power up ONE character of hundreds.

The alternative, buying $29.99 to $49.99 power up stamina packs. Congratulations if you purchase one, because now you can advance 1 character to yellow 20… but you will still need $100 worth of disk power to power up disks, $100 worth of mods/mods power to power up mods, $500 worth of chips/red bits to power up red skills. Not to mention $100 worth of miscellaneous stuff. Congratulations everyone you just spent $850 to get 1 character powerful enough to play. Only 14 more characters to power up so you can play the game with everyone else. A bargain at $11,900…. Oops while you were spending we advanced the game to yellow 24, it’ll take another $29.99 x 15 to get your 15 characters there.


While I agree with you a 100%, the stamina issue can be fixed by the Badge Booster Crates :-).

Recommend checking this post I posted a while ago:

As you see:

And yeah, I 100% agree that the stamina requirements for badges should be lowered, but until then we can be helped by the Badge Booster Crates.
That said unfortunately, the Badge Booster Crates only properly help the people who know how to set their badges/characters up for Badge Booster Crates.

So there are a difference between those who know and don’t know, which is the issue.
(I do try to let people know the Badge Booster Crates help, but yeah can only reach the people who chat).

And yeah, as an F2P the Badge Booster Crates are probably the only reason why I still play, would likely have been unbearable for me otherwise.


Yep, properly utilizing badge booster crates is vital if you wish to keep your heroes at max rank. Highly recommend getting familiar with them. For the past few months PB has been giving us much more badge crates, which is directly addressing your concern of the ever growing cost to upgrade heroes :slight_smile:

I did say the costs are growing out of the control… and instead of a solution we only got a postponement @Nugget @Loutre :man_shrugging:

Helps no one really. If one has no bits crafted, from 0 it costs 900k raw stamina just to equip all Y20 badges. That´s 15k stamina consumables.

Rapid Recruitment for $20 gives 54k… so 3 heroes with a possibility to equip just Y20 badges…
say 3-4x a month… so like are we meant to only keep up with 10-12 heroes then? :thinking:

Or you do include badge crates there? Which… unless one knows how to use… are pretty useless. And again they will just help the “in-know” P2P or P2W players, never F2P :thinking:

Considering the red and orange badges now cost less than 25% of the stamina needed for top yellow badges… could I ask the team to add a level boundary for getting purple, orange or red badges?

And a warning for the players that are at Team Level 335 (above the possible boundary of red badges spawn), but have all heroes below Y0 that there is no badge to be chosen?


That’s the secondary reason I lost interest in playing this game, the stamina demands are so unrealistic my best characters don’t average more then Y0-Y3.

Exactly. Unrealistic. The badge booster crate idea is wildly unrealistic as well. Sounds like something a mega whale player or a dev came up with to keep people playing.

The game has nearly 200 TWO HUNDRED ‘heroes now. Wasting all your resources to advance 180 characters you don’t need wiill utterly KILL your game. Even if you only advance them To say red 0. Doing so you just set back your game by YEARS. Congratulations.

Worse, however, is the fact that we’re at Y20+, so all your effort to get more useful badges was utterly wasted. You need to get all those characters in higher yellow to realize the preposterous supposition of the ‘if only’ you do this.

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Just because you can’t figure it out, it doesn’t mean it’s not real. Kira never spend a dime on this game.

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and even this approach is not correct to get the most from badge crates :wink:

5 equipped + 1 crafted-but-not-equipped badge (typically blue/green/white or one never used in further crafting) is the way to ensure the drop…

as long as I stay over a certain number of open spots (usually 10, though this cap seems to need 20), I’ve never once got an unuseful badge like this :man_shrugging: I would find it too annoying to leave a green plus on everyone :sweat_smile:

on like… orange or even purple rank heroes? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

although, true, then the badge crates might give you badge tokens instead… but honestly that´s better than some stupid purple/orange badge…

I would be happier if purple, orange and red badges were excluded above a certain team level like white, green and blue ones are… (all of them cost less than 1/4 of what Y20 badges do… look at the pic:)

Costliest Reds vs Current Yellows (Wave 2, Wave 1 costs 20k less).
I think it´s the time to eliminate Purple, Orange and Red badges from Booster Crates above… say… level 300.

Though I dislike tripling and quadrupling of certain bit-badges in Y20 badges… @Nugget @Loutre could something be done with that? Cause if it goes further we will just end up with insane costs this way…

since 3x + 3x = 6x… 4x + 4x is 8x…6x + 6x = 12x… 8x + 8x = 16x… and that is what´s happening there. Multiplicities.

Can confirm that I never spent on Disney Heroes, which you can see here as I am a VIP 0 and have to let the 3 ad videos play to be able to Max Raid:

Here are my characters and as you can see they are high Yellow, which is 100% thanks to the Badge Booster Crates as otherwise I likely wouldn’t be playing still:


So yeah, the Badge Booster Crates work and are definitely doable, but one just need to know how the Badge Booster Crates works.

The parameters I know are these:

  • Gives badges to open badge slots
  • Minimum 10 or now 20 open badge slots
  • If too few open badge slots you may get other badges
  • Badge Booster Crates’s rank are locked when they are added to the Inventory
  • If you get a Badge Booster Crate at Y18 it will give Y17 badges, 1 rank under the current rank of when it is added to the inventory.
  • A inventory Y19 Badge Booster Crate will only give Y19 badges, won’t increase with new cap raises.

What I can think of now.

So yeah it is definitely doable and the Badge Booster Crates definitely help the F2P a lot, letting us have a chance to enjoy Disney Heroes more so and while maybe only 5-15 good characters still it is enough for Arena and Coliseum :-).

So yeah, very thankful and appreciative of the Badge Booster Crates, definitely why I still play as an F2P ^^.


If too few open badge slots and any low heroes with all badges equipped than you may get other badges.

If too few open badge slots plus every low hero has 5 slots equipped and the 6th slot crafted, but not equipped, you get badge tokens, no “other badges”.

Badge Crate explicitly says that you can get a badge for “when the hero levels up” (meaning promotion), therefore all 6 slots equipped will just resolve to next rank badges. 5 slots equipped will resolve to the 6th… and when you have 5 equipped + 6th badge crafted it has NO option, but to give you either high yellow badges or badge tokens.

@Kira this is what I meant by previous post. A desirable result.

Ideally, the badge left out crafted but not equipped should be a blue one. Or the last badge which is never used at a later rank.

*From an alt, by the way.

Also, I highly recommend crafting any badge showed to cost less than 100k stamina now… as seen here: Badge Map (13th October 2022, Y20b).xlsx - Google Sheets

In general any at/below level 275 to equip needed.


Ah I technically know about that if you don’t have enough open slots you get badges from the next rank, but I wasn’t sure how to write it in an understandable and simple way ;^^.

It is the more advance optimization which I technically don’t so either currently, I mainly do fill all slots version but it is still interesting to see what you have done there.
Not sure if I heard about or sen that variant before, so yeah very interesting to see.

I am not sure if I will do it myself or not, but maybe later.
Still, thanks showing us and explaining Numi, really appreciate it :-).

As someone who tried it both ways, I found saving free stamina for months only to burn it all in seconds for a singular YO upgrade incredibly tedious.

Recently, I decided to push my elite troops to level 327 skill from 317.
I had 4billion gold when I started, ended up with 9million by the time I gave up.
And I wasn’t finished, there are still more elite troops that need to be upgaded, but at the rate the gold was draining, I couldn’t sustain the rate of expenditure.

I doubt the efficacy of badge booster crates,
In my personal experience, they tend to grant lower tier badges, not enough of the red and yellow ones.
The only way to force the crates to focus is to make sure every character is in the red zone and as the thread creator has stated, raisig every single rando even to R0 will inhibit your gameplay severely.

That’s been a long term concern of mine actually, the roster has expanded so much that I think we need to delete characters to force the game to focus on our elite troops.
I even prevent the unlocking of characters I know I don’t need to keep them from being an unneccesary resource drain.

All you need to do is populate their current rank with badges then just let them sit - be it fully badged like mine, or with 1 green plus as Numi does, won’t make a huge difference. The actual rank doesn’t matter at all, you can see in the clip that most of my unused heroes are lower ranked.

If most of them aren’t red yet, doing that will not be hugely expensive and will easily be worth it.

I’ve not spent any stamina since the cap raise, I’m not even level 331 yet, and you can see in the clip that nearly all of my team are Y20 with 3 new badges already - just from badge crates. :man_shrugging:

Rinse & repeat every cap raise - use badge crates to handle the promoting and 3x badges for your active team, then use the saved stamina to complete the prize wall, 6th badge for your team, and rank up anyone else you want to add to the active team, and keeping up 20-30 heroes becomes not quite trivial, but not very difficult either

I don’t see the point in talking about it. for 3 years, they wrote a bunch of times that the dressing system in the game is disgusting. all that was needed was to increase the experience between account levels 10 times. but the developers chose the path of fast levels and heavy dressing. And here comes the second problem. you need to change the store in the game. not to make a store = a bunch of shares, but to make a full-fledged store: I wanted to buy a hero, I bought it, I wanted to buy a mod, I bought it. well, that is how it happens in the game heroes charge.

LOL… I’ve been playing this game since the beginning…. I’m a guild leader in a top guild. Yes, I figured it out and NOOOOOO I won’t be spending thousands of $$$ to implement such ridiculous things.

THE PROBLEM IS THAT THERE ARE ABOUT 200 CHARACTERS IN THE GAME… AS A POINT, IT JUST TOOK 100K stamina to add badges to FOUR characters below the top 20 that I regularly use. 176 to go…… do u c how the math doesn’t work?

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I don’t think anyone’s claiming that you can use the badge booster crates that are obtainable without spending as a means of keeping all 190+ heroes at the newest rank each month; I’d say the claims are more along the lines of keeping 20-40 heroes updated. They can be very helpful in maintaining a diverse, usable selection of heroes, but they aren’t anywhere close to being sufficient for maintaining every hero in the game.

As to your original point, I fully agree that stamina costs for upgrading heroes are ridiculous. Badge booster crates can help make those costs manageable for a few dozen heroes, but only for players who know how to best take advantage of them, and who invest the time and resources necessary to do so. I’d view that as more of a stopgap measure than a permanent solution, myself.

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