Farewell Blue Sky Studio

Hi everyone today was a super sad day for everyone since I’m going to say this but the news from disney says that there now shutting down the blue sky studio forever I know this is devastating and shocking because I love blue sky movies growing up like robots, Ice age, and rio but I wouldn’t believe that disney would do such a thing and now I won’t be able to trust it no more, so there won’t be doing ice age 6, rio 3 or other movies that didn’t have sequels I can’t stop of tears like blue sky didn’t deserve to be shut down but I just hated when everything comes to an end like the ducktales reboot is ending soon, disneyland is getting rid of annual passes for new one, we can’t let go of everything that has to end but let me know about your thoughts and feelings about this I just wish this wasn’t a bad idea :pensive:
image https://deadline.com/2021/02/blue-sky-studios-closing-disney-ice-age-franchise-animation-1234690310/amp/


One ice age was enough in my opinion

Was that the collusion course? because I didn’t realize it was a movie finale but I haven’t seen it

Rio and Rio 2 are my favorite movies

Same I love rio so much and there rumors that there making a spin off series of perdo and nico (those two musician birds) for disney plus

How do you know?

Here’s what I found I think it could be a rumor since it wasn’t confirmed or idk

There’s is a spin off series of perdo and nico for Disney plus

No it isn’t if you don’t have disney plus it isn’t released but I found this often

Oh so is not confirmed

Well it said to be in development

Some Blue Sky films were pretty good. Personally though, I do not really mind this decision and I think it is pretty smart for Disney. Most of Blue Sky’s films are not very successful and things like that. It just makes sense. Disney is a business and they need to make tough choices that keep them going, including this announcement and the others you mentioned. If things do not make sense business wise, there is no reason to spend money to keep them going.

The good news is you can still enjoy the films that the studio has made. :slight_smile:

Was “Spies in Disguise” the most recent movie Blue Sky Studios made? Did that really do well? Because I don’t remember hearing much about it aside from the trailers.

Help me out here, how are they shutting them down? I thought BlueSky was a rival company?

They acquired BlueSky by buying 20th Century Fox studios


Ah, that’s what I missed. Thanks! :grin:

Blue sky studio is shutting down?



On investor day, Disney said an ice age spinoff with those three weasels.

I think it’s for the best. Next to Dreamworks, Blue Sky was a main competitor to Pixar before Disney bought out 20th Century, seeing how Ice Age was released around the time both Toy Story and Shrek was.

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