Fear of a clown



3 star, frontline damage

“Who’s the birthday girl!?!”


Entrance:he stomps in carrying his mallet

Victory:he chuckles to himself but then laughs like a maniac

Defeat:he falls on his back as a comical noise plays

Basic attack:slams down with his mallet, dealing x damage to enemies


White:holy moley

Jangles slams his mallet down three times which deals x damage per hit and stuns enemies after the 3rd hit.

Green:colorful cage

Jangles traps the enemy with the lowest health in a balloon cage which traps that enemy for 7 seconds or until another enemy pops the cage

The cage has x health but pops easily when hit by a attack with fantastic damage.

Blue:who’s laughing now

Jangles laughs like a maniac which scares all enemies for 7 seconds.

Purple:darkest fear

Jangles is now immune to all fantastic damage.

Red:property damage

“Holey moley” now deals 2x more damage to scared enemies.


Underworld jester
increased attack power per wave

Jangles attack power increases by 40% per wave

Birthday bash
buffed balloon cage

Balloon cage now lasts for 9 seconds and has 30% more health per star

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