File your paperwork...or else (likely concept)



1 star, backline control

“Don’t let it happen again!”


Entrance: roz slithers into the battlefield

Victory: roz laughs to herself

Defeat: roz glares at the enemy team

Basic attack: Roz tosses paperwork at the nearest enemy, dealing X damage


White: CDA

A CDA agent is called to the battlefield, a total of 3 CDA agents can be called to the battlefield.

Each CDA agent has X HP and instead of a basic attack they instead scan any enemy in front of them which studies the enemy for 10 seconds.

The study may fail when enemy is above LV Z

Green: Always watching

Roz inflicts “Watching” onto the enemy with the highest evasion at the start of each wave, the enemy with “Watching” has their invasion and attack speed decreased by 50% until they are defeated.

Roz also prefers to attack the enemy with “Always watching” and her basic attack deals X more damage to that enemy.

The invasion/attack speed decrease has a chance to fail on enemies above LV Z

Blue: now closed

When under 40% of her health, Roz closes the enemies off from her with retractable shutters. This gives Roz and allies in front of her a shield of X amount for 15 seconds.

Roz and her allies are immune to critical damage while shielded.

Purple: forgotten paperwork

All studies inflicted by allies to enemies are now unavoidable.

Red: garden snail

Each summoned CDA agent now gains a 100% speed boost for the first 5.5 seconds that they are summoned.

Roz gains X HP and X skill power for each study thats inflicted onto an enemy by any source.
+X Armor
+X Attack power
+X Max HP


Roz/Mike wazowski
Paperwork rush
shields give hardy

Each shield on an ally gives them 4 stacks of hardy.

Master of the keys
fatigue when threatened

Whenever Roz goes under 40% of her max health, she inflicts 2 stacks of fatigue to the enemy who damaged roz

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