Five peas in a pod (PvZ 2 series #2)

Pea pod

1 star, backline damage

“Its definitely better to be together!”

at first there is only one…then two…then three…leaving them alone only makes the pea pod stronger


Entrance: a seed packet gets planted into the position which then the pea pod pops out of the ground with only one pea in the pod

Victory: the peas in the pod cheers as they rock the pod back and fourth

Defeat: the peas spill out of the pod as they splat on the ground

Basic attack: one of the pea’s spits a pea at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage


White: peaheaded giant

Passive: Pea pod starts out the battle with only one head which spits out a pea that deals x damage. However, pea pod grows another head every 7 seconds which also shoots a pea which deals another x damage. Pea pod can only 5 heads in battle.

Active: pea pod turns itself into a giant peashooter head, the giant peashooter shoots four giant peas at four random enemies, dealing x damage to each enemy and knocking each enemy back per amount of heads that pea pod gains throughout the wave.

Green: fireball peas

Pea pod shoots flaming pea’s at the nearest enemy, dealing x damage to the target enemy and also dealing x damage overtime per amount of heads that pea pod gains throughout the battle.

Blue: Cart protection

When under 40% of their max health, a mine cart from the wild west appears as they appear inside the mine cart, the mine cart protects pea pod from damage for 10 seconds and also let’s pea pod grow his heads quicker.

Purple: Amusing families

“Cart protection” now gives pea pod a shield for x amount when the mine cart dissapears which is immune to damage from projectiles and also increases the damage of their basic attack by x amount when the shield is destroyed.

Red: …in a pod

“Peaheaded giant” now deals x splash damage to nearby enemies when the giant peas hit the target enemy.

All debuffs given to pea pod are now 20% less powerful for how many heads the pea pod gains throughout the wave.


Pea pod/Mike wazowski
Clown college
increased health per head

Pea pod now increases their max health for every head they gain throughout the wave.

Pea pod/Huey duey and louie
Five or three
fire decreases stats from enemies

“Fireball peas” now decreases armor and
attack power from each enemy that the fireballs hit.

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