Flash hundred yard dash


3 star, backline control

“Nice…to…see you…too.”



Entrance: flash very slowly walks into the battlefield (until B0)

Victory: a happy look slowly appears on his face

Defeat: flash gets a very confused look on his face

Basic attack: flash very slowly drinks some coffee from his mug, healing him for x amount and increasing his attack speed by 10% per sip


White: their all sloths?!?

Flash takes out a touch-screen computer and types in a the “license number” of the enemy with the most hp which studies that enemy for 9 seconds.

However…flash does this whole process very slowly which means that the move lasts a few seconds before flash gets done with the skill.

Green: frustration

Allies get frustrated with flash’s slow movements which increases their attack speed by 90% and also gives them 40% attack power.

When flash finally finishes up a move, the allies gain a 100% armor boost for 7 seconds.

Blue: hundred yard dash

At the start of each wave, flash drives into the battlefield with his sports car which deals x damage to each enemy that the car drives through as well as knocks them back then it ends with flash getting out of the car (which takes 5 seconds) into his position.

Purple: you want it when?

All studies to enemies now decreases their attack speed by 100% for 12 seconds.

Red: take it easy

Flash is immune to being slowed by any foe.

“Frustration” now has a 50% chance to increase allies crit chance for 7 seconds.

+X armor
+X attack speed
+X reality


Flash/Nick wilde
Drivers test
longer boosts

Flash is holding drivers lessons at the DMV for the citizens of the internet…and nick helps him out with the tests

The armor boost from “Frustration” lasts 4 seconds longer.

Slower then slow
less damage from slow enemies

Flash and shank both love to go fast…but one of them is extremely slow out of the car…but they have to use this to their advantage to survive a onslaught of creeps.

Flash and his allies take 50% less damage from enemies that has been slowed by flash or his allies.

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This seems familiar…

I don’t know how to explain but I think you need to change that skill a bit…

This character seems a lot more like a support than a control tbh. There is a lot of issues with the concept, which if you want to here I will tell you.

You can tell me

It does seem more of a support.

I noticed that almost every skill has something like this. He would be easily KOed. Maybe only have one skill have something like this. It is very creative, but I really do not think it should happen.

Someone already mentioned this.

What type of damage does this do?

This should increase per star on disk. It should also give him a +X effect (like +X skill power)

Same thing as above.

Those are the big things. Again this is more of a support hero, but if you did that the skills would be really inconsistent. Next time you do a concept, look for heroes of inspiration from whatever role you are doing. Try this at first and then loosen that boundary. If you ever need help with a concept, feel free to ask me.

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