Flik Hero Concept

I’ve seen these ants do great things. And year after year, they somehow manage to collect food for themselves, and YOU!

Role: Damage

Position: Back

Stars: :star2: :star2:

Trial Team: Blue

Entrance: Walks in with his grain harvester

Victory: Flik gives a thumbs up

Defeat: Flik’s grain harvester launches him backward

Basic attack: Flik launches grains at the enemy


White Skill: Harvest Flurry
:fist: Normal Damage

Flik’s grain harvester launches grain at all enemies dealing X damage. If enemies are studied, they take an additional X damage.

Green Skill: Latest Invention

Flik pulls out his telescope studying all enemies for 15 seconds. Flik gains X basic damage for every enemy studied.

The Study has a chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Bird Call
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage

Flik calls in his fake bird dealing X damage to all enemies and scaring them for 9 seconds.

The Scare has a chance to fail on enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Berry Blast
:fist: Normal Damage

Every 3rd basic attack Flik launches a berry at a random enemy dealing X damage to enemies in an area and reducing their attack speed by 30% for 6 seconds.

Red Skill: For the Colony

When Flik would crit a studied enemy, he has a 100% chance to super crit instead. Flik also prefers to target studied enemies with his basic attacks.

Super crit chance is reduced if the enemy is above level X.

Additional stat boosts

  • +Z basic damage
  • +Z skill power
  • +Z damage from “Bird Call”



Flik - Pocahontas
Bug Traveler
Larger “Berry Blast” AOE

  • “Berry Blast” does X more damage
  • skill power

The area effect of “Berry Blast” is 10% larger.

  • +10% per star


Flik - Hiro Hamada
Leafy Innovation
Fatigue Enemies at Start of Combat

  • basic damage
  • enemies lose X armor while studied

At the start of combat of every wave, enemies gain 1 stack of Fatigue. Fatigue blocks 1 buff from being applied and is then removed.

  • +1 stack of Fatigue per star

Flik/Pocahontas Friendship Campiang Concept

Flik/Hiro Hamada Friendship Campaign Concept

I hope you enjoy!

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