Flik/Hiro Hamada Friendship Campaign Concept

Here’s Flik’s first friendship campaign!

Campaign name: Gadget Swap

Flik/Hiro Hamada


Allies: Bolt, Jasmine, Hamm

Friend Dialogue Level 1

Flik and Hiro are now friends!

Hiro: Filk, ever since I met you I’ve been wondering. What does that contraption on your back do?

Flik: Oh, this? It’s my new idea for harvesting grain!

Flik: Where I am, we won’t have to pick individual kernels you can just cut down the entire stuff.

Hiro: Really? That’s impressive for a bug.

Campaign Story: Flik and Hiro try out each other’s inventions.

Flik: Your micro-bots are something, Hiro.

Hiro: You know, I was going to say the same about your harvester.

Hiro: You should come by the University, Flik. We could even do a test run on our inventions, or even do a collaboration.

Flik: That would be great!

Chapter 1: An Innovators' Collab

Chapter 1-1: Flik and Hiro’s inventions may be in different areas.

Chapter 1-2: But their inventive minds might be able to create something new.

Chapter 1-3: But before they do any collaborating, they want to try each others’ inventions first.

Chapter 1-4: Eager to demonstrate his harvester to another inventor, Flik agrees to bring his harvester to the University.

Chapter 1-5: The next day Flik meets with Hiro with their respective inventions.

Flik: So… you ready for this, fellow inventor?

Hiro: Ready as I’ll ever be. Though, I’m not sure how your harvester will even fit me.

Flik: I’m sure it’ll be fine. At least I can see how your micro-bots work.

Chapter 2: By Looks

Chapter 2-1: Starting the inventions is far from what Flik and Hiro expected.

Chapter 2-2: Hiro doesn’t know what else he can harvest besides grain, and it doesn’t look like it was designed for bigger things.

Chapter 2-3: Flik is also stumped when he gets a single micro-bot.

Chapter 2-4: Nearly forgetting, Hiro hands Flik the headband to control the micro-bots.

Chapter 2-5: Judging from the inventions, neither of them explained how they work.

Hiro: Alright, now that we have our inventions, which should we start with first?

Flik: Maybe you can show me how to use these micro-bots.

Chapter 3: Micro Managed

Chapter 3-1: Hiro tells him that the headband allows him to take control of what the micro-bots do.

Chapter 3-2: With a horde of creeps coming their way, Flik uses the opportunity to make the micro-bots attack.

Chapter 3-3: But when he commands to attack, the micro-bots don’t do anything.

Chapter 3-4: Hiro tells him he needs to make movements through command to get the micro-bots to fight.

Chapter 3-5: With that in mind, Flik slowly gains the upper hand. Soon the creeps are forced to retreat.

Flik: Wow, who knew these little things packed such a punch?

Hiro: That was pretty good, Flik.

Hiro: Now let’s try out your harvester.

Chapter 4: Harvest Havoc

Chapter 4-1: Hiro straps on the harvester and Flik explains the mechanism.

Chapter 4-2: The harvester can cut entire crops, without having to pick them off one by one.

Chapter 4-3: Only problem is, there are not any crops to cut down.

Chapter 4-4: But as if Deja Vu occurred, more creeps attack.

Chapter 4-5: Hiro sends out his Megabot to fight them and picks any creeps and launches them with the harvester.

Flik: Wow, not only does it work for harvesting grain. But it also works as a creep-launching device.

Hiro: Creep Launcher… Flik, that gives me an idea!

Friend Dialogue Level 7

Flik: Hiro, do you sometimes feel like you’re always feeling small?

Hiro: Yeah, back when I lost Tadashi. I always felt like I could’ve done better or something that he could still be alive.

Hiro: But I’ve learned from Baymax that he’s still with me and my friends. That was how our team, Big Hero 6 was formed.

Flik: Wow, that’s amazing.

Chapter 5: Idea Launch

Chapter 5-1: Hiro gets the idea to create a device that can launch creeps away.

Chapter 5-2: Flik joins in to help as part of the collab.

Chapter 5-3: They sketch out the creep-launcher and began building.

Chapter 5-4: By the end of the week they got a finished product.

Chapter 5-5: Now all is left is to give it a test run.

Hiro: So, Flik. What do you think?

Flik: Looks great. Let’s find some creeps to find out if this is a success.

Chapter 6: Faliure to Launch

Chapter 6-1: Flik and Hiro venture into some of the darkest parts of the City to search for creeps.

Chapter 6-2: But their search is interrupted when creeps get the jump on them.

Chapter 6-3: The two inventors use the opportunity to try out their creep-launcher.

Chapter 6-4: Hiro grabs a bug creep and begins to launch.

Chapter 6-5: But the bug creep began to nibble on the launcher, breaking the launcher.

Flik: That can’t be good! Now what?

Hiro: Looks like we’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Chapter 7: Crops and Micro-bots

Chapter 7-1: Hiro calls in Megabot and Flik straps on his harvester.

Chapter 7-2: Flik fires berries and grains, blinding the creeps.

Chapter 7-3: Hiro deals with any stragglers with the micro-bots.

Chapter 7-4: Soon enough, the creeps all retreated.

Chapter 7-5: The heroes regroup, only to find their invention in pieces.

Flik: Oh no! Our launcher, it’s ruined!

Hiro: Don’t worry, Flik. It’s nothing I can’t fix.

Hiro: But I do think that I should stick to my micro-bots.

Friend Dialogue Level 10

Hiro: Flik haven’t you noticed that bird that’s hanging out in the tree near your anthill?

Flik: Oh that? It’s not real, I build it so that we could operate it from the inside.

Hiro: But aren’t you bugs afraid of birds?

Flik: That’s the point. We mostly use it to scare the grasshoppers away.

Chapter 8: A new Innovation

Chapter 8-1: Flik and Hiro return to the University with their destroyed launcher.

Chapter 8-2: When they got back they rebuilt their invention.

Chapter 8-3: But with all that’s happened, Flik decides to create something new.

Chapter 8-4: He uses some plant parts that he would use back on Ant Island and makes a dew catapult.

Chapter 8-5: With his finished invention, he shows it to Hiro.

Hiro: What did you make there, Flik?

Flik: This is my new idea for battling creeps! With the dew catapult, you can just trap them in a watery trap!

Flik: What do you say we take it out for a spin?

Hiro: I’m game.

Campaign “Gadget Swap” complete.

“Leafy Innovation” unlocked.

I hope you enjoy!

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