Flynn Rider and Rapunzel friendship bug

Did anyone got the feeling that the story is repeating?

Disclaimer: This video belongs to Mr. Loh A+

It’s not a bug, sadly.


I see now.

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Well that’s a bit of a downgrade

Still, it’s only heroes post-Rapunzel and Flynn, right?

I guess Linguini and Colette also don’t have friendship stories, neither will all new characters :sweat_smile:

No. There are other friendships that have this as well

All new friendships after Linguini release (his friendship with Miss Piggy) and forward doesn’t have story, and Polaris told that either new ones (future one too) won’t have story.
Maybe PB will change mind but this doesn’t give them $$$, so it’s sadly unlikely.

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I mean from the looks of things there are still stories to the new friendship campaigns, but with only a fifth of the description in between dialogues. Regardless, this is still disappointing

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