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:musical_note: How are y’all? :musical_note:

I would like to present a new topic, it may fail or it may not…
Everyone has there favorite song, so why not share it with the rest of the forums? This is not Disney related, but Disney is always allowed! :smile: I would like to make a thread just so we can share songs with people! Whether it is to feel, de-stress, vibe to, or just because! Please leave your songs below so we can all enjoy!

You are not to:

  1. Talk down on others songs (but you may state if it is innapropriate or such) or you will risk getting flagged
  2. Talk down on others opinions
  3. This is not outlawed/illegal here, but please don’t post songs with bad words/curses… It is okay if it is just one word, but if there are multiple please hide the song and warn viewers…

Also Please reccomend playlists as well!

Just enjoy yourself!
~Missing Lyrics


Music recommendation time!!!


Oohh were do I start. I like so many songs (mostly Disney lately), but I suppose I start with I song I repeat a lot lately. From Liv and Maddie:

Say Hey


I have one!

“Hands” by ORKID! Great song… I’m Obsessed!


I don’t really like newer music, but these are some good ones I think of:

  • Shiny (duh)
  • Sweet Dreams
  • Mr. Blue Sky

Never Gonna Give You Up


I usually go through many phases. Like one time I listen to the same one or two songs on repeat for 2 to 3 days until I find a new one I like

I’ve been recently listening to this music:


Why did you hide that? (It may be obvious to y’all, but I’m not a big fan of those songs so I don’t listen to it…)

Which songs exactly?

I don’t like the vibe, the backround music, and just the overall sound… I’m more of a sad/love songs enthusiast… A little country too…


Blue Sky is always fun to listen to, especially those opening chords:

Sweet Dreams is just awesome:

And Shiny is amazing because the fight takes place as the song goes on…It’s very clever:


15 seconds in and I’m already getting DuckTales vibes


Okay, these aren’t big songs (or real at all…) But have y’all heard the Thadudette Parodies for Disney? HILARIOUS!!!

Yes, I have.

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If any of you guys know me, you know I am obsessed with Baron Zemo currently. This is his unofficial theme from the 3rd F&TWS episode.

The beat is fire. :fire:

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Er, that was because Myeong really likes Thad…


I love everything Hamilton, but my favorite would probably be “You’ll Be Back”.

Also, for all you Genshin Impact fans, there’s a Chinese song I’m currently obsessed with, it’s called 让风告诉你.

【Original Genshin Fansong】让风告诉你 (Let the Wind Tell You) - YouTube

I have watched some of Thadudette’s parodies. They are great lol.


Well hello there

(@'ing people isn’t ecessary)


It was pretty good! I can’t say I would listen to this over an over though… Cool song!

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Yeah, I guess… Sorry y’all…

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