Forum flag spam predicament

So recently, people have been spamming the flag button on posts, mainly Discobot fun, and posts with spammers. It has gotten so out of control the user LetsGetDangerousBro has had over 5-6 posts flagged.

Users WILL loose the regular rank they have been trying to get for ages, and overall loose it. And for no reason at all.

We still don’t know who is flagging them, it could be a regular, or a member who has made multiple accounts. But it is bad, you are not getting attention. And I the posts are so old why are you flagging them? They have ran there course and if they were bad it would have been flagged then.

The best way to avoid this or help the cause is, take a little break from discobot fun, till the issue is over. Or post less frequent in it. And if your post was Flagged for no reason, don’t delete the post. Polaris will sort I out.


That what happens to me. I comment on Disney Heroes Battle Mode Alphabet, and DHBM Elimination cause I was flag for spamming. I had to delete the one from the Alphabet and the other for remains the same. I wasn’t even spamming. I was just talking to someone


This is a big issue, I post a gif of simba saying no and I got flagged, how does that make sense


Yeah. Who ever is behind this should know better


Then there is the fact spamming is increasing

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Is this week a “spamming week”?

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Probably spammers who are mad…

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This forum is loosing control with flagging


I think another reason is, if you say something, someone is bound to get mad so they flag you for no reason

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It is most likely a troll or a kid.


Yeah, children don’t understand the flag, they think it is something that won’t hide it, and this forum has increased with children acting like 3 year olds spamming and flagging


Or maybe. Cough Cringe


Or goodboybyjumpingjacks…


What does that mean?

Go look at their posts

It’s the spammer with the stitch avatar.

Or maybe Concept Crater.

he was silenced a year ago.

Also, people rip off stuf, someone literally failed at stealing @KayIa‘s fan fic

Oh yeah that.

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