Forum guardians: Before the apocalypse. (Fan fiction)

I still need more of these stories!!!

Umm… Kinda contradicts itself!

And maybe Kayla might be a bit uncomfortable with that?


I meant like don’t ship David and Kayla, not a real and unreal character.

And Kayla is okay with it but she has to see it before posted to make sure she’s okay with it.

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I’m just glad that nobody ships me. Just like in real life.

Virgin forever… I really gotta stop.

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Yeah, that got awkward quick.


Teaser for the new part in the min post!

Kayla wanted me to post this for some reason.

I was taking a break from posting but I have lots of drafts, so I can post some today!

New part!
Maybe another tonight :crossed_fingers:


Huge part! Its not long but it is very story based. Make sure you read it.

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The new part was really well written and somewhat sad.

This is better then the original story!!!

Wow, than you, but the original is better because it is better written, merger story and original.

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It is better because it is!!! The charects arenicer and funnier

I do not understand what you just said.

It is way better, and I can’t wait to read the romance! That will be the best part!

I got a message from Kayl0 and she said she was leaving :sob:

@KayIa leaving the rp pm made me think she is quitting the forums

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Yeahni do too.

Should I keep her in the story?

  • Yes!
  • No!

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