Forum guardians: Before the apocalypse. (Fan fiction)

Hi! If you are as much of a forum guardians fan as I am, you might be wondering what happened before the Apocalypse. Well this is a fan made story based on the forum guardians, with the some of the same characters. (All credit goes to TherMasterStitch, and Silver_Bullet ) I would love some feedback.

Chapter 1. The beginning.


Years before the Apocalypse rose upon the city destroying everything and everyone. The city was a joyful place where dolphins and whales lived peacefully together, there were many players who had plans on changing everything.

“You can’t get better if you don’t start trying David, at least start moving your feet.” Jack said

“I will, I promise! I just need to get something from the store.” David told Jack rolling his eyes

“We better see you there tonight”

*“you can count on it.”

“Hopefully I can change that.”

David mumbled under his breath

As David started walking out of the door of his families little house he heard a quite screeching sound on the roof, he ran outside of the house to see what made that horrible sound. To his surprise it was a tall person who seemed to be a man wearing all black covering his face with a grey cloth

“Hey! What are you doing on are roof!” David shouted.

The man jumped off the roof hitting David with a staff knocking David to the ground, his mouth covered in blood unable to get up, the man ran into the house and grabbing Jack.

David trying to get any word out to try to help Jack, he was to weak to even let out a squeak. The man ran out of the house with Jack threading to end him. He had the staff on his neck pulling him to his body. Jack unable to move screamed fro help. No one was their to help him.

The man took Jack to a car that was moving away jumping into the trunk with Jack. The car force away with Jack inside David couldn’t do anything about it. But he saw the staff that the man held in the middle of the road. A few minutes later a girl found David laying on the ground bleeding.

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay?” The lady asked

“Yeah… But they took my father.” David said as he tarted to cough blood

“who took your father? And what is your name?” The lady concerning asked.

" I don’t know, they where wearing to much black I couldn’t tell. My name is David, yours?"

“My name is Melissa, can you get up? I would like to help you find your dad.” Melissa said helping David up.


“Ow” David said putting his hand over his mouth wiping off the blood.

“Are you gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, just need to get up. Wait! I need to get something.”

David ran over to the staff that fell in the middle of the road, as he picked it up he saw a note that was attached from some cloth hanging from the side of it. It said

“If you would ever likes to see you Father again bring me your mothers old necklace and you can see him again.”

David read the note feeling upset and heartbroken

“What are you reading?” Melissa asked

“It says that I need to bring a necklace, but I don’t know who they are or where they are. Its practically impossible.”

“Well, just get the necklace and bring it to me, I can find them.” Melissa said holding out her hand.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” David said running into the house.

As David ran into the house Melissa picked up something from her pocket, it was a ear piece she turned it on and started talking

“Okay, Kevin I got him, he is getting the necklace where do you want me to bring it?” Melissa said.

“The rooftops. I expect to get it soon. Don’t make me wait.” Kevin said.


This has some more, explicit content. You have been warned.

David ran out of the building giving Melissa the necklace, Melissa panicked threw the ear piece near the house. David saw it but didn’t do anything.

“So, can I come with you?” David asked with a smirk on his face

“Uh, no. Its a long ride.” Melissa told David, she was nervous and it showed.

“Oh, don’t worry, I can walk far.” David replied grinning


The two walked off to the unknown place. David was very skeptical, and believed something was up. But David had to be able to save his Father. He felt horrible not being able to do anything

“So, where are we going?” David asked.

Melissa pulled David to ally and punched him in the face. David quickly grabbed her pushing her to the wall pinning her to the wall. David’s eye was bleeding seemed to be rivers of blood walling to the ground.

“What are you trying to pull?” David said keeping her on the wall


David quickly jumped out of the ally just as a huge explosion went off behind him, Melissa and the necklace were gone shattered. David walked back into the ally and saw something he could never unsee Melissa’s eye fell out and a chunk of her hip flung to the back of the ally, David was scarred from this, I image to be never unseen in his mind.

David looked through the ally and saw a card. It said;

“I’m happy you got to see the firework show, come to the basement of the museum at 5pm.” - Kevin

David checked the time and saw it was ¾ to four. And he had no time to waste. David ran straight to the museum faster then he ever had ran.

*as soon as David got to the museum it was a minute till 5. He rushed straight to the basement. And saw the man in dark clothes. He was waiting at the end of a hall. The lights were flickering, and it was quite dark. Just light from the basement door lighting it up. David walked towards the man.

“where is he?”


"Enough! Haven’t I gone through enough yet? I am not requesting. " David screamed. “Hah, you think I’ll give him back without a price?” Kevin laughed.

“You think I haven’t done enough yet? What the heck do you want from me?”


A big explosion happened right behind David. He quickly reacted and moved out of the way. He soon found his father on the floor.

“Dad, please.”

Chapter 1. Hopeful.


It was the day that Kayla finally got out of the house. She was hoping to become her own person. Although it was not quite as great. She was a scientist to find a cure to a virus that changed persons to monsters who could destroy anything it wanted. If it spread the whole world would collapse leaving nothing but monsters.

Her hope was to save the planet and her family. They didn’t have much money to live and were very sick. But if she could find some kind of cure she could get money for her family.

She had work early in the morning and it was the day of one of the biggest storms in history coming. But she had to go. Because they had to protect the virus and keep it away from everyone. As she drove to work it started to flood covering the roads. But she managed to get there. As she walked in their were sirens going off.

Kayla ran into the lab. “Is everything okay?”

“The glass with the people broke and they are in the lab. Its not safe. Go!” A man said.

Kayla looked and ran in. She grabbed a pipe from the roof as a weapon. She saw 6 creeps walking around the building on the camera. She hit lockdown which locked every door in the building and it sprayed a gas that made the creeps pass out. But including the humans she was stuck in the office room to.


The gas slowly flowed through every room. Most of the creeps passed out immediately. But some were in different rooms. Kayla tried to stay out of the way of the gas. It flowed towards her, before she passed out she heard a quite sound of sirens.

14 Police officers ran into the building with gas masks trying to get the humans out before the virus spread to them. Sadly most were effected, but Kayla was still safe. The police officers took the living out of the building into cars to go to the hospital. Even though they were not creeps the could be affected. As one of the cars drove off a creep from the building busted out following were others running around the city. As if all hope was lost. Another car pulled up and started shooting at the creeps. It was not the most effective way to kill them but it was the best way to keep space between.

Kayla and the other workers were quickly escorted to the hospital where they would be tested. Kayla knew she would get fired fro disobeying other workers. She was deeply upset, yet glad. She felt heroic. She thought if she didn’t go to help some people may have not been as lucky.

the car pulled up to the hospital, and Kayla nearly passed out. She felt like something was wrong with her. She felt like something was stabbing her from her insides.

“Hey, I am not feeling that goo-” Kayla said as she passed out

the Doctors brought her to a room where he could be tested.

“Oh-Well Kayla I have some bad news.”

All I ever wanted

Kayla was laying in the hospital bed. Just hoping to be able to stay in a job and for her pain to go away.

“Miss Kayla, I am afraid to tell you that you have the virus. It hasn’t gone completely into your veins but you might not have long to live. We have a surgery, but you might not live through it.” The docter told Kayla

“Oh, um i- I’ll take the chance I guess.”

“Okay, this might pinch a little.”

The docter grabbed a needle and gave Kayla a shot on her leg. The medicine went into her body overpowering e rest of her body. She could not control her body it was shaking around until she couldn’t feel it anything. She eventually passed out. The doctors continued the surgery.

Kayla woke up the next day feeling swollen and stiff, still unable to move. She heard a very little sound of a wave coming towards. Like sitting on a beach listening to the waves splashing upon the shore. Not knowing what is was Kayla thought nothing of it. Just some rain.

A doctor ran into the room with a portable bed. “We need to get you out of he-”

the doctor go cut off by a explosion coming from the bottom of the building. Kayla got the courage to get up, as soon a she did the ground crumbled below them. Kayla swiftly jumped out through a window landing on her back passing out.

The building fell down completely fire and dust was everywhere. Kayla still out on the ground, and people wailing it out of the building. Unfortunately many people died from this disaster. No one knew what happened. Only one bit of evidence, was a person in a black suit on top of a building with a sniper their face was covered completely.

The end is near

The man walked away from the edge unable to be seen from Kayla’s view. She slowly budged and put her handover hr forehead. The smoke was making her incapable of breathing and she was bleeding heavily.

Firemen quickly arrived to the location to put out the fire and search for survivors. They found Kayla near a bus at the back of the building laying there unconscious. The got her out of the area where then could try to get her to breath. Sadly being unsuccessful, hope was lost. She of many others must have died.

The day of her funeral was sad and depressing, although it was sunny the sun wasn’t enough to Brighton the mood. A few days past and her family and friends were getting sadder and sadder. But her father passed only 1 month in. Which made life to hard on the mother who finally took her own life. The family was practically gone no one was there. The city had problems with saving people after the big hospital clasped. Many people were dying, and these were the dark days of the city.


After 2 months of piece in the city it was still a mess. Buildings torn apart, no joy sounds of birds were nowhere to be found. The city was empty, no hope.

Kayla’s friends and loved ones went to her grave weekly praying for her to come back. They knew their prays were useless, and flaccid. But all they could do was hope. Days and days continued to pass and so did their hope. They visited less, and prayed less. They knew excepting her faith was the best option, but hard to deal with none-the-less. Crumbling, a mountain started collapsing, rocks came crashing down to the city knocking buildings over with that much power it was impossible to stop. Dust was everywhere, practically a storm it was hard to breath or see in. People were drowning in dust it was choking them.

The city was down, everyone who lived there either left or died. It was a sad day. Memories, lost, lives, lost. But one hope was alive. Punches from where Kayla’s grave was, pounding. A man stepped out from behind a rock with a shovel. He began to dig where her grave was, another man already next to it underground. He dug his way to the grave. The two men brought the coffin out of the ground and carried it to a place out of sight. As they kept a hold of the coffin they put it in a truck and coved it with leaves, as they drove away a young girl saw them speeding away but she tried to chase the car down. Unsuccessful she wondered off and fell into a hole where the men dug. She walked through the tunnel and found herself in a huge empty facilty. “H-hello?”

A huge thumping sound kept getting closer to the point it sounded next to her. " Welcome," a voice said in the distance. She was scared and started running back but being followed by a huge animal looked to be a dog, she came to the end of the path, a huge scream could be heard throughout the city.


Instead of the dog killing the girl, it took her by the neck with its mouth bringing it into the lab. Being thrown onto a mat on the floor. Iron bars closed the room seeming to be a dungeon with just one cell. She cried for help but no one could here her. A tall man walked into the room throwing a sandwich that looked like dort at the girl. “Eat it. It is the only thing you will get for a while.” He said as he walked off. She looked at it and couldn’t consider putting in in her mouth. She threw it out of the cell hitting the man.

She chuckled a little until the man stopped walking. He turned around and opened the cell taking her by her shirt. He brought her to a dark room and threw her into a wall. And then kicked her once before leaving. She cried in pain until she fell asleep.

Is this...

This may show some content some people might find offensive.

Kayla woke up in a dark room where a light flickered in the distance. She had nothing to defend herself with but he jumped up. She was confused and felt rather tired. Until a someone in a black suit came running I trying to shoot her with a taser. She dodged the first shot and then kicked the person off their knees. She took the taser and ran out of the room.

She continued to run through a building where it looked very secret. No windows or anything. Another person came running at her instead a gun and not a taser. She tried shooting them but missed the two shots we took and found out her taser only had two shots left. She ran at the person and dodged a shot while running towards. She punched them in the shoulder the in the face knocking them out and taking their gun. She also unclothed them and put on the uniform to blend in with the rest of the people there.

She walked slowly peeking behind each corner before going. Until she found a huge lava pit. She took off her mask to get some fresh air.

“What is even going on?” She said as she breathed heavily. A gunshot fired from beside her. She quickly moved and tried firing back but had bad aim. Multiple people kept shooting her until one man went close contact and started punching her. He knocked her off the edge and she caught herself on a rail right above the lava. She kept a grip onto the rail and tried to pull herself up. The man stopped looking at her and turned his head to another girl fighting the other men. She got to the finale man and kicked him off the ledge, it skimmed Kayla but didn’t pull her down. The other girl climbed down going to help Kayla but slipped on her way down. And fell right next to Kayla in a very close position. They both blushed and helped each other back up.

“Uh, thank you. My name is Kayla. Yours is?”

"Janele. And your welcome. " she said as she started to blush more.

Chapter 2. Love and war.


This may show some content that some people may find offensive.

Kayla and Janelle slowly walked out of the room where the pit was to be surrounded by the guards. “Damn it! Run!.” Kayla screamed as she turned around. They went back into the room and found wires that they climbed on to get higher up. One guard shot Janelle in the arm, making her slip and fall of the wire. Kayla quickly jumped off to catch her but fell down a slanted floor. “Are you okay?” Kayla asked.

“Yes, I am fine.”

*“Can you walk?” Kayla asked.

“Yeah.” She said as she slowly go up using her other arm.

The whole entire area in the building they were on slowly started to sink. Which led to the lava flowing over the platform they were on. Kayla started to push Janelle up onto another platform hat was higher

“Kayla, I can’t help you up!”

" it is fine, I will find another way up. Try to get out of here!"

Janelle started crawling away trying to find a door to get out from. Instead of a door she found a big vent she slowly tried breaking it down. She eventually knocked I down but it made a loud bang sound. She swiftly climbed in and tried closing the vent. She crawled to a area where she could see two men talking.

“yes, I do assume so.” a man said.*

Another man ran into the room. “Put the building on lockdown! They cannot escape!” He said. “They?” “Another girl came into the building.”

" Pft it is just ladies relax."

“No, one of them took out 6 of our men.”

One of the men dialled a number on a phone telling them to some and back up. “Turn on lockdown, no one is getting out.”

Janelle quickly crawled back out of the vent to warn Kayla. She was unsuccessful to find her. And she couldn’t go down to look for her because the lava was to high. So she jumped back into vent and crawled as fast as she could till she got to another exit. Two men were walking up and down the hall. So she couldn’t get out. But when she tried to t back she saw the lava was building up behind her. She jumped out of the vent taking one of the men down suffocating him and taking his gun and shot the other one. She took two of the pistols and ran out of the room holding them in front of her.

Kayla was still in the pit room but the lava was almost at her and she had nowhere to climb. Until she saw a window above her. She tried jumping but only lost her balance. The lava started going over the platform she was on, and in her last attempt to jump, she bounced off one wall and grabbed the ledge of the window and broke it with her hand. Once she crawled in she found her hand was bleeding from the glass, she tried to find something to cover her wound but fell to the ground. Once again she had a stabbing feeling again. She tried to over come it but failed and passed out.

Janelle heard the sound of her falling and quickly rushed to see what the sound was. Seeing her lying on the ground she picked her up and continued to walk until she got to the room where she saw the men talking. Lava was dripping into it. And one man was passed out on the floor. She tried to get into the system to turn off the lock down but she couldn’t get the password. “What is the password.” Janelle said as she pushed the man. He woke up and started shaking and not telling her. She slowly pointed the gun at him and he told her the code. She got into the system and turned off the lock down and continues to run.

Eventually she found a door that led up. A huge latter that she slowly climbed up and held Kayla on the way up.

Once she got up to the top of the latter she pushed a little door and saw the light. She brought Kayla up and then stood up. There was a city in the distance. And they were on a floating metal piece in the water. Helicopter started flying towards them from the city. Once they got there they landed on the piece and jumped out. “Hello, my name is mark, and the person in that helicopter is Madison. Are you okay?” Mark asked. “I am fine. But she isn’t! Can we get to the land?” Janelle asked. “Yes”

While other helicopter, Kayla’s head was on Janelle’s lap and she was slowly touching her face.

“So how long have you been down there?” Mark asked.

"Three days. I don’t know about Kayla though. " Janelle answered. " Actually where are we, and how did you know we were here?"*

"We got a report of a body stolen in the destroyed city 1 year ago. The we had searched for her body for almost a year we just finally found her location. And this is the new city.


The helicopter flew over the city. Janelle was confused, “Hey, aren’t we going to the hospital?” She asked. “Yes we are going to a better one.” Mark told. Janelle frowned “We don’t know how long she will last.” “Well if she is dying then she wouldn’t make it anyway. We have to go to the other one.” Janelle grumbled.

As they flew the helicopter a gun was shot at them. “Down! Get on the ground!” Mark told Janelle. She quickly got onto the floor slowly holding Kayla. Another shot was fired hitting one of the propellers. The helicopter slowly started falling to the ground. Once it was close enough Mark jumped out of it. Leave Kayla and Janelle stuck in the air. Another shot hit the helicopter busting a propeller to where it exploded. Janelle fell out leaving Kayla in the helicopter. It exploded, Janelle watched as flames Lew across it. She couldn’t believe it. Her friend dead. Mark ran up to her and told her to start running. “No, why should I listen to you? You were a coward and just jumped out, leaving us in there going to die. I am not listening to you.” Janelle screamed.

“Listen, we can save her.” Mark told her.

“She may have already been dead! But you had to take the long way!” She cryed.

“Alright fine, if you want to be a pessimist go ahead. But if you want to save her, then trust me.”

“fine” she mumbled

They went and started looking for Kayla in the wreck. They found her body under a chair, “thank… Phew.” Janelle said. She picked her up and started following mark until they got to a small bunker. “Lady’s first.” Mark said. “Yah, no.” She replied. Mark just gave her a “Okay” fave and walked in Two women came in taking Kayla and putting her on a week chair. They ran back to where they came from. “Wha-” “Hey it is all good. They are bringing hero the medic rooms.” Mark said.

Janelle and mark walked to a room that had “Djaq” at the side of it. “What does Djaq mean?” She asked. “Ah, it is the name of the group here.” He replied. They walked in to see the head leader of this place. “Jackson, we have brought Kayla to the research room.” Mark told Jackson. “The what? You said to the medic rooms!” Janelle replied. “I know, we just need to research what is wrong with her.” Mark said.

“Hey Jackson, what? What the name of this… Cult?” Janelle asked.

“We are the guardian. The worlds last hope save us from the upcoming virus spread.” Jackson said.

“What virus?”

“Well your friend their has a virus. That makes her impossible to fully kill. But she did not completely turn into the monster she could have.”


"Wait, you said a upcoming virus? But she has it? Excuse me? Want to say anything? " Janelle snapped.

"I must have said it wrong. I dearly apologise. " Mark smiled.

“Uh huh, so which is it then?”

“The virus is spreading now. We have found a cure but we need your friend to get it.” Mark sighed while he looked down.

“What?! You are going to do what with her?”

"We need a large amount of blood. A life for lives. I request you don’t be so selfish, think about e other people. " Mark tried to hide a slight grin.

“Wha- fine. No, If it is spreading already can’t you get someone else?” Janelle frowned.

“No.” Mark answered while he walks away.

Another man walked up to Janelle holding a ticket. “Hey, I see you had some issues with mark there. My name is tod-”

" I don’t need you to sell me anything. " Janelle glared at him.

“No, let me get to the point. The leader of the guardians has meetings. If you cannot convince him. You can convince the leader. The person who matters. Though he will make his points, with and against yours. Here is the location, hope to see you there.”

The had come. Janelle started walking to the room where a tall man stood his arms crossed looking the opposite way of her. “Sir… Is this the meeting room?” Janelle asked nervously.

“Yes.” The man slowly turned around facing her. “The name is Claude. Mark will arrive soon. You may sit over there hole you wait.”

A large crowd in the back of the room waiting for the meeting to start.

" Welcome. This meeting will be around the virus, the new person Janelle wanting to save a friend that would help us. Janelle your first."

Chapter 1. Beaches danger


A man woke up by a fountain. Water was pouring out of it. He got up to check his surroundings. He started walking looking for some food or water to drink. While walking into a building the ground crumbled and he fell down to a room with water flowing in. He tried to get out but the water flowed up to fast that left him stuck. He started punching the floor from the building only making a huge scrape on his fist. As the water rises to the top some of the floor came apart from being wet allowing him to escape. As he got out of the water struggling to catch his breath he crawled to a near by gas station. He ate Candy, granola bars and drank lots of water. Before he had a chance to find a place to sleep a creep came to the doorway and blocked him from the exit.

Beach runaway

“Blegh” The creep growled. He started trebling to the man having blue goo dripping from his sleeve. The man ran to the back of the gas station looking for another exit, the creep leaped towards him grabbed his leg trying to pull him to himself. He tried to get out of the creeps grip by kicking his hand. The creeps grip was to strong for him keeping him in the same place.

The man pushed off with his other foot grabbing a pipe from above them. While he was going for the swing at the creep but water drenching him also pushing him to the ground. While falling he twisted his ankle, after he twisted his ankle he got out of the grip and he crawled away. The creep kept following him until he finally hit the creep with the pipe.

“Arghaa!!!” The creep screamed. The man started hopping off one of his feet out of the building. He got to a large building that had bandages at the entrance. He started grabbing them and wrapping many of them around his ankle. After he wrapped it all, 4 creeps started chasing him out of the building, he started running to a beach at the side of the city. His ankle got stuck under some sand he started pushing some sand off his foot but once he got up the creeps surrounded him.

@My_Day: Co writer


Wowza, I didn’t know the story had such dedicated fans! :yum:

If it interests you to know, I haven’t given up on the story despite the months of absence. Actually, the story had been rushed since the decision to make a public release came together in a matter of hours (someone in the PM had plagiarized the unedited version). And on top of that, me and Stitch hadn’t had anything more planned than a vague idea of what would happen next. :grimacing:
So we’ve taken a break to organize ourselves, since quality is the most important, even if it means people losing interest. Now we’ve worked out some backstory, I have a notepad chock full of future characters and events, and I’ve taken some time to improve my writing. I can’t say for sure when, but it’ll be back better than ever. :grin:

As for your requested feedback, there are a few typos and it’s not immediately clear Jack is David’s father, but those are all minor mistakes. It looks great. I don’t know if I can say it’s canon, but I’ve bookmarked this for when I need inspiration. :+1:


Thank you very much!
And I can’t wait for the future of the story!

I will try to fix the typos.
I’m super happy you like it! I have been planning for a while and have made some other parts but I’m just making sure they are ready to be posted.


This is decent. Pretty well written and somewhat interesting story, although their is not much. Excited to see the new parts.

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Really cool my friend. :smile:

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Wow! A fanfic of a story I helped create! What an honor!

I like the story for far! It’s interesting!

Seeing this inspired me to want to finish the next draft of the next FG update I’ve been putting off for so long!

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Thank you for being so supportive!

I am gonna post a new part soon!


New episode!
It is very short but the next episode is very long. Stay tuned!



So, I am naive, cannot fight and my mother is dead… :pensive:

And Kevin is evil! I always knew you were! :joy:

Oh well, I am honored to be the subject of your fan fic! :grin:

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How do you like the story so far?

  • Great! Please add more!
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Episode 3 uploaded.

Oh my,

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Hi, I would like to say the throughout this story some parts will be for the other FG

Like Kate, Kayla and Eric. And more with Kevin and David.
I also apologize if you did not luike the new part because of… Things and I will try to keep it more appropriate. In future parts. But if there is one you think is not safe just say and I will put a warning before it.

I hope you like the story.

Added a new part! I will go back to the parts with David but I am also writing other parts.

Please tell me how you like this part I would love feedback!

I love the new part, it’s quite the cliffhanger!

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Thanks! I nearly didn’t post it. I thought it was to short. But another part is coming out today.

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The part! “Leaked”

Little spoiler.

If you are weird and think she is pregnant. Just no, just no.

Well I am happy you didn’t make me pregnant in the story. I appreciate that.

The part was good to!

I would like to say that there will be no romance with the main characters. But their will be some with main and not main characters. Only with Kayla as of now. But there at be anything HUGE with it. Just maybe a kiss idk.

But writing with romantic moments is hard. If you do it right.
Also please don’t ship the characters in the story with each other they are based off real people.

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