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@Filadae_Djaq im sorry for coming off that way, i apolgize

Top 12th post on the forums!

I am going to try to update this soon, but I might take some people off the next list… If you are on it now and off it later, don’t feel bad. I just need more time on other people.

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Wow could u make me ??I’ve not been in forums for a long time and I’ll love this

Wait I’m sorry os it only for important people?I completely understand if I’m unable to be on here because I’m really just another player and a hard feelings taken

This is the only thing stopping you from being in the post as of now

Oh I get it thanks
I can tell why u are on this list.u are helpful,smart and always straight to the point.i hope we will become friends someday

Wow thankyou that Is helpful

Maybe @Aurora_Veil should be on the list as well, as the master of presenting strategic information (What kind of heroes are in the game, invasion teams)

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I love this post.i look up to all these people who are great at the game .I hope I’m as good as them one day. And if u are on this list and are reading this,remember you inspire me

You deserve to be put on this list to because u probably broke the record of nicest person in the forum😊

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Theres a bug cause when I tap coward wisker8 nothing comes up

Not a bug. It is just empty

Oh ok thx-im sorry for spamming and talking so much everyone there is just so much to say

Omg Polaris has got a guild I’m gonna make an account on server 1 so I can join

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You can’t join the guild

No need to apologize when you’re being so nice!
If you keep this up I imagine you could be a future addition to the list :black_heart:

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Although you will not be added right away if you act that nice you will get one soon enough.

But do remember everyone on the list have had a account for over a year. So to learn more about you I will need more time.

(Also, when you put periods can you add a space? It makes it much easier on the eyes.

Um, who are you


A person who made many useless posts before

I want to be on this, but I don’t say “you forgot me”

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